July 18th, 2007


One Week; part three

fdgkshfdg SORRY THIS IS LATE. I was busyyyy yesterday. BUT I HAVE IT. And I'm almost done with Wednesday's part, so that'll be up a bit laterrrr. ♥ ♥

I like this part, but it did give me waaaaay too much trouble, for some reason. :| Oh well, it's cute and fluffy like the other two parts blah. Hope you like it~

Thanks for all the comments, too. ♥ I love you aaallll.

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Remember the usual warning: 2nd person present tense, Shiwon-centric, no capitals, etc. ♥

o3. tuesday: leaving
shiwon/heechul centric.
shiwon begins to wonder which home is more comfortable.
o1 . o2 . o3

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A kiss over coffee

Title: A kiss over coffee

Author: Mystxdeathangel (Takumi)

Who: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13

Paring(s): YehHyuk

Inspiration: coffee duh.

Genre: Fluff

One shot/ chapters: one shot

Comments: Monkey say, monkey do. (No that is not a typo)

Summary: Hyukjae and Yehsung have their first kiss over coffee.

Word count: 736

Dedication: poetanarchy You requested it when I asked for first kisses.

A/N: To those who also requested first kisses, I have them all done and written I just haven't typed them yet.

"You don't swat at me, tell me to go away, or that I'm way too heavy. Plus you give me your coffee every morning, and snap at everyone else when they try to take it."
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12 reasons why no one realizes I'm the greatest, as told by Sungmin

yes. another one in the 12 reasons trilogy.

Title: 12 reasons why no one realizes I'm the greatest, as told by Sungmin
Authoress: me, the junkie of kenshin
Genre: crack-ish, um, i have no clue what to call it
Warning: light swearing, implied sex, dildos, and slut!kyuhyun
Summary: what happens after Sungmin listens to w-inds. song "LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING"
Authoress note: i do love all of suju, it's just that whatever strikes me at the moment is what i write. to all sungmin fans and to my fans. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS SUCKS OR NOT!

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