July 10th, 2007

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First off... Happy birthday, Princess! I fail graphics, but it's the thought that counts, right? xD

On community related business, though, I just wanted to remind everyone that there are approximately 3 more days until we close our Crossover Fic Contest. Please refer to this post for more details on how to enter. ^_^ Good luck and I hope we get a few more entries!

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Five Ways Yesung Gets Pwn'd

Title: Five Ways Yesung Gets Pwn'd.
Rating: Er, PG-13. Implied hankypanky. Non-descriptive nakedness and confessions of love.
Characters: Super Junior, obvs Yesung-centric. A couple pairings but not too much about them, Kangteuk, Hyukhae, whatever else you can get by squinting and tilting your head just so.
Note: This was written for partaken as one of her requests for the Five Things meme. I have no idea what possessed me to accept this challenge. Beware, crack ahead.

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Title: Understanding
Author: prettyovernight
Warning: Should be able to handle a-little-more-than-implied drug references. Character death.
A/N: I've written some pretty awful pieces before, but this one... I ended up writing it backwards. And it's seriously horrible this time around. Allow me to apologize in advance.

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