July 8th, 2007

Love is more than pain.

It's my first time to write one after reading so many wonderful entries of others here. 
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Love is more than pain.
You miss his delicate face structure. You miss his laughter. You miss his smile. You miss the kid in your life. You miss everything about him.

Fic-White Lies CH.1-7

Title: White Lies Ch.1-7
Length: Chapters
Pairings+Characters: Jaeho (main) yoosu, changmin starting from ch.4 - kyumin, kangteuk, shihan, kihae, heechul, eunhyuk
Authors: whitefoxbunsand_miyabi
Rating: PG FOR NOW
Genres: Romance, Humor, Drama, Angst
Summary: Two people leading two different lives. Rivals fall in love with eachother in the most unexpected ways. Peer pressure of LOVE. What happened? Find out, welcome to the lives of the two most popular kingkas and their friends. Different sides from different school. They are polar opposite.
*Please read, it is better if you read. Summary always sucks for everyone. ^__^*
This is also a join project by two lj users. This fic is also posted in jaeho_detox and yoosu_yongwonghi


Fic: Untamed Passion 01

Title: Untamed Passion 
Author: frozen flame
Rating: NC17
Genre: Yaoi, MPreg (i forgot to specify this on my first post), Graphic Sex
Pairing: ShiChul and others
Summary: Heechul did something to hurt Shiwon...
Author’s Note: Uhmm... please dont put high standards of me... waaah.... i'm scared now... >.< i'm really not good... but writing is a really big thing for me.... thanks for reading though... and your comments are always loved!

Another Note: the next chapters would be locked... because... haha! the sexual parts will start from there... sooo... please add me as a friend... and please leave a message for me to know that you added me... okay? thanks!

(Untamed Passion 01)

12 reasons why suju is too big, as told by Ryeowook

i'm back again, bringing with me a fic^^
Title: 12 reasons why suju is too big, as told by Ryeowook
Rating: light R
Genre: uh, disgruntled?
Pairing: read to find out
Summary: when Ryeowook vents
Author notes: for rainbowromance8. i'm a big fan of her work and i wanted to give her something for giving me the courage to keep writing^^ also, for all suju fans, especially for the Ryeowook fans^^

Collapse )