July 25th, 2006

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Title: Science Partners (1/3?)
Pairing: Kichul, Kihae, maybe more later.
Genre: Humor (maybe?), Romance
Raiting: PG
Summary: Kibum tries to get through a two-week project with his sanity intact while trying to keep up with... someone's demands.
Comments: This is both my first multi-chaptered fic AND my first AU fic. o_O; I tried not to make it TOO AU, though. I hope it makes sense.

edit: I'm retarded. 8D The entry isn't friends-locked anymore. *smack self*

( Science Partners )
00 - Fathalon

A Story | PG | CRACK

Title: A Story
Author: bassoon821
Pairing: Um, a lot.
Rating: PG
Genre: Comedy, CRACK
Note: PW is lazy and said I could post this wherever I wanted, since she's lazy.

PW and I took a creative writing course this summer and since today was the last day, PW wrote a very nice SuJu story to commemorate. I'm posting because she's lazy. I didn't edit the story, so don't look at me.
Please keep a few things in mind:
1) She's ESL. Hardcore
2) All of the SuJu & TVXQ nicknames come into play. (Nokuri, tokki, etc.)

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I'll forward her the link later, so she can read you comments and reply if she feels like it.

You see, our teacher read all of today's pieces out loud and I hadn't read it before hand, but when he said "“Well, I’m in--"" I'm yelled "dolphin!" and started cracking up. PW and I got strange looks for the rest of the class XD