July 24th, 2006

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[fic] Kangwon - "IMperfect"

Title: IMperfect
Author: gado
Pairing: KANGWON (Shihae, Shihan, Shi..everyone)
Rating: R, i think. a.k.a tasteful smut.. or something :)
Genre: PWP, a bit crackish (as always XD)
A/N: ok, writing from a bottom p.o.v was tricky haha. and i'm totally whoring this otp, dammit 8DDD ah well.. this is the war of the attention whores. enjoy~

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HP ((Bellatrix2

ShiHanChul~ Another chapter~

Title: A Modern Day Tragedy
Author: Jei
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Pairing: ShiHanChul
Chapter: 2/?
Genre: Angst/Drama/Yaoi
Summary: Things are about to take a turn but who knows if they'll be for the better or the worst.
Comments: I still have not decided how long this fiction will be. 8D So this is part two of the fic because I don't count prologues as chapters. 8D; So yes...ShiHanChul, mhm.

A Modern Day Tragedy: Part 2
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yep. this is actually a CinHae. *shock* No, I'm not abandoning HyukHae or anything, but it's that I didn't read one in a LONG time~ 

forgive me- this so inconsistent. but hey- it's me we're talking about here. Just do me a favor and read it before you crucify me for the pairing!!! XP

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