July 16th, 2006

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Muted // YehHan // NC-17

by Venom/Oulan/Liz/Whatever you want to call me
Genre: Smut (total PWP)
Pairing(s): YehHan
Rating: NC-17 (What? Liz gets nasty?)
Warnings: I have a dirty, dirty mouth and a dirty, dirty mind.
A/N: Originally a dream (as always) that involved Han and... someone else, I don't remember... but Mica mentioned wanting people to write YehHan and who am I to deny the possibility of the other person being Yeh Sung? So this is for her. And I know that dialogue is my strong suit and this might be suicide... but I tried something a little different this time... There's no story or point here. It's just sex. And not kink sex or freak sex... regular sex. My next fic deals with kink sex, though...
Word Count: 2163
Disclaimer: Not mine, but don't I wish.

( "You echo through the entire apartment" )