July 15th, 2006

suju - donghae lip bite

THE SuJu Slash Fic [multi-chapter, 3/?]

Title: THE SuJu Slash Fic - for lack of a better title.
Authors: taylormercury & gado
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Various
Genre: AU, crack, horror
Warnings: swearing, sex, alcohol, crack, death, blood, death, sex, death, more sex, and did we mention death?
Summary: When 13 young, attractive and very horny men gather in a big house to throw a party anything can happen. And it does.
Comments: Ka and I are on crack. And we're evil. AND THIS STORY HAS AMAZING PAIRINGS. Read it because we rock, and you love us :3 Please don't stone us for this 8D
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