July 5th, 2006

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KiBum and the Chocolate Factory~

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HanKyung's legendary chocolate factory is opening at last- but only 5 lucky teenagers are allowed inside. And the winners are: 
Kim YoungOon, an enormously.. 'big' boy whose hobby is eating and beating others up; Kim HeeChul, a spoiled-rotten, princessy crossdresser whose parents are wrapped around 'her' little finger;  Choi ShiWon, a dimwitted womanizer with the cheapest pickup lines around; Park JungSu, a TV fanatic who wants to be an MC when he grows up; and Kim KiBum, Our Hero, a kid who is honest and true and good and ready for the time of his life!

(thus, my lame attempt at humor..)
suju - donghae lip bite

THE SuJu Slash Fic [multi-chapter, 2/?]

Title: THE SuJu Slash Fic - for lack of a better title.
Authors: taylormercury & gado
Chapter: 2/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Various
Genre: AU, crack, horror
Warnings: swearing, sex, alcohol, crack, death, blood, death, sex, death, more sex, and did we mention death?
Summary: When 13 young, attractive and very horny men gather in a big house to throw a party anything can happen. And it does.
Comments: Ka and I are on crack. And we're evil. AND THIS STORY HAS AMAZING PAIRINGS. Read it because we rock, and you love us :3 Now we get to the fun stuff! 8D
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Title: Secret
Rating: The lowest possible rating ever
Pairing: I'm sure you can figure it out.
Word Count: 230
Comments: It's my first fic written in a while, and my absolute first Super Junior fic. I know it isn't much, and it didn't take me long, so be as nice/brutal as you wish!

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Title: N/A (for now)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor. Crack.
Status: Ongoing
Summary: AU. Five years prior to his ‘untimely’ death ShiWon unknowingly slept with the Devil. Now in order to get into Heaven, he must go back in time and right his obvious wrong. Satan, however, may have other plans…
Features British!Pouty-mouth!ShiWon.

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