July 3rd, 2006

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Three first-time drabbles of with an obsessive amount of Hankyung-- I hope my writing is vaguely coherent and that I can't tag...? o.O *THUD*

Written for the drabble challenge at drabbles100. Ratings all G ^^

c a r n i v a l
#25: Strangers | 185 words
you're caught in this merry-go-round

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m u r m u r
#37: Sound | 100 words
and you can't bring yourself to hate

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l i k e t h e s u n s e t
#11: Red | 100 words

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A/N: The last two hit 100 utterly by coincidence and were written 11 hours into my plane ride from NJ to China so I wasn't entirely sane =X Feedback and criticism will be hoarded greedily from now to forever and a day ♥