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17 August 2008 @ 12:55 pm
100. REGRET  
Title: Regret
Start Date/End Date: August 17, 2008
Author:  theeastsea/supergeneration
Pairing: Kangin/Donghae (Implied Kangin/Leeteuk and Donghae/Eunhyuk)
Rating: angst
Word Count: 1005
Archive: here
Disclaimer: i don't own them T___T; i only own the story~
A/N: well, this is dedicated to x_ebolarama, i hope you liked it 8D and when i wrote this i listened to sad songs, it gets more sad then DD: and well, i almost cried myself >___>; aigoo. and yeah, for those who are confused, just say that and i'll explain how i thought. 8D

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