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Yes, I'm back with another little fic -_-;;

Title: Wrong
Author: Mica
Pairing: EunHyukxDongHae
Rating: G? PG? It's low, whatever.
Comments: This sounded so much better in my head last night, but I fell asleep before I could write it out -_-;; Anyways, as lame as it is, I'm hoping it will inspire people to write more of this pairing, cause I want some HyukHae lovin'!

It was wrong, and he knew it was wrong. For so many different reasons, reasons he knew and had gone over time and time again, telling them to himself over and over, as if to remind himself of why what he was doing and thinking was wrong.

But however much he reminded himself of these reasons, it didn’t seem to help or make him stop, or make him want to stop, either.

During the day, it was all very well and good to tell himself of this wrongness and vow to put a stop to it, but at night, it was a different matter. At night, body close and entwined with another, it was hard to remind himself of reasons why he shouldn’t be letting this happen.

It seemed that with every soft breath of air over his neck, another reason not to was being blown away from EunHyuk’s mind. Seeing that sleepy, peaceful smile curve those lips seemed to remind EunHyuk of what made this worth it. Feeling the warmth of that body snuggling comfortably close against his own seemed to reinforce just why he was doing this. Holding the other boy tightly in his arms seemed to tell EunHyuk that this was okay.

And hearing his name, mumbled softly from the depths of a comfortable sleep, pushed everything else but the boy out of EunHyuk’s mind.

When he was with DongHae, nothing seemed wrong.

- end -

Thanks for reading my little lameness! ^__^
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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