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Title: South of Me
Author: Angie
Pairing: Shiwon/Heechul
Rating: PG
Comment: For both fruitsz_pixie and hyperballad. Written to this song.
Summary: The skin you live in feels more like a shell than anything else.

On planet Shiwon, which you've pioneered, you enforced laws of which others would probably refuse to follow; which is why you're the only resident. The universe that surrounds consists of Gods and demi-Gods and whatever-Gods. With you, they go along that intricate trail that shows you where to orbit.

It's almost sad that you have to follow that path. The path that doesn't allow you to falter, that doesn't allow you to make your own decisions. Driving, pushing, steering; it's like the management that, in reality, runs you. The actual reality is that you feel like you live on planet Shiwon, all alone. The reality is that you feel like you're capsizing, that the ground that used to support you falls, and you're left floating in space.

Circulating around the universe like a lost satellite, you marvel at the garish looking planets you've never had the opportunity to visit, but now there's a planet that you notice which is governed by a raven-haired God, who holds his pale, slender fingers out to grasp yours, and for the first time during the time that you felt you were falling, there's support again.

And you don't lament on your loneliness anymore, because this God that unexplicably completes you gives you a crooked smile, and suddenly everything you've ever known is melting away, and the corner of your lips twitch.

Now you're not on planet Shiwon anymore. You're not even on planet Heechul. Instead, you're back on earth, silently enjoying the musky night air, floating in the water on a small, wooden boat. Eyes trace back to the oars, which glide across oil like water and dips into the waves that rock you back and forth. There's a breeze that slides across your back, your cheeks, your hands, and you realize something you wished you realized earlier.

You were never alone.
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon
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