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Title; Sleepless in Seoul
Pairing; SiWon & HeeChul /with a small blip of YehWook
Rating; PG, 8,D Mai said so.
A/N; I do not own SuJu or Hello Kitty :D

Sleepless in Seoul
...Flight 583 Hong Kong direct to Seoul is now boarding sections...

  The buzz of the PA system inside the airport fading along with the white noise of hundreds of people scrambling about, soon having one SiWon added to the mixture of motion. A single carry on bag bouncing against a lean back while passing by airport attendants after tickets have been checked. The PA fading out into other languages to inform all passengers of what flights were arriving and leaving.

  Like all flights, long, but never long enough to permit sleep. Eyelids shifting to touchdown on the tops of suffused cheeks, the plane would also be touching down, landing on home soil. Upon arriving there’s a van to pick up and ship off. Practices he’d unduly missed over the period time in China, would meet and have their way of bending a Korean spine back into place.


 Dance coordinators shout the moves to the select few that aren’t getting the correct patterns of tuck, roll, slides.
These select few being the ones rarely around due to other things, unable to take time when there is none left.

  RyeoWook even stood in this batch and is visibly having qualms with this. A peek out the peripheral by SiWon granted him a chance to see the fight he was having; participating party- RyeoWook himself.
  YeSung on the other hand stood at the shy boy’s side trying to convince and remind him of the fact that RyeoWook’s dancing was good and not to get upset. Hands smoothing curly locks and once again all is well in the world of the young boy.

  A smile curling lips, SiWon followed the instructions once again.

   Gargle, spit and repeat.

  A couple more hours, and he looked as good as he felt, all moves swaying his body on autopilot, rigor mortis setting in limb. Just as well since anything from the neck down has seized and went numb. What’s a few more hours of work if you can’t feel a thing.

  Once twilight sparks the fancy of drifting eyes and sluggish movements, it’s called a night for the ten boys and people are carted off in groups that coincide with what apartments they are housed in. DongHae and ShiWon sit in their lone car while two roommates stay missing.

   KiBum & HeeChul

  Rainbow Romance takes days of work and churns out hour long segments for peoples viewing pleasure. Only one small price to pay.


But that’s over-rated in the first place ...right.


  Slivers of pale yellow cut zigzags poster clad wall, setting idols faces ablaze with errie glows while the moon breaks its way through the cover of a window. Mimicking one newly darkly locked boy does, the creak of a bedroom door being the only sign of his break in Slowly shedding more light into the room than necessary, outlines upon outlines cast shadows inside the desolate room.

  The only outline mattering right now is the one that appears to have a lump where he is suppose to lay, SiWon’s legs are a tangled mess around this lump, along with blankets. Easing in and shutting a door, clothes start to leave trail to where he is heading, bedtime calling for nothing more than the shorts beneath his jeans, and the tank top beneath his shirt.

   A smirk, trademark. Whilst watching the sleeping bandmate clutch a substitution of himself.

 Upon closer examination and a hand pulling on a pink bow, the giant Hello Kitty plushie is now budging from it’s place on the bed. Legs loosening their death hold on the toy and waking a sleeping Prince slowly.

   Hello Kitty has fallen.

  “Nnn..” Catatonic slumber being poked at like a bully to a freshman.

 HeeChul crawls underneath the covers and settlings. The rhythmic falling and rising of SiWon’s chest and breathing plays it usual part of letting lids close comfortably.

  SiWon is already reattaching limbs around the familiar limbs and snuggling up close behind him. The older boy always thankful for the warmth given off by him after chilling to the bone on-set.

   A noise falling from sleeping tiers. A brush...of fingers falling into place.

  “Cold...” Whispered from the once comatose boy’s lips. Those very lips now brushing over the back of a neck as HeeChul turns more on his side.

   Accommodating his dongsaeng till sleep comes back to the SiWon.

  “It was cold out.” An amused retort. The lithe slope of a spine presses into SiWon’s chest, legs relaxing and falling between thighs, while the youth’s leg stakes claim around a waist and clamps him into place.

  “Aww..” dying out to a low ‘mmm’. Pursed tiers nestled alongside the curving throat and he found an ear under the mop of coal locks, all the while fingers navigate a tunnel under a shirt. Nails raking over what is normally hidden from day to day, the muscular build of the lean frame could be felt underneath fingertips easily.

  The cold from earlier before, no longer plays a part now into the chills that slowly taunt HeeChul to move against the bedmates hold. Hands lacing atop hands, fingers smuggling under his own shirt to link with the boy’s.

   A stop

 Tonight there will be sleep, and no staring at alarm clocks, hour even minutes before they’re meant to go off.
Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon, pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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