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Title: Transfixed
Author: dailysky
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Shindong/Sungmin/Kangin
Word count: 375
Disclaimer: Do not own, entirely fictional.
Author's notes: Originally, this was supposed to be for skittles's wishlist, but I didn't pay as close of attention as I should have. I'll definitely continue this later, so consider this part one.

Kangin was known for having a knack for words (―usually). He knew exactly what to say when the cameras were on. Hell, he spoke more (and was usually more articulate) than their leader. Producers handed the microphone to Kangin by default. He’d just smile and bow, happy that they noticed his natural charms. At those times, nothing could surprise Kangin; he was never speechless.

This was not one of those times.

His mouth hung open in complete shock of the sight before him; Shindong’s head (―it had to be his, Kangin noticed the poop-head hairstyle) bobbing up and down in-between Sungmin’s legs. Sungmin biting his bottom lip trying to stifle his moans; eyes clamped shut in ecstasy. Kangin couldn’t move, he could barely breathe. He just stood in the doorway of Sungmin’s room, transfixed.

Just as he was beginning to wonder how much time had passed (―really Kangin wondered how long it would take for his entrance to be noticed), Sungmin threw his head back and thrust his hips forward, knocking the kneeling Shindong down. Kangin looked on in shock as Shindong was drenched in cum. He didn’t know if Shindong was lucky or not that he was still clothed as Sungmin shot spurt after spurt onto his chest and stomach.


The spell-bound Kangin was freed at last as Sungmin let out a yell and tried desperately to make himself decent. Shindong rolled over, stammering excuses and apologies; none of which were coherent in the least. Kangin turned and shut the door, muttering a quick ‘sorry’. He let go of the handle, his hand red from clutching it; with each pulse of Sungmin’s orgasm he’d grasped it tighter and tighter.

“Needed a littler personal time?” Leeteuk came down the hall nonchalantly, taking his earrings out as he headed towards his room.

“What?” Kangin’s brain was elsewhere; Leeteuk could’ve said anything and it wouldn’t have registered at that moment.

The leader of Super Junior simply glanced down and smiled, and continued into his room, shutting the door softly. Blood finally beginning to flow back to his brain, Kangin glanced down too. He was rock hard, and very visibly so. His throat went try. Why was he turned on? Kangin wasn’t gay. He definitely wasn’t gay.
Tags: pairing: shindong/sungmin
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