reiraniimura (teukie_oppa) wrote in miracle______,

Name: It started with a lie...
Chapter: 3
Rating: R
Pairings: teukmin - teukwon -kangteuk
Warning: scenes of a gay nature? lol

I’ve really done it this time. I need to make up my mind about who I like. I can’t have them both and I know that. Siwonnie is unbelievably hot, but I don’t know him that well, but Sungminnie is hot and I know and trust him. Maybe I just give him a chance since he does like me. Teukie decided.
As they all got off the bus Eeteuk grabbed Sungmin’s hand and pulled him aside.
“Do you still like me?” he asked.
“Of course I do, Kangin’s just winding me up. I know that you didn’t kiss him because you wanted too.”
“Let’s do it then” winked Teukie.
Do it? You want sex now? A puzzled Sungmin asks.
“Nooo! Well not yet anyway, let’s just kiss and see how it feels”.
I like that answer, not yet… that means that it will happen! Oh gosh I’d better be good and confident at kissing or he won’t want to do it with me.
So Sungmin walks Leeteuk around the back of bus and moves in for the kill. He presses him up against the boot of the bus slides his tongue inside his mouth. He opens his eyes for a brief moment to see if Teukie’s eyes were closed, and they were. Teukie felt Sungmin’s legs tremble with excitement as they switched places. The kiss got deeper and deeper until Sungmin felt something rise between his legs, was it his or Leeteuk’s penis?
The kiss broke as they both looked down.
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/sungmin
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