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Hyukblo drabbles_

dDrabbles; Fiveof them!
Rating: G
Pairing: Hyukblo+Kihae in the final one
by madelyn aka jq aka jaekyu

"Hyung," Hyukjae says while he and Tablo are hanging out at Tablo's house.


"Donghae's in China. I miss him. His cyworld entries are worrying me."

"He'll be fine," Tablo assures. "You went through an emo!Hyuk phase too, remember? Worried the heck out of me. Donghae's probably depressed because he's in a foreign country and homesick."

"Hyung, can you do me a favour?" Hyukjae murmurs.

"Yeah?" Tablo asks softly.

"Can I hug you?" Hyukjae asks timidly. In those few seconds, he seems more like a little child than Tablo has ever seen him.

Tablo doesn't say a word and merely extends his arms. Hyukjae collapses into his arms and lets out a large sigh. Tablo is nice to hug. He's not as soft and squishy as Donghae, and not as thin as Donghae, but it makes it even better because theres a lot of Tablo to hug. Hugging Donghae almost feels like hugging a stick sometimes. Hyukjae shuts his eyes and almost feels guilty for hugging another man while his boyfriend is in China. Almost. Then he's reminded of the fanservice Donghae is dishing out in China with Henry and he snuggles even deeper.

Tablo invites Hyukjae over to his house for a drink, citing that he wanted to discuss hosting radio shows as a reason. Now, they're doing more drinking than discussing.

"There's what... 7 years between us?" Hyukjae laughs and sticks out eight fingers. He squints, notices the mistake, folds another down and smiles, content. "Seven."

"Six," Tablo says quietly.

"Whatever, it's the same anyway. I've never dated anyone older than me," Hyukjae adds the thought randomly. He grins and reveals his gums. Tablo finds it oddly endearing.

"Why not start now?" Tablo's voice is soft, barely a whisper. Hyukjae doesn't hear. It wasn't meant to be heard. Hyukjae couldn't have heard anyway. He's passed out on the table. A small snore escapes his lips.

Tablo hesitates, then helps Hyukjae to the bed and watches Hyukjae sleep.

Hyukjae and Tablo sits down and talk. They talk about their similarities, their differences, their lives.

Tablo muses about how Hyukjae's path to stardom was carefully paved the moment he entered the company while Tablo had to deal with a best friend's death, his father's objections and being cheated of thousands of dollars and a recording contract before he made it big. And he didn't even become truly famous until his 4th album, unlike Hyukjae who gathered fans before debut.

Hyukjae protests saying that while he's truly thankful for all the fans' support, he envies Tablo because he's creating music. Whatever Hyukjae is doing now isn't true music. He envies Tablo who has unlimited freedom. Freedom to date, freedom to walk around, freedom to do anything he wishes. He envies Tablo who sleeps four hours a night because he chooses to and not because he is forced to by schedules that are forever piling up.

They lapse into silence.

Hyukjae breaks the silence. "I like you."
"I like you too."
"That way."
"I know."
"We can't."
"So we're going to pass the days like this. Because we can't?"
Hyukjae lets out a long sigh. "Do we have a choice?"

Tablo lowers his head and they fall silent again.


Tablo removed the tip of the pencil he was chewing from his mouth and leaned across the couch to pick up the ringing phone.

"Hyung, can I watch you record your songs?" The boy sounded almost urgent. No introductions was given, no introductions was needed.

Tablo smiled upon hearing the voice. He was used to his weird requests. He was a Superjunior member and Sujus were all weird and somewhat eccentric. "Hyukjae! Why?"

"I, uh-" There was a slight pause before Hyukjae continued, "need inspiration for a new song! I figured watching someone else perform would get my juices working."

"Uh, okay then. I'm recording my new album 1 8 2 5. Maybe you could drop over when you're free?"

"How's now?" Hyukjae sounded impatient.

Tablo laughed. "You're really eager to write that song, huh. Nows fine."

"Great. I'm outside your door."
Hyukjae eyed Tablo with anticipation as the older boy stepped into the recording studio and put on the headphones. He flipped through the scribbled lyrics on the pieces of paper.

Hyukjae had an uncertain look on his face. "You're not going to...?"

Tablo fiddled with his microphone and asked absentmindedly. "To what?"

Hyukjae shook his head slowly. "Nothing. Proceed." The look of disappointment on his face escaped Tablo's notice.
Earlier that afternoon, Hyukjae was watching Star Golden Bell out of pure boredom.

Tablo keeps a completely straight face as he confides a secret that makes his members laugh awkwardly. "I take off my clothes when I record. Rapping requires lots of movement and clothes make rustling noises..."

Hyukjae made a strangled noise, hyperventilated and reached for the phone.

"God, you're so lucky." Tablo says lazily, swigging his fourth -or fifth?- cup of punch that may be spiked.

Hyukjae nods and begins his speech that he's memorized by heart. "I know. Without God's blessing, I don't know how I'll be able to make it this far. Everytime I look at the screaming fans -screaming for me- I feel so-"

"I don't mean that," Tablo interupts. His eyes travels over to Donghae, who is talking to a blushing Kibum over at the punch table. Donghae winks playfully at the two boys and Hyukjae gives a small wave back.

"Lucky," Tablo repeats.

Hyukjae thinks of denying his relationship with Donghae but decides that Tablo already knows and doesn't bother. "You have... Uh, Mithra and Tukutz."

"Mithra has a girlfriend. Has... Had? Shit, I don't know. And Tukutz is in love. I see it in his eyes. At least I think I do. He's always wearing those sunnies. When was the last time I saw his eyes?" Tablo muses with a touch of bitterness.

"You should hang out with them more," Hyukjae chids.

Tablo shrugs. "I like you better."

Hyukjae looks at Donghae, whose hand is resting comfortably around an escastic Kibum's shoulder and shrugs too. "Screw it. I like you better too. Let's go somewhere else."
Kibum stops pretending he's not drooling over Donghae long enough to say, "Your boyfriend is leading Tablo hyung out of the room."

Donghae barely looks before laughing. "I have you, don't I?"

Kibum wonders what weird relationship Donghae and Hyukjae is in and then decides he doesn't care when he sees the smile on Donghae's face.

Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum, pairing: eunhyuk/tablo
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