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Beyond Blood and Water: Arc I ~ Chapter IV

Title: Beyond Blood and Water ~ Arc I
Author: volatileflame
Chapter(s): 4/8
Characters: Han Geng-centric, SuJu, Lee YeonHee
Cameos: DBSK, Lee JunKi
Pairings: KangTeuk, YunJae, mild HanHae and HanMin (this chapter), more to come
Genre: AU
Rating: G – PG (i dunno)
Disclaimers: seriously, do i really need to say it? i obviously don’t own them
Summary: Four-year-old Han Geng finds himself sold away and taken to Korea where he begins the journey to discover that there is more to family than blood. (summary sucks, i know)

A/N I: based on a true story, but since this is a work of fiction . . . you get the point
A/N II: dedicated to miracleshining because she's awesome and veiledstar because there's still no SiWon to fight Hae for Hannie

Chapter IV

“But Umma! I don’t wanna share my room!” HeeChul whined.

“No buts,” JungSu said firmly. “You’re the only one with your own room.”

“Oh alright,” HeeChul grumbled. “Just don’t touch my stuff, okay?”

“HeeChul, be nice,” YoungWoon reprimanded him. HeeChul just pouted, but nodded his head anyway.

“This is your bed,” JungSu added, turning to Geng. “And Appa and I have already put your stuff away in the closet and the drawers. And for HeeChul’s sake, your drawer handles and clothes hangers have been colour coded. HeeChul’s are red, and yours are blue.”

“Thank you,” said Geng.

“No need to thank us for this,” YoungWoon smiled. “We’re your family now. Family takes care of each other.”

“Okay, for further celebration, why don’t we go out for dinner at *Kidz World?” JungSu suggested. (*A/N: made that up, don’t know if it actually exists, my bad if it does)

“Yay!” HeeChul cheered. “Kidz World! Let’s go!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” YoungWoon quickly held onto his son before he could prance away. “Hold on little man. Go tell your brothers first, and get changed as well.”

“Okay,” chirped HeeChul, leaving the room to go tell his brothers.

“You change too, okay HanKyung?” JungSu instructed. Geng nodded and went to the closet to look for some clothes. HeeChul came back, still chanting about going to Kidz World.

“Don’t forget,” said HeeChul. “My things are red, your things are blue.”

“I know,” Geng said softly, taking out one of the new t-shirts JungSu had bought for him, along with a pair of khaki cargo shorts.

“Ooh, that’s a nice t-shirt,” HeeChul remarked. “Can I see it?”

Geng handed the t-shirt to HeeChul.

“Too bad you’re a four,” said HeeChul, after examining the shirt. “I’m a six. This is small for me, otherwise, I’d ask to borrow it. Come to think of it, you’re pretty tiny for a four-year-old. I mean, ShinDong is bigger than you, and he doesn’t turn four until a couple of months. Which reminds me. When’s your birthday?”

“I don’t know,” Geng replied. “I’ve never really celebrated my birthday before. We never did that in my family.”

“WHAT?!” HeeChul squawked. “You’ve never had a birthday party before? Are you serious?”

Geng slowly nodded.

“I have to tell the others this!” HeeChul exclaimed, dashing out of the room. Geng had no idea what the fuss was about and just went on with changing his clothes. Soon, the others all came running in. Well, at least ShinDong and SungMin did. HeeChul dragged RyeoWook and KiBum in.

“Is it true you’ve never had a birthday party before?” ShinDong asked. “You’ve never had birthday cake, or party mix, or ice cream, or little sausages with bits of pineapple – ”

“Is food seriously the only thing you ever think about?” HeeChul demanded, cutting ShinDong off. “He’s missed out on four years of food, parties, presents, and undivided attention! He’s basically been deprived of every childhood birthday essential!”

Geng was lost as to what ShinDong and HeeChul were talking about, and was about to ask what they meant when he caught KiBum rolling his eyes, and decided that whatever ShinDong and HeeChul were getting themselves worked up about was probably quite silly.

“Poor Hyung,” RyeoWook said sympathetically.

“We should tell Umma and Appa,” said SungMin.

“It’s okay,” Geng said softly. “I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“Whaddya mean?” HeeChul demanded. “Bir–”

“Boys, you ready?” JungSu popped his head into the room, interrupting HeeChul. “My, my, aren’t you getting along fast?”

“Umma!” RyeoWook and SungMin bounded over to JungSu. “HanKyung-hyung has never had a birthday party before!”

“Really?” JungSu went wide-eyed. Geng blushed and nodded his head, eyes fixated on the floor. Stupid HeeChul.

“My family never really celebrated our birthdays,” he answered quietly. “We only got red eggs.”

“Well, we’re your family now and we’re going to celebrate your birthday,” JungSu told him. “Do you know when your birthday is? Because your documents don’t say.”

“I think it’s in February,” said Geng. “That’s all I know.”

“Pick a number between one and ten,” JungSu instructed.

“Nine,” Geng decided.

“February 9th it is then,” JungSu declared.

“You guys all ready?” YoungWoon called from the door. “Last one to the van is a rotten egg! KyuHyun and YeonHee are already winning!”

HeeChul, ShinDong, and SungMin quickly scrambled out of the room, while KiBum and RyeoWook each took Geng’s hands and strolled out of the room together. JungSu smiled to himself and followed his children out the door.

* * * * *

“Yah! This game is so hard!” HeeChul grumbled, giving up after the third try at a game.

“You have to be patient HeeChul,” YoungWoon told him, showing his son how to push the button just as the light landed on the word ‘BONUS’.

“I’ve hit more moles!” ShinDong exclaimed smugly. KiBum ignored his hyung’s immaturity and just kept whacking at the purple heads that popped up.

“Sweetie, you have a little pizza sauce on your chin,” JungSu told RyeoWook, gently wiping the boy’s face. Geng looked around the establishment. There were a lot of families with their children, and even a few groups of teenagers were there as well. Kidz World had a lot of games – from ones with tickets to classic arcade games – and a huge jungle gym with an equally massive ball-pen.
Geng suddenly noticed that SungMin had seemed to be missing out of the fun. He got out of his seat, and began to search for the other boy. He came upon him at the prize section, looking up at the giant prize wall.

“What are you looking at SungMin?” Geng asked softly, not wanting to startle the younger boy. SungMin bit his lip, then pointed at a giant bunny plushie on the prize wall. Geng looked up. There was a tag underneath the rabbit that read, ‘1000 TICKETS’. “That’s a lot of tickets.”

SungMin sighed sadly and nodded. He then walked back to the table with his head bowed low and his shoulders slumped in defeat. Geng did not want to see the younger boy so unhappy, and decided to get the giant rabbit no matter what. He looked down at the tickets he collected and decided he definitely needed more tickets. He quickly began to look for a game.

“KiKi, I wanna go th— OH HEY HANKYUNG!” a loud and familiar voice called out. Geng turned around to see DongHae with JunKi.

“Not so loud DongHae,” JunKi gently reprimanded the young boy.

“Oops!” DongHae giggled ruefully. JunKi smiled and ruffled the boy’s hair affectionately. DongHae turned his attention back to Geng. “Hi HanKyung.”

“Hi DongHae,” Geng greeted back. DongHae’s face broke into a huge grin.

“You remember me!” DongHae exclaimed. Geng nodded. DongHae’s smile grew even wider. “Whatcha doin’?”

“I want to get that big rabbit for SungMin,” Geng explained, pointing to the prize wall.

“Who’s SungMin?” DongHae inquired.

“He’s . . . ” Geng paused and thought for a moment. What was SungMin to him? JungSu and YoungWoon had said they were his family now, but what kind of a family were they when JungSu and YoungWoon were not his real parents, and SungMin and the others were not his real siblings? “He’s a friend.”

“Oh,” said DongHae. “Want help? I’m really good with games. Just ask JunKi, right KiKi?”

JunKi smiled and nodded.

“Can I play with HanKyung for a while?” DongHae asked. "You have that *alien tracker thing anyways, right?" (A/N: GPS system, but it's DongHae, so c'mon)

“I’ll be right over there then,” JunKi told him, pointing to the booth next to the one JungSu and co. were occupying.

“Okay,” said DongHae. He then grabbed Geng’s hand. “Come on.”

Geng allowed himself to be pulled along by the other boy. DongHae took them both to the Skee Ball lanes.

“I’m really good at this game,” DongHae told him. He put in a token and three balls came down. He picked one up and then gently flung it up the ramp. The ball hit the bump and flew up, going straight into the hole for fifty points. “See? The bad thing though is you don’t get a lot of tickets unless you hit the jackpot, and I’m not that good.”

Still, DongHae did rack up a large number of points and won quite an amount of tickets.

“Here,” DongHae handed Geng the tickets.

“Don’t you want anything?” Geng asked him. DongHae smiled and shook his head.

“You try,” he suggested, pointing to the game. Geng nodded and inserted a token. He then picked up a ball and bowled it. It hit the bump and flew into the hole for twenty points.

“Not bad for a first time,” DongHae appraised. Geng continued to bowl the balls until they stopped coming. He then collected the tickets that came out. Certainly not as many as DongHae got, but like the other kid said, not bad for a first time.
They then went on to another game. Geng recognized it as the game HeeChul and YoungWoon were playing before. DongHae put in a coin, then waited and pushed the button. Unfortunately, he just missed the ‘BONUS’ and ended up getting eight points instead, earning him sixteen tickets.

“Here, let me try,” said Geng. He put in a token, then waited and pushed the button, stopping the light at the ‘BONUS’.

“You did it!” DongHae cheered. A long stream of tickets came out and showed no sign of stopping. “Wow! That’s a lot of tickets!”

Geng put in another coin at another section and waited. He then pushed the button and the light stopped at ‘BONUS’ again, earning him another long stream of tickets. DongHae stared at all the tickets in wide-eyed wonder.

“You’re amazing!” the boy exclaimed. Geng then collected all the tickets. He still had a long way to go. He then remembered SungMin’s disappointed face and decided he would have to work harder. He put in another token at another machine and waited, pushing the button just as the light landed on ‘BONUS’. A third long stream of tickets came out. DongHae helped him collect the tickets before they moved on to another game.
The two boys played ‘Whack-A-Mole’, shot down a clown’s teeth, and several other games, and earned many tickets. Geng found himself really enjoying his time with DongHae, even if the other boy was a little strange, and a little too random and eccentric at times.

“Let’s go see how many tickets we’ve collected,” said Geng, after finishing a UFO racing game. DongHae nodded and they went to the prize counter together. They handed their tickets to the clerk to be weighed, and the number came back as 1347. Geng pointed to the large plush rabbit. “I’d like that please.”

The clerk went to the prize wall and took down the plushie and gave it to Geng.

“And six lollipops please,” Geng added. The clerk nodded and took out six lollipops from under the counter and put them in a small paper bag to give to the boy.

“You have 47 tickets left,” the clerk informed him. “Would you like anything else?”

“Two sticker sheets please,” said Geng. The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out two sheets of stickers. She put them in the bag as well, along with the remaining seven tickets, and handed it to Geng. “Thank you.”

Geng turned to DongHae and gave two of the lollipops to the smaller boy. DongHae’s face broke into another infectious smile. Geng felt his own lips pull up.

“Thanks,” DongHae said shyly. They both then returned to their respective booths. DongHae immediately ran to JunKi and showed him the lollipops, giving one to the young man. Geng slowly walked up to SungMin and tapped him on the shoulder. SungMin turned around and when his eyes fell on the large plushie, he immediately gasped.

“For me?” he asked. Geng nodded. SungMin grinned and hugged the plushie, burying his face in the bunny’s soft stomach. “Thank you Hyung!”

“Wow, that’s very generous of you HanKyung,” JungSu beamed proudly. Geng blushed, then took out one of the sheets of stickers and gave it to JungSu. “Oh! Thank you!”

He then gave a lollipop each to HeeChul, ShinDong, RyeoWook, and KiBum.

“Thank you,” the boys all said. Geng then gave the last sheet of stickers to YoungWoon.

“Aw, thank you son,” YoungWoon grinned. “Did you have fun?”

Geng smiled and nodded.

“That’s good,” JungSu said softly. “However, I do believe it is time we went home. These babies need to be in bed, and so do you little monkeys.”

“Come on,” said YoungWoon, ushering HeeChul and ShinDong out of the booth. “You heard your Umma. Time for home.”

“I’ll be back,” Geng quickly said. He turned around and went to DongHae’s booth. “Bye DongHae.”

“You’re leaving?” the boy asked. Geng nodded. DongHae suddenly leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks for the lollipops.”

Geng felt himself flush red all the way to his ears.

“Bye,” Geng mumbled, then ran after YoungWoon and the others. As they all climbed into the van, Geng felt a small tug on his t-shirt. He turned to see SungMin looking at the ground. “SungMin?”

The younger boy leaned over and kissed him on the cheek – the same one DongHae kissed.

“Thank you Hyung,” SungMin whispered, rushing into the van as his ears turned red. Geng gingerly touched his cheek and blushed even more. For some reason he could not explain, his other cheek felt very cold.

A/N: >_< my laptop shut down and restarted inexplicably on me . . . twice. and i didn't get the chance to save both times, so i'm so sorry if it seems like i had one thought going and then jumped to another ~ i tried, i really did. i also kind of rushed it, just so i wouldn't lose anything else, so again, i'm so sorry!
Tags: subject: hangeng, with: lee junki, with: lee yeonhee
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