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Waiting [OneShot]

Title: Waiting [OneShot - Short]
Pairings: Could be any of these: KiChul, ShiChul, HanChul, TyphoonxHeeChul, and maybe a longshot pairing you just can't get over XDD
Rating: PG

I need to pee.

This is the only thought that's crossed your mind since 5 excruciating minutes ago.

You need to go but unfortunately for you, there's no one around.

HanKyung, KiBum, and your ever loyal servant Simba ShiWon are all off at KBS, MBC, SBS... along with the others.

It's hard to catch even a glimpse of Typhoon these days.. but you should be used to that.

It's hard though. It's hard to readjust after everyone flocked around you when they first heard of your injury.

And now you're staring at the clock.

The incessant ticking...

You have to pee.

But since you're so picky, you won't allow the nurses to touch you.

You consider it, for a brief moment, before turning icy again.

You'd rather shit in your pants than give them the satisfaction of touching you.


If I called _______, would he come?

You rub the cellphone carelessly with your middle finger as you think.



".....Come quickly."
And that's all you have to say because you can hear a frenzy of motion, voices, in the background and him breathing hard in the cellphone as he rips down the hallways and dashes down the stairs... And then you don't hear a thing because he's finally remembered to shut his phone, but

It's okay because he's coming.

It's okay even if the both of you get into trouble, it's okay if he gets angry at you for making him come all the way down for something like this,

It's okay because you know that He's Coming. And that's all that really matters.

You stare at that clock again.
...15 more minutes won't kill you.
Tags: pairing: heechul/unspecified
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