tibbsmichael (tibbsmichael) wrote in miracle______,

Author: Tibbsmichael
Pairing: Heechul/Random
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Underage, non-con, language
A/N: Inspired but in no way related to scenes in "Grotesque" by Natsuo Kirino and "Sula" by Toni Morrison.

The skin under his fingers was smooth and warm. He slowly slipped the sheets off the boy, revealing his perfectly wrought limbs. He looked too beautiful to be real in the silver moonlight. Sukmin felt desire curl in his stomach as his hands and eyes slid possessively over Heechul, coaxing him to awaken. His lips curled in a small smile when Heechul stirred and two large eyes fluttered sleepily open. Fascinated, Sukmin watched the rapid display of emotions in Heechul's eyes; confusion, realization, terror.

It was the true innocence and trust in Heechul's eyes that had first ensnared him. He knew he was forever taking it away from Heechul, but now it would be his. In return he gave Heechul knowledge, and Heechul understood that he was completely powerless; there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop this from happening. He wasn’t yet sure exactly what this was. All he had were blurry, half-formed images that were focusing and distorting. He squeezed his eyes shut.

When Heechul felt Sukins breath ghost over his face, he opened his eyes and gasped. Sukmin's features appeared sharp and twisted, and his eyes glinted predatorily. Heechul seemed to shrink in the powerful hands that stroked the hair away from his forehead and cradled his face. He whimpered and trembled as Sukmin, desperate to taste the perfect pair of red lips so torturously close to his own, claimed them, sucked them, bit them. Sukmin took pleasure in Heechul's fear and needing to taste it further, deepened the kiss.

It all went smoothly until Sukmin pushed into Heechul. The boy screamed, started to struggle, cry, and plead. Sukmin was not pleased. He forced Heechul's hands above his head, and in a bruising grip held them there as he slapped Heechul hard across the face, but the boy kept crying and started tugging desperately, pathetically trying to ward off blows he had no way of preventing. Sukmin yelled at the slut, telling him to shut the fuck up, because his eyes were slowly swelling, and Sukmin did not appreciate Heechul’s grimaces.

Sukmin clamps one hand over Heechul's mouth and the other pinches Heechul's nose. He hardly feels the nails digging into his hands, and holding Heechul's head still is no problem. Finally, Heechul was lifeless, and Sukmin wiped away the tears and started moving in and out of him. The soft whimpers he made after he came to were perfect. And with a cry Sukmin came, lost in his pleasure.

Afterwards he is so pleased with Heechul, despite the rather unfortunate misdemeanor, that he graciously allows him to cry in his arms. He won't be able to tell anyone about this, but he feels superior to other men, because he has dared to claim such beauty and made it his own.
Tags: pairing: heechul/unspecified

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