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"I Wanna F*** You like an Animal" 6/6 + E

 Title : "I Wanna F*** You like an Animal" 6/6 + E
Author: Murd3r4lyf3
 Nc-!7/ R
Yaoi! Smex, AU
Forest! Smex
Henry is the new kid in town. a young inspiriational violinst, who happens to get lost in the woods, and gets 'devoured'.
Word Count:
1740 + 467(E)
Author’s note: A few annocenments:
This will be the last series i write before i go back to China (which is the 29th). I hope everyone has like my mini series, and a farewell present, i will do a poll on which was your favorite pairings (among some other questions), and shall write a last one-shot of them. Also, me and Kichul are planning on a special collabration project. It shall begin when i come back from my trip (which is in about one month). I hope you all will look forward to it, for it consist of her cute little Mini!Suju, and my Slutty!Suju. Lastly, I have been thinking, and there *will* be a second round of this IWFYLAA series. AND a Halloween special. So be prepared to see Animal! Suju again. Once again, Thanks to ALL my readers and reveiwers. If not for you all and your lovely comments , i would have stopped writing. Thanks again, and i love you all *hearts*

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Tags: pairing: zhoumi/henry

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