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Hello, Everyone! I've finally decided to contribute to this community! I hope you all enjoy what I bring ♥

TITLE: All For It
AUTHOR: inuvampy
BETA: jenluvskatloser_no_jutsu
GENRE: Humor
PAIRING: [Donghae/Eunhyuk] Featuring: Kangin/Eeteuk, Siwon/Heechul, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, and Yesung/Ryeowook
FIC BANNER: Made by me for fanfic promotion!
SUMMARY: Poor Donghae... All he wanted was a little of it.
WARNING: Donghae Abuse!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just thought I would let you all know... This is kinda my first fic EVER. Which coincidently makes this my first smut...ever. So I understand if it sucks horribly. Also. I have weird ass humor. If you read something and go "...What?" It's just me trying to be funny by useing analogies that nobody else ever dreamed of. (FYI some of the things in this fic have happened in real life... to me. Like bread catching on fire. IT'S FUNNY I MEAN COME ON.)

Ok I'm done ranting. ENJOY~ ♥

‘In the two weeks I have been going out with my boyfriend we have yet to do... it.

I know, I know. It sounds selfish, but damn it, a guy has his needs.

In the week leading up to my confession, I had asked others about their experiences after confessing their love. Pretty much everyone told me that after I confessed my love, Eunhyuk and I would be rolling in the sheets. When I finally told him how I felt—and don't get me wrong, I'm not disappointed—all I got was a hug and a shy kiss. It was extremely cute, but yeah.

It sounds like I'm not thinking about his feelings; I am, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it whenever I'm around him. I try not to, really I do, but he makes it nearly impossible. I'm starting to wonder if he does it on purpose.’

Donghae looked at Eunhyuk. They were currently lounging in the living room with the fan on full blast, and it still felt hot enough to set a piece of bread on fire. Earlier, Eunhyuk had suggested they strip to their t-shirts and boxers to try and even the odds a bit. This brought Donghae back to his theory that a certain someone was trying to get him to commit various acts of rape on his person.

Eunhyuk was happily laying back on the sofa, legs bent and spread open, one hand on the arm rest while the other was drifting lazily under his shirt dragging it up as it went. All the while Eunhyuk bore an expression of blissful sexiness as the wind from the fan cooled off his sweating body.

Donghae, face slack, processed the view in front of him.

This was definitely not the first time Donghae's body shut down on him as a result of Eunhyuk's seemingly unconscious seduction. For example, there was the time Eunhyuk came into Donghae's room only to sit there and eat a popsicle in front of him. There was also the time they were eating ramen together while the others were out. Donghae could have sworn Eunhyuk was slurping and dripping the broth down his chin on purpose.

Recalling these memories and adding them to the scene in front of him, Donghae decided it would be a good idea to cool off the hard way. He quickly got up and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

Since that day, Donghae noticed that Eunhyuk had started to spend lots of private time with Sungmin. Initially he dismissed it, but one day the two ran past him into Sungmin's room giggling like naughty school girls. Feeling a little distraught, Donghae decided to turn to the Appa of the house.

Of course, he neglected to think before quickly swinging the door to Kangin's room open. Donghae was met with an eye full of Appa and Umma making him a baby brother.

"UGH! MY SOUL IS ATTEMPTING SUICIDE." Donghae yelled as he stumbled backwards out of the room, holding his face to shield his eyes. He didn't get very far from the room before falling flat on the floor. Donghae laid in pain for a bit before finally opening his eyes. A very pissed off Kangin wearing only his boxers greeted him; Donghae assumed he had quickly put those on before coming out to pummel him. All the while Donghae was screaming for mercy.

After the not-so-friendly bout of ass kicking, Kangin retreated back to his love nest, presumably to resume what Donghae had interrupted. Once Kangin was out of the picture, Eunhyuk quickly swooped in to check his boyfriend's pulse. Donghae opened a possibly bruised and bloodshot eye and looked at Eunhyuk. He smiled and uttered quietly, "Nice to know you got my back babeh..."

He then passed the fuck out.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

It had been a week since Donghae's little mishap with Kangin, and his snazzy black eye was barely noticeable anymore. He hadn't gotten any advice from the band Appa on his problem, but it seemed since Kangin had beaten Donghae's ass Eeteuk was denying him the joys of baby making. Donghae didn't really want to end up in the same room as the poor man and become a victim to his 'frustration'.

To make matters worse, Eunhyuk was doing it again. Donghae swore it was deliberate. No man could make everything relate to sex, could he? The real problem was this: not only was his boyfriend making everything sexual, he was also seeing Sungmin a little too often.

A few days ago, Donghae brought the subject to Eunhyuk's attention, but his boyfriend quickly dismissed it.

"So I'm not allowed to talk with the other members anymore?" Eunhyuk snapped. Donghae didn't want to start an argument, so he decided to be funny. It always made Eunhyuk smile.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down, calm down~" Donghae said in English. Maybe it was a bad idea, because Eunhyuk gave him a face that said he was clearly unimpressed.

"Look I was just--" Donghae never got to finish his sentence. Heechul suddenly shouted “Oh, Hyukkie~” from the direction of ... Sungmin's room?

As Eunhyuk turned to go in the direction of that God forsaken room, uttering a quick apology for abandoning their little talk, Donghae got a brilliant idea. He quickly moved for the door before Heechul could close it.

"Hey, hey~ Think I can join you guys?" He asked. His request was followed by Heechul laughing his ass off and slamming the door in Donghae's face. As he stared at the fine grain in the wood door, listening to the giddy laughter of the three inside, Donghae got another brilliant idea—so brilliant, he wished he had come up with it first to spare his earlier humiliation.

Moments later Donghae was standing outside Siwon and Heechul's room. He knew he had nothing to worry about since Heechul was currently in Sungmin's room with the cute devil himself and Eunhyuk. Wasting no more time, Donghae quickly threw open the door.


The sight wasn't enough to make his soul want to meet death again, but it was enough to make Donghae want to douse his eyes in gasoline and light a match. Before Donghae could recuperate, he was pulled inside by a very embarrassed Siwon. To save everybody's brain from imploding, let’s just say that it involved a mirror, razor, and Siwon's balls.

Donghae looked like a skunk had just sprayed him right between the eyes.

"H-Heechul likes it when I'm groomed all over, okay? Never EVER bring it up...please?" Siwon said embarrassment apparent in his voice.

While Donghae attempted to get his sight back, Siwon quickly dressed. After a few minutes passed the not-so-blind one of the two broke the silence.

"Hyung... I think one of your eyes is drifting..."

This brought Donghae out of his trance reminding him where he was... and thankfully snapped his drifting eye back into place.

"Eunhyuk is seeing Sungmin." He said seriously.

Siwon's reaction, on the other hand, was anything but serious. Maybe he had been hanging around Heechul too much. It took Donghae awhile to get a response from Siwon, seeing as the boy was currently laughing his ass off.

"Are you joking!?" Siwon finally asked as he wiped some tears from his eyes. "How did you come to that conclusion?"

"What do you mean 'am I joking'? I'm being serious here!" Donghae yelled. This got the poor boy rolling on the floor laughing again. Donghae made a face.

"He has been going in and out of Sungmin's room every day for about two weeks!" Donghae whined.

Then, suddenly, Siwon's face was so close to Donghae's he could see the man's non-existent facial hair. His face was completely serious as he gripped Donghae's shoulders tightly. He leaned in more, which Donghae wasn't sure was possible.

Siwon opened his mouth like he was going to say something—probably something important—but Donghae's luck wasn't having any of that.


Donghae had never seen Heechul look that pissed. Suddenly, facing a very deprived Kangin didn't seem like such a bad way to die. Seriously, Heechul looked like one scary motherfucker right now.

Heechul stalked over to the two, a look of death clear in his eyes. Only Siwon had the nerve to move.

"H-Heechul, it's not what--" Siwon was cut off by Heechul. "And what, my dear Siwon, is this no supposed to be?" He snapped.

The next few moments after that seemed to go by so fast. Siwon had attempted to speak, but once his mouth opened Heechul lunged across the room right for Siwon's handsome face. While Heechul was still gliding through the air, like a deranged house cat, Donghae was already out the door and safely in his room.

From the cramped dark space under his bed, Donghae could hear the painful high pitched cries of a defeated man.

Donghae did not sleep that night.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

The next few days had been good and bad for Donghae.

Kangin was still itching to slam Donghae's face into the wall, but only showed these urges when they were in close proximity of each other.

Siwon was refusing to go anywhere near Donghae. He heard that Siwon wasn't allowed near Heechul either because of the incident that happened a few days ago, which explained the not so friendly looks Donghae received before Siwon left the room.

But those few things didn't really matter, because Eunhyuk was spending a lot of time with him.

They were practically joined at the hip almost every hour of every day. Donghae could not have been happier.

Donghae sat in total bliss, with one arm around Eunhyuk as they watched TV. Hardly anyone was home that day, except Heechul, so the house was fairly quiet. Nothing could go wrong, and things could only get better.

Donghae paid no mind as Eunhyuk slid from his grasp to lie in his lap. It wasn't unusual for one of them to rest in the other's lap, but this wasn't the usual innocent act Donghae was expecting.

Donghae's eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he felt his pants slowly being unzipped. He quickly looked down only to see Eunhyuk with a coy smile on his face. Donghae immediately felt his loins tighten in excitement.

"Hyukjae..." He uttered, oddly sounding out of breath.

Eunhyuk licked his suddenly dry lips in anticipation as his hand reached into the unzipped pants to pull out Donghae's quickly hardening cock. It was easy to see that Eunhyuk was nervous; he spent more time looking into Donghae's eyes than paying said boy's cock any attention. Donghae refused to breathe as Eunhyuk shifted to rest between his legs, smooth but rough hands sliding cautiously against his member. This was enough to make Donghae's body draw in much needed air, sounding like a quiet moan.

Eunhyuk got more confidence from the small noise, and leaned forward slowly taking the head into his mouth. On reflex, Donghae brought his hand up to tangle into the soft mess of Eunhyuk's hair as Eunhyuk attentively sucked and licked at the head of the penis. The whole situation was filling both boys with a wonderful wave of adrenaline and excitement they had never felt before.

The pleasant rush pushed Eunhyuk's body to take more of Donghae into his mouth. He hummed and groaned as he felt Donghae glide in and out of his mouth. Said boy wasn't all that silent either, moaning in bliss and closing his eyes as his hips moved in pleasure to urge Eunhyuk to suck harder, take in more, and never stop.

It was only a slight jolt to Donghae when he felt the sudden scrape of the other boy's teeth on his member. He simply thought it was an accident. When it happened again, Donghae opened his eyes to look at the one between his legs with his cock nestled in that beautiful mouth.

Only that face, that the mouth belonged to, was contorted into something that looked like pain. Now that he was paying attention when Eunhyuk jerked again Donghae heard the slight inhale that always signaled one thing.

All Donghae could do was widen his eyes in horror.


The muffled sound of a sneeze was quickly followed by the high pitched cries of someone whose dick was nearly bitten off. Literally.

Heechul ran in so fast when he heard the scream that he nearly fell over from sliding to a stop in the middle of the room. What he saw would make any man cringe and call for the hospital ASAP, but Heechul wasn't any man.

Amongst the pained whimpers of Donghae, who was huddled into a tight ball on the couch holding his wounded cock, and the frantic apologies of Eunhyuk, Heechul fell onto the floor holding his stomach guffawing at the poor couple.

Soon, the unfortunate incident would be common knowledge in the next thirty minutes when Heechul was involved.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

As predicted, nobody could make eye contact with either Donghae or Eunhyuk. Except Heechul, who seemed to enjoy laughing his ass off almost to the point of pissing himself every time he did look at one of the boys. Well... mostly Eunhyuk. Not so much Donghae.

The whole incident, while painful, made Donghae feel guilty. He felt as if he somehow pushed Eunhyuk to do what he attempted to do that day. And because of that Eunhyuk was getting picked on, in Donghae's eyes.

It wasn't all a loss though. Donghae may have experienced one of the worse things that could happen to a man in that kind of situation, but it showed him that Eunhyuk wanted to get more intimate with him; and Donghae planned to follow up on that.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

Donghae was currently acting out the role of a ninja. Somehow the boy managed to tie himself to the ceiling in the hallway. He was even decked out in all black including a scarf wrapped around his mouth, which he dubbed his rape mask for the occasion.

Of course his plan to be a ninja, and kidnap his Eunhyuk, had its draw backs. First, he was now stuck to the ceiling with no way to get down without hurting himself. Second, he seriously needed to pee. Third, Eunhyuk wasn't even home that day.

It was at that moment that Sungmin, sporting his favorite pink bathrobe with matching bunny slippers and a hairstyle that screamed 'I just had sex', ventured out of his room humming a happy tune in search of the toilet.

Donghae's eyes lit up, he forgot Sungmin was home!

"Sungminnie!" He called cheerfully. His joy was short lived however.

Sungmin seemed to forget that Donghae was home that day too since he leaped about ten feet in the air in complete and utter shock. When the pink loving boy looked up to see something covered in all black with eyes, he fell over onto the floor and screamed bloody murder.

It was then that Donghae found out that Kyuhyun was home, since the boy ran out of Sungmin's room wearing nothing but his boxers and wielding a lethal broom and proceeded to beat the shit out of the wannabe ninja like a birthday piñata.

It wasn't until his 'rape mask' (aka scarf) fell off that Kyuhyun and Sungmin realized it was Donghae and not some crazed fangirl who managed to get inside their house.

As Sungmin apologized profusely, Kyuhyun quickly got a step stool and kitchen knife to cut Donghae down. "Hyung, how the hell did you even get up here?" Kyuhyun asked as he carefully cut one of the ropes on Donghae's leg.

Donghae couldn't even bring himself to speak. Which made some sense, when one takes in the fact that he just got his ass beat with a broom? Speaking of the broom, Donghae couldn't help but wonder why there was a broom in Sungmin's room.

Not before long, sometime between wondering what the uses of a broom in ones room could be and why both Sungmin and Kyuhyun were practically naked, Donghae's face hit the floor as the main rope was cut.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

When Donghae woke up, the first thing he didn't notice was that he was safely in his room. What he did notice, however, was that he wasn't alone. At his bedside was a pissed off Kangin, Siwon, Kyuhyun., and for some reason Yesung was there too.

"Guys?" Donghae asked nervously.

"What are you trying to do, boy?" Kangin questioned as he crossed his arms.

"What do you mean?" Donghae asked as he sat up in his bed so that he could get a better look at all of them, even Yesung.

"Heechul and I haven't had sex in almost five days since you came in our room." Siwon blurted out, clearly on edge from the lack of Heechul.

Kangin nodded and added to Siwon's statement. "Not only him. I'm sure you know that since you interrupted Eeteuk and me, we haven't had any sex!" His eyes narrowed as he glared at Donghae.

Donghae gulped slightly. "I didn't mean to do those things...." He said even more nervous than earlier. "I was just looking for advice..."

"Advice?" Kyuhyun snapped. "Because of you Sungmin won't have anything to do with me."

Donghae broke out into a nervous smile. "I wasn't trying to get advice that time." He said recalling the broom beating. "That was just a plan gone wrong..."

Kyuhyun didn't even answer back, and settled for just staring Donghae down.

There was a snort from the back of the room in Yesung's general direction. This caused everyone in the room to look over at him with a not so friendly look. Yesung quickly straightened up when he noticed he had the room's undivided attention.

Kangin stood up suddenly and pointed at Yesung. "Why the hell are you in here anyway?" He then pointed at the door. "Get out already!"

Yesung pouted and headed for the door but stopped to look at the four boys in the room. "Can I say something first?" He asked in a hopeful voice.

Kangin sighed and put his face in his hands. "Hurry it up." He said more than a little annoyed.

Used to having to quickly throw in his opinion when given the chance, Yesung clamped his hands together and faced the others with a serious expression.

"From what I have heard, from various sources, the reason for your lack of sex is your own fault, not Donghae's. Kangin, instead of closing and locking the door when Donghae came in that day, you instead beat the shit out of him." At this Donghae nodded in total agreement.

"And because of this Eeteuk denied you loving as punishment. Siwon, your boyfriend is Heechul. You shouldn't be so touchy feely with others when he is around. Again, not Donghae's fault." Donghae nodded again.

"And Kyuhyun, you are not being punished. Sungmin just feels bad that because of him Donghae got hurt, which is totally Donghae's fault." At this Donghae pouted. "Just give him until tonight. I'm sure things will be back to normal."

At the end of his speech, nobody clapped for him. Donghae thought about it, but after saying it was his fault for the latest incident, he thought against it.

Kangin decided to show how he felt about the speech another way. He grabbed a hold of the back of Yesung's shirt, saying something about "And you wonder why you get cut." before tossing him out the door, most likely landed on his ass.

After that, the room was eerily quiet. To fill in the silence Donghae was left to his own thoughts. He wondered if he was going to die that day without getting to kiss his love goodbye. He wondered where exactly Yesung got his information from. He wondered if Yesung was actually a ninja.

Donghae suddenly got a serious expression on his face; quickly he jumped out of his bed and flung open his door, shocking the others in the room.

Just as he suspected, Yesung wasn't there.

Donghae crept out of his room crouching low to the floor to search for the other boy.

Back in Donghae's room, the three other boys’ had dumbfounded looks on their faces at what they just witnessed. With out saying anything, the three agreed that Donghae had some issues and it would be best to leave him alone for awhile.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

Donghae learned something about Yesung since he had been paying attention to him. He really wasn't a ninja. He felt a little sad admitting that. It would have been awesome to know a ninja.

Other than learning something about Yesung, Donghae found out that Ryeowook also went into Sungmin's room frequently. Before working up the nerve to go talk to the other boy, Donghae thought of all the other problems he caused trying to talk to others, but it all was overridden by the fact that it was sweet little Ryeowook and ordinary Yesung who was really a understanding guy. So nothing could go wrong.

Cautiously, Donghae knocked on the door to Yesung and Ryeowook's room. Moments later he was greeted with Ryeowook's curious face.

"Donghae? You know you don't have to knock!" He said happily. "Come on in!" Ryeowook quickly moved to the side to allow Donghae entrance.

Donghae couldn't help but make a face at that as he walked in, but quickly made himself comfortable in the other boy's room. They both sat on the bed as Ryeowook started the conversation.

"So, what brings you here?" He asked.

Donghae scratched his head as he thought about how to ask this. He was almost certain everyone who ventured into Sungmin's room were part of some cult.

"Well I was following Yesung around because I could have sworn he was some kind of ninja." Donghae failed to notice Ryeowook tense up at his claim. "But it turned out he was just an ordinary dude." He also didn't notice Ryeowook breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that.

Donghae paused for a bit as he decided to lie a bit and pretend that he just noticed the Sungmin Cult.

"Then while I was going back to my room I noticed everyone going in Sungmin's room. So I was just wondering what was up in there." He turned to look curiously at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook on the other hand was giving him a deadpanned look.

"Everyone knows what's in Sungmin's room." He said not believing that Donghae didn't know.

"It's a cult! I knew it!" Donghae cheered, jumping up in joy.

"A cult? Donghae, it's a drug trafficking zone." Ryeowook cut in.

It took about a minute for what Ryeowook said to reach Donghae's brain.

"WHAT!?" He yelled in surprise, doing a great impression of a fish.

"You really don't know what goes on in there?" Ryeowook asked calmly, even sneaking in a few giggles at Donghae's fish face.

"Drugs!?" The poor boy looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

Ryeowook laughed a bit as he reached up to grab Donghae's hands and calm him down. "No no no. There are no drugs. I just didn't believe that you don't know about Sungmin's room."

Donghae was trying to control his breathing from the seemingly harmless joke Ryeowook played. Eunhyuk went into that room for crying out loud. Donghae clasped onto Ryeowook's shoulders none to friendly.

"What goes on in that room, Ryeowook?" His face was completely serious, which looked really weird on Donghae.

Ryeowook didn't seem all that impressed by his seriousness. "It's like a sex-ed class in there, Donghae." He grabbed the other boy's hands and pushed them off his shoulders. "Heechul and Sungmin like to share sexual adventures and techniques, and that’s the place they chose to do it in."

"But Eunhyuk-" Donghae attempted to say, a little shocked but intrigued.

"Yeah, Eunhyuk goes in there." Ryeowook covered his mouth to giggle a bit. "Our little virgin has been wanting to please a certain someone recently~" He sounded like a schoolgirl spilling a juicy secret.

Instead of verbally replying, Donghae opted for just pointing at himself.

"Yes, you. Why don't you 'talk' about it with him when he gets home?" With that Ryeowook quickly ushered Donghae out the door. Donghae was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice Yesung silently fall from the ceiling and close the door behind him.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

Donghae waited around in his room for Eunhyuk to come home. He passed the time by either rolling around on the bed or thinking of what to say to the other boy.

He admits things have been a little awkward because of the sneezing incident, but Donghae wasn't going to let that ruin his plan. Tonight he and Eunhyuk will tumble in the sheets like nobody's business. Donghae couldn't help but smirk as he felt himself getting excited just thinking about it.

At the sound of the door opening, Donghae quickly flipped over onto his side to face the door. To make himself seem more dashing he propped his head up on his hand and slapped a cheesy smile on his face, but his horribly greasy smile fell when the person opening the door wasn't Eunhyuk.

"Here you are, Donghae. Why aren't you..." Kibum's question died on his lips once he saw a very excited Donghae on the bed.

"Never mind. I think I need to go wash my eyes out with bleach." And with that Kibum quickly exited the room.

Donghae wondered what Kibum wanted and why he needed to wash his eyes. It left his mind with a sigh though, as it was quickly replaced by thoughts of Eunhyuk.

The boy flipped over onto his back to wait again. For some reason Donghae had this nagging feeling at the back of his head. Instead of trying to figure it out, he opted for yawning.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

The next morning Donghae dragged his feet across the floor to the kitchen. There he found Shindong patiently waiting for Hangeng to finish cooking breakfast. Of course, patiently for Shindong means huffing and puffing until it's done.

Once Donghae walked into the kitchen though, Shindong's patient nagging stopped and even Hangeng stopped flipping rice so they could both stare at him.

Donghae looked at the both of them confused. This seemed to make both boys snap out of it and turn back to what they were doing, except for Shindong who was just looking at the table.

"What's with you two?" Donghae asked as he moved to take a seat next to Shindong.

Hangeng continued cooking as if he hadn't said a thing. So Donghae turned to Shindong. The plump boy scratched his chin as he attempted to avoid eye contact with Donghae.

It appeared Shindong gave up trying to ignore him as he looked at the confused boy.

"You're in deep shit." Shindong stated. "Last night Hangeng, Eunhyuk, you and I had dance practice. Only three of us showed up."


Almost instantly Donghae sent the kitchen table flying. Hangeng could only watch in horror, and Shindong in surprise, as the kitchen table sailed across the room and out a nearby window. As Donghae quickly exited the room in search of his boyfriend, the annoyingly familiar sound of a car alarm sounded from outside.

• • • • • • • • ♥ • • • • • • • •

Donghae pressed his forehead to Eunhyuk's bedroom door and sighed. He was in so much trouble.

The distraught boy felt too discouraged to venture inside so he turned around to walk away. Only when he turned around, he was met with all the members giving him a very scary, very serious, expression. Even the random photo of Henry and Zhou Mi on the wall was giving him the face.

Not saying a word, Donghae backed up into Eunhyuk's room and slowly went inside. Once the door was closed he turned to look at Eunhyuk, doing a great impression of a fish.

"It's nice to see you finally show up." Eunhyuk said from the bed. Not even once taking his eyes off his handheld game.

Donghae quickly shook his head to rid his face of the fish expression and looked seriously at Eunhyuk.

"Hyukjae, I'm so sorry about last night. I totally forgot. A lot happened yesterday..." He frowned as he realized all he could do was make excuses.

"I know." Eunhyuk stopped to do something on his game before pausing it and setting it on the bedside table so he could look at Donghae. "I heard from Sungmin about what happened."

Donghae would be lying if he said he wasn't embarrassed about his boyfriend finding out he got his ass kicked with a broom.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they just looked at each other. Suddenly Eunhyuk's laugh broke the silence and he held his arms open to Donghae. "It was just dance practice, but I'm glad you care so much... I forgive you." He said sincerely.

Donghae quickly jumped onto the bed and crawled into his boyfriend's open arms. This was definitely Donghae's heaven.

The following silence was calm and welcoming, but Donghae couldn't help his thoughts as they quickly spiraled into the gutter. His lips were already pressed to the steady pulse of Eunhyuk's neck; he simple just began to move them against said flesh.

Eunhyuk giggled and squirmed thinking Donghae was just being playful.

That is until little Donghae made himself known against his thigh letting him know just how playful Donghae was actually feeling.

"Donghae...?" Eunhyuk questioned a little nervous but also steadily getting excited himself.

"Hmm~" Donghae hummed against the other's neck.

Eunhyuk never bothered to say anything after that as fingers slowly tickled their way under his shirt making his breath stop short in anticipation.

The lips against Eunhyuk's neck were steadily licking and sucking to claim that flesh as their own. Eunhyuk's own lips began to let forth heated moans as the hand under his shirt found a nipple.

Donghae managed to detach himself from the curve of that delicious neck in order to pull Eunhyuk's shirt off. The new expanse of skin laid out before him brought a smirk to Donghae's face. He only allowed himself a moment to marvel at the flushed face of his love before swooping down to occupy his mouth with Eunhyuk's chest. As Donghae's tongue teased and tasted the other, his hands ventured further. He couldn't help but smile once his hand cupped the growing bulge of Eunhyuk's pants. The action made Eunhyuk's body arch off the bed demanding more contact. His hands shook slightly when they tangled into Donghae's hair wantonly.

"Donghae~" He moaned in a sudden burst of need.

The sound of his name being moaned from the love of his life might have something to do with why he suddenly felt like he was suffocating.

The need to have the other naked and spread in front of him was overriding all other thoughts Donghae had. In a matter of second, Eunhyuk's shorts took to the air along with his underwear, only to meet the same fate as the kitchen table earlier.

The loud screeches of millions of happy fangirls, camping out in front of their apartment quarreling to get said shorts and underwear that was floating down to them like a gift from the heavens, never reached their ears.

Now that certain articles of clothing were out of the way, Donghae got a good look at the entire boy below him. A brilliant blush spread over Eunhyuk's face at the intensity of Donghae's stare, not to mention he was the only one lacking clothes. Sucking in much needed air, Eunhyuk decided to use a few things he learned from his 'class' to remedy the problem of being the only nude one.

The naked boy put his hands on the other's shoulders and moved his legs to wrap around Donghae's waist. Eunhyuk used his upper and lower body strength in order to roll them over so he was on top. Donghae looked a little surprised, but the view of his love straddling his midsection and leaning close completely bare was more than a turn on.

It wasn't long before Eunhyuk had Donghae naked and sitting on his stomach also taking in the view just as the other had done to him moments earlier. The contact of skin on skin was almost electrifying.

Donghae brought a hand up to cup Eunhyuk's face then bringing him down to share an intense kiss. In the mean time Donghae's other hand glided down to run his fingers over the other's hip bone then travel to the soft skin of the leg clinging to his side.

Eunhyuk broke the kiss, licking his now bruised lips, and reaching down to grab the hand that made its home on his thigh. He brought the hand up to his full lips and tentively stuck one finger into his mouth and began to gingerly suck and lick the digit. Donghae watched the display with complete fascination while Eunhyuk sucked in a second finger. As Eunhyuk busied himself with his current task, Donghae moved his free hand to run slowly over the other boy's cock.

Eunhyuk moaned softly around Donghae's fingers, occasionally bucking into the hand on him coincidently rubbing his backside against his boyfriend's own need.

Donghae couldn't wait any longer and pulled his saliva covered fingers free from that eager mouth. Eunhyuk picked up on where his boyfriend was ready to venture and brought himself up so that he was on all fours above Donghae.

"Put them in me..." Eunhyuk said almost needy.

Wasting no time, Donghae reached under Eunhyuk and slowly inserted a slick finger into the other's tight entrance. It was a bit of a stretch in this position, but with how close Eunhyuk's face was to his giving him full view to see the other's face twist in pleasure made it worth it.

While his finger slid in and out, curling and uncurling, he inserted a second finger. Donghae stretched and teased the other, moving his fingers faster and deeper into Eunhyuk.

"Donghae..." Eunhyuk moaned. "I want you..."

Eunhyuk leaned down to kiss Donghae. The process caused his ass to rise slightly higher, forcing Donghae's fingers to retreat. Pulling away from the kiss, Eunhyuk reached down to position himself over Donghae. Slowly he impaled himself on Donghae's length; inch by inch Eunhyuk's entrance greedily swallowed Donghae up till he was fully sheathed.

"Nnn... Donghae..." Somehow Eunhyuk managed to breathe and moan all at once.

Donghae on the other hand refused to speak in fear that it would break his concentration to not just fuck Eunhyuk's brains out and hurt him in the process. Instead he focused on Eunhyuk's flushed face, the weight of his hands on his chest, and of course he couldn't block out the feel of the constant clenching of muscles around him.

After the brief pause, Eunhyuk lifted himself a little ways off Donghae, only to let gravity take him back down. Immediately the air left both boys’ lungs. Donghae's hands found Eunhyuk's hips and gripped them hard enough to leave marks.

It wasn't long before Eunhyuk was riding Donghae like a certain cowboy with the first initial ‘H’ rides a certain horse.

The room was hot and heavy with their sex. The only sounds were gasps of air, moans, and the constant slapping of skin hitting skin.

As it went on Eunhyuk became more vocal and more demanding.

"Donghae! More! More! Harder! Faster!" It was like his personal mantra, and Donghae didn't want to displease.

Donghae sat up stilling Eunhyuk while he was still deep inside him. He wrapped his arms around Eunhyuk's back and neck then gently pushed forward so that Eunhyuk was on his back. Because Donghae was still in him, Eunhyuk's hips were more than a little bit off the bed. To keep himself more supported he wrapped his legs around Donghae's hips.

Almost immediately, Donghae began to pound into the body beneath him, and according to Eunhyuk's wishes he went harder and faster.

At this point nobody could keep silent. Moans, names either uttered or screamed, and of course the occasional dirty word left their mouths constantly.

As Donghae was reaching his peek he moved his hand down to grasp Eunhyuk's weeping member giving it much needed attention.

After a few powerful thrusts and clumsy pumps, Eunhyuk came long, hard, and loud. It can be certain that the fangirls down below in the streets heard just how powerful Eunhyuk's lungs actually were. It took Donghae a few more thrusts, into the heat that continuously spasmed around him, before he too came hard. Donghae rode out his release before finally pulling out to lie next to the love of his life.

For a period of time nobody said anything. It was simply the sounds of the two getting air back into their lungs to calm their burning bodies.

Eunhyuk was the first to move. He rolled over to rest his head on Donghae's shoulder and playfully hit his boyfriend's chest with his hand before deciding to just leave it there.

Donghae laughed breathlessly, wrapping one arm around Eunhyuk's shoulder and bringing his other hand to grasp the one on his chest lovingly.

"What was that for?" He asked playfully.

"You didn't use a condom." Eunhyuk said calmly, not at all angry.

"What? It's not like you can get pregnant." Donghae responded. Closing his eyes to get ready for a nice nap.

"Whatever." Eunhyuk was also ready for a nap and didn't feel like play fighting at the moment. "I love you." He whispered lovingly.

"I love you too." Donghae whispered back into Eunhyuk's ear already moments away from sleep.

Little did they know that in a few months their playful argument would become a reality.

• • •THE ♥ END• • •

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