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[one-shot; heechulxdonghae]

Title: Beautiful
Author: Mica
Pairing: HeeChul/DongHae (one-sided? implied? something like that)
Rating: G
Notes: My first anything involving SJ, and I haven't written in a long time anyways so, just to be warned, my writing's a little rusty. I'm trying to work it out.

It was incredible how such a small, simple thing could change everything, sometimes. How such a small, simple thing could be the spark to your realisation.

It was something so small and simple and insignificant that had changed DongHae’s life completely, not so long ago. And afterwards, he’d wondered how he’d never realised before, how he’d missed it all this time.

How had the sun managed to rise and set everyday without fail? How had the birds managed to remember their songs to keep on singing everyday? How did flowers grow and bloom like that in the springtime? How had anything managed to go on, before this realisation?

As small and insignificant and simple as it was, to DongHae, that realisation, that thing, had changed everything and made his world. It made that sun shine just a little brighter, a little more beautiful, as it rose in the mornings. It made the birdsongs that little bit more melodic during the day. It made the flowers that even more beautiful when they bloomed in the spring.

His day just did not seem to go right if he didn’t see it at least once. And, when he did see it, he felt warm and happy for the rest of his day.

Just thinking about it made his lips curve into a soft smile and an almost dreamy look fill his brown eyes. It was the most beautiful thing in the world, to DongHae. Nothing, not the rising sun or birdsong or new-bloomed flowers, could ever compete with a smile from the right pair of lips.

To DongHae, nothing was more beautiful than HeeChul’s smile.

- end -

Thanks for reading ^_^
Tags: pairing: heechul/donghae
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