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005 : Who are you?

Title : Who are you?
Pairing : KyuHyun x Zhou Mi
Chapter : 005
Summary : Zhou Mi doesn't eat instant noodles.

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005 : Who are you?

"You can’t continue doing this, you know."

Call it hardcore determination if you will – but if KyuHyun was going to have to walk all the way home on stiffening legs, then he would walk the Hell home with stiffening legs.

But where he was, KyuHyun didn’t the Hell know – and the icy atmosphere just continued biting into his skin, causing his teeth to clatter in his exposure to the cold.

“Please just listen to me this one last time…”

Call it strong-headed willpower if you want – but if KyuHyun was going to ignore Zhou Mi, then he was going to ignore the dude to Hell and back, to infinity and beyond!

Never mind if the guy had been patronizing him from inside his Mazda while going at 5 km/h next to the pavement the Korean had been walking on ever since he was let out of the car.

“…You’re just going to freeze if you don’t get back in here right now!”

Never mind if whatever Zhou Mi was saying right then was correct, too.

The inked darkness threatened to swallow all forms of light and life around them and the sudden noises were gradually sending creeps down the younger man’s spine.

But KyuHyun was out of the Spider, and he was going to remain that way thank you very much!

And he certainly didn’t want to remember the last words Zhou Mi had said to him before he had jumped out of the car, but he did anyway.

“And oh-so attracted to you, KyuHyun-sshi. DUH!”

He ignored Zhou Mi’s rambling about dogs with rabies running about, and continued scanning the district for any form of hope to come and put an end to this suffering he was going through.

His supervisor and Korea’s top telesales agent Kim Kangin ever said that if someone thinks of the positive and focuses on it, the universe will automatically alter itself to suit the person’s mood, the surrounding of a situation and in the end, will produce the outcome the positive thought wanted it to shape as in the first place.

So KyuHyun imagined a stupid cab to randomly pop up from any corner and save his ass.

He had been imagining for the past thirty minutes or so by the way - but there was not going to be anything else but Zhou Mi and his snide remarks about the worsening weather.

Maybe Kangin was just born to be a very jolly and enthusiastic guy – which pretty much explained the fact that he called the new highway off Exit 33 in Chungmuro ‘a concrete miracle’ now that KyuHyun remembered it.

Anyway, no cab came and it started to rain right after the Chinese said it would.

KyuHyun cursed at the skies, at whoever that was supposed to be of higher power up there for making it all look like Zhou Mi had the universe ganging up on him right then.

“Now take me home,” KyuHyun snapped after getting back into the readily awaiting Mazda and telling the other young man his address when he was left with no other options in the end.

Zhou Mi nodded happily, hiding a triumphant smirk behind a quick glance to the rear view mirror - as if checking for traffic was necessary at all in the ghost of a town they were in.

“Yes honey!”


“Ah I’m sorry. I did promise I wouldn’t do anything stupid to you anymore a second ago - But I didn’t say I wouldn’t call you with sweet names like honey-“

“Home. Now.”

Then Zhou Mi made a couple of turns that didn’t really get them anywhere else…


He nervously tiptoed into KyuHyun’s storm and quietly asked, “Which way did we come in from?”

“I think…” The rain only turned heavier at the seconds KyuHyun took up to think. “That way?”

“There’s a sign…Dead end. It has to be the other way then – where the T-junction is at.”

“I don’t remember anything about any T-junctions.”




KyuHyun slapped a palm to his forehead at the tight purse of the other man’s mouth.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?”

“No we’re not. I’m just…a little confused with the…back streets of this area. Give me a sec.”

“Funny! I clearly remembered that you said you come here all the time - to whore around?”

“I’m not so free now that I’ve to commit most of my time to my studies, so it’s been a while.”

For a second there KyuHyun actually wondered if the Chinese was joking, or he was telling a really bad one.

Zhou Mi caught the tight knit of KyuHyun’s eyebrows at his coy statement. “What?”

Aren’t you a really cheap gay guy!

“Nothing,” KyuHyun decided to say, sparing himself from another round of argument with the other man since he already had God himself on his side right then.

“You can’t drive now,” he sighed dejectedly, still swearing at the ridiculously heavy rain.

“It’s too dangerous to be on the road in this condition…”

The Chinese killed the engine and rolled down the windows a bit so some fresh air could enter.

“I know. We’ve no choice now. Let’s wait for it to clear up before we can set off again.”

“I don’t think it’s going to clear up anytime soon. We’re going to be stuck here for a while – thanks to you and your maniac driving and your lousy sense of direction!”

“Well honey-“


“-you’re the one who wouldn’t tell me where you live. If you had, I’d probably have met your mom and your entire family and we’d all be sitting in a warm kitchen drinking tea-”

They were talking over each other, but both weren’t going to give way to the other at all.

“Like as if I’d allow a crazy and gay guy like you in my neighborhood-“

“-and I’d find your mom adorable because you are adorable-”

“-I wouldn’t even let you come near the damn precinct-”

“-I’d ask for her blessing to take you out on future dates and she wouldn’t mind because-”

“-I’ll get scary watch dogs and make them hate you so much-”

“-Fine, really! I love dogs and dogs love me so that’s never going to work-”

KyuHyun was beginning to sound like a rambling, angry old woman who lived with 27 cats and about a hundred different species of birds, but Zhou Mi was seeing it all in a more…positive sense.

“-Your wanting to spend quality time with me is finally working out the way you want it to, eh?”

“HAH!” KyuHyun snorted, blown away at the most ridiculous joke of the century. “YOU WISH!”

He had a million other things to run the Chinese down with, but the Korean figured that going against the Yonsei freshman and his flamboyance was the same as rowing a boat with a god damn spoon, so he resorted to verbally mutilating the man in his angered silence in the end.

Zhou Mi looked at the other as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the steering wheel.

“So,” he sang. “It’s just you and me, trapped in the wonderful rain. What are we going to do now?”

“Sleep,” KyuHyun muttered, turning farther away and trying to relax in his limited space.

“Sleep? You’re so boring! We have some time – let’s do something fun together.”

“Zhou Mi, which part of ‘I AM VERY SCARED OF AND PISSED AT YOU’ don’t you understand?”

“Why would you want to be scared of me?” Zhou Mi laughed, tossing hi head. “You like me!”

“I don’t like you!” KyuHyun sputtered, choking at that statement. “Never have, never will!”

“But I told you I’ve stopped coming here!” He contested, missing the main point to this as usual.

“So you admit to whoring around,” KyuHyun replied flatly with a sharp roll of his eyes, but inside, he found himself wondering all over again if Zhou Mi was what he said he was right then.

It wasn’t like he could bloody tell with the guy talking to him like he was in a god damn musical!

“But like I said, I’ve sworn to celibacy now.”

KyuHyun almost broke into an amused smile at the words the other young man chose to say.

But he ended up deadpanning, “Celibacy? Don’t give that a bad name, please. You’ll kill me.”

Zhou Mi grinned, catching the tiny curls threatening to debut on KyuHyun’s lips when he fought so hard not to spread them, before bringing his face closer to the Korean in a sudden shift of angle.


“YAH! You’re too close to me again-“

“I’m really getting bored. Wanna make out?”

++++++++ o o ++++++++

There was only one room left in the stupid hotel, but what could KyuHyun do about it?

“Yucks…Do you think they even change the bed sheets at all?”

Earlier, KyuHyun would have really ran out down the blocks when Zhou Mi suggested they should start something ‘physically entertaining’ – but he found a much better way on how both of them could survive the night without any collateral damage.

“…If there is no water heater, I think we should just ask for a refund and go back to the car.”

All this while, Dorian Chou aka Zhou Mi aka TOM CRUISE had been really stealth and extravagant in his way of handling things – from his upfront attitude to his even bolder statements and tactless actions…

…but KyuHyun might have just discovered something that he could finally use against Zhou Mi!

“KyuHyun-sshi! Let’s leave…I don’t like this place!”

Zhou Mi’s greatest worry came in the form of clean bed sheets, filtered air conditioning, Dettol-disinfected tissues and organic fruit baskets – which was exactly what the hotel they decided to check in for the night didn’t have.

And to KyuHyun, all of that beautifully spelled out as torture!

“It’s twenty dollars for one night,” KyuHyun said, snickering at the Chinese who just sidestepped something he didn’t want to know what it was.

Hell, he was whining at every step he took too – which was rather cute if not irritating as Hell.


Another alien word coming out of his vocabulary’s database, and KyuHyun deleted it quickly.

“You shouldn’t be complaining. We can’t last an entire night in your car, please!”

“Yes we can. You just don’t want to! What’s wrong with sleeping in my car?”

“It’s a lot warmer here. And well, a little more comfortable.”

“You call this comfortable? Oh my god is that a flattened…Okay no don’t tell me what that is. Warmer? That’s because the air con is not working!”

“Which is good, because we don’t need air con when there is rain!”

“You’re just doing this to spite me,” Zhou Mi huffed with a scowl, accusing. “You’re evil.”

“Yes, and I’ll make you regret we ever met.”

“That’s what all of them say when we play master and slave in bed-”

KyuHyun groaned, before putting a hand up and turning his face away with a roll of his eyes.

Talk to the hand, because the face doesn’t wanna know.

SNAG language was coming out of his database, and KyuHyun deleted them permanently.

They entered their room, and of course Zhou Mi knocked himself out silly with his idea of the ideal place to stay – which brought KyuHyun down to the floor laughing his ass off in the end, because what the other young man wanted was a Carlton.

“Are you sure you can still eat those?”

“Yes,” KyuHyun looked at the instant noodles he found on top of the dresser, reading the expiry dates at the bottom of each carton – before reaching out to take the electric heater to boil some water.

“KyuHyun-sshi!” Zhou Mi appeared appalled by such a decision. “You’re going to eat that?”

“Well they don’t put them here as a decoration? And I'm hungry!”

“When’s the expiry date?”

“July eighteenth, this year.”

“That’s in a few day’s time!” He gasped, shaking his head. “Put that down. We’ll order take out.”

“Which takeout is going to deliver in this kind of rain?” KyuHyun deadpanned.


KyuHyun’s eyes rounded when he realized something.

“Zhou Mi!” He went, blinking. “Don’t tell me you’ve NEVER eaten instant noodles before!”


“You’ve NEVER? You’re serious?!”

“No, okay? I stay away from these…I hate the MSG.”


“This kind of food,” Zhou Mi said, pointing at the Chicken Abalone flavor in his disgust.

“Has a lot of MSG – which causes leukemia! You can get cancer if you eat too much!”

“You’ve NEVER eaten instant noodles before,” KyuHyun mused, finding that fact even more amazing than any health threat right then – before giving the reluctant foreigner the kind of look people would give aliens if they see them.

“What are you, Zhou Mi-sshi?”

The older one frowned, but it looked more like he was pouting at KyuHyun’s sarcastic comeback.



“Anyway,” KyuHyun said, shrugging. “I’m going to make them so do you want it or not?”

“You’re going to make that health hazard for me?” Zhou Mi’s eyes were glossy. “Really?”

“Why not? I don’ think you’d know how to boil water in the first place anyway.”


“You won’t get cancer from eating it for the first time, Zhou Mi-sshi.”


“I’ll just make them. If you want it, you take it. If you don’t, I’ll finish yours on your behalf.”

Zhou Mi couldn’t really argue to anything anymore where the slight rumble of his stomach would have made his own arm look so god damn appetizing…

“Alright,” he finally said, surrendering to the whine of his belly right then.

“Since you’re making mine for me, I’ll eat it.”

++++++++ o o ++++++++

“This is officially the most horrible thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.”

Zhou Mi put his plastic fork down after swallowing with difficulty, before almost shoving the carton of instant noodles well off the small table between their beds.

“KyuHyun-sshi, you make tasteless instant ramen!”

And he shoved the food further before folding his arms tightly across his chest before jerking his chin away from it in his repulsion - suddenly turning very childish and cute.


“Yah!” KyuHyun huffed, narrowing his eyes when the other man glared at him accusingly.

“You’re the one who doesn’t have taste buds! Mine is just fine, for your information.”

“So you’re saying you purposely made mine like this?”

“No! I made yours with the pure sincerity of the same ingredients as mine.”

“Then why is it so…blueagh!”

“It’s blueagh because all that MSG thing killed your tongue!” KyuHyun spat, annoyed.

“If you don’t believe it,” Zhou Mi said, still glowering. “You try eating this one!”

KyuHyun took an ambitious bite of Zhou Mi’s noodles, determined to prove the man wrong…

…and ended up almost committing suicide.

“Okay,” KyuHyun agreed, throwing everything back out into the tissue Zhou Mi passed him.

“That was bad. Strange! How come mine doesn’t taste as bad as yours?”

“I don’t know, you tell me! Is yours good?”

“It’s fine!” KyuHyun replied, perplexed at the mystery of it all. He lifted a fork full of noodles and brought it to Zhou Mi’s face simply radiating from pure unhappiness.

“What?” He went, when KyuHyun nudged the food at him. “You want me to eat that again?”

“Try mine!”

“You’re really hell bent in killing me, aren’t you?”

“You’d come back from the dead and stalk me anyway,” KyuHyun muttered under his breath, meaning it to be a joke but not finding it funny when he thought about it.


Zhou Mi finally complied with the sharp tips of the fork almost scarred his precious, Body Shop-lip-balm-slicked lips – he ended up opening his mouth, taking in the saggy MSG-dripped instant food and…

“Yours is okay,” he mumbled, almost in a defeated grumble when he found it edible and nice.

“Do you want more? We can share.”

“If you’re going to feed me,” Zhou Mi grinned, opening his mouth again. “Yes, please!”

“How spoilt are you, Zhou Mi-sshi?”


“You’re one of a kind.”


“With a capital S.”

“Oh you know how to spell ‘special’ in English?”

“The funnier thing here will just be the fact that you’ve never eaten cup noodles before.”

“The important thing here is I will eat this one if you’re going to continue feeding me.”

“If I don’t?”

“Then I won’t eat it!”

So KyuHyun dropped the fork into the cup noodle with a ridiculed smirk on his face.

“I’m not hungry anymore. So you can have all of it.”

Zhou Mi’s bright smile instantly melted at that - but he took the damn thing anyway.

And he said he won’t eat it. HAH!

“Oh, and just so you know,” KyuHyun said, pointing to the cup noodle with a faked smile.

“You have to throw away the box in the bin after you’re done. Okay?”

++++++++ o o ++++++++

KyuHyun wondered if his mom could read the estranged strain between his monotonously informing his parent that he wouldn’t be coming home that night.

“I’m just glad you’re spending the night with your new friend who is a guy – rather than a girl!”

Guess not?

His battery was running low, but KyuHyun managed to tell his mother to iron fresh clothes for him so that he didn’t have to rush for work after he returned home to change later.

It was close to 11 PM in the night, and rain brought along its friends to add on to the party.

All the rolling thunder wasn’t that scary even when they were in a room which ceiling could have easily fall on them should lightning clapped anytime – but Zhou Mi going to bed early was.

Like, which youth in the universe sleeps at 11PM, really?

In the dim orange glow of the table lamp between them, Zhou Mi was lying in the other single bed with his blanket under him (he refused to use them as cover because it might give him rashes or pimples), his entire body turned to face KyuHyun.

Zhou Mi was indeed…different, KyuHyun guessed.

Or maybe he was just too tired from the day’s activities at school – and then having to drive him around earlier, because no youth sleeps at 11PM unless there are reasons to.

Special with a capital S…

KyuHyun realized that he actually felt bad for putting Zhou Mi through all this – because it certainly looked like punishment after he thought about it for a while.

Well, serves him right for starting everything!

KyuHyun got off the phone with his mother and laid down, turning his back to the China man’s gentle breathing amongst the pattering of the raindrops falling on their roof right then.

What he was staring at was an off white wall with a couple of shoe prints on them.


So he turned back to facing Zhou Mi – and took a second to take a good, hard look at the guy.


Zhou Mi’s black hair curtained most of his sharp, distinctive features, making the drastic contrast of his pale skin on the white of his pillow and bedspread very beautiful…

…He was madly glowing with life’s vigor even when he was sound asleep!

Some people are just born with everything – money, looks, brains, special sense of humor…annoying attitude but…well, kind of cute-

KyuHyun stopped when he realized that he was actually gazing at the other young man.



He tried to close his eyes, but KyuHyun didn’t want to. He didn’t feel like sleeping, but there was nothing on TV and he couldn’t drown out the noise around him.


“And oh-so attracted to you, KyuHyun-sshi! DUH!”

He shivered at the words playing in his mind right then, so he decided to think about his submissions and how many sales he was going to do next week.

But the cup noodle caught his attention. Untouched?

Idiot really didn't eat it!?!

He tilted his head a little, studying Zhou Mi all over again.

He does look like the type who whores around...

But why would he want to do that? Doesn't he have everything already?

Maybe he's just lonely.

Or maybe he's just horny.


Zhou Mi whores around?

His eyes were about to shift to the ceiling to find the end of his self conversation when Zhou Mi stirred.


KyuHyun turned back to the Chinese, seeing the other starting to toss a little, shaking his head at something that only he could only see behind his closed eyes.

“No, please…Don’t…”

The younger between them sat up when the tight crunch of Zhou Mi’s eyebrows completed his facial scrunch, the balling of his fists trembling with…



“Zhou Mi?” KyuHyun quickly got up and rushed over to the university freshman’s side.

Zhou Mi slapped his hands off when KyuHyun reached out to calm him down, the uglier visions of his nightmares more powerful than the younger man’s attempt to wake him up.

“Zhou Mi!” The other one called out, grabbing him by the arms and shaking him.

“No! I don’t want you to do this…please…just don’t…”

He jerked back when Zhou Mi’s knuckle barely missed his throat.

“Zhou Mi! Wake up! It’s me, Kyu-”

“Henry, you can’t do this to me!”


Who is Henry?

“Please…please…DON’T! I’m begging you, you can’t…Henry…”

KyuHyun shook him harder when he found himself getting the creeps at the way Zhou Mi was yelling and pleading at this Henry person in his violent tossing…

Why does he sound so…vulnerable and helpless to this guy?

Could it be that Zhou Mi was...?

KyuHyun was this close to slapping the Chinese into snapping out of it when Zhou Mi’s eyes suddenly popped open, and he let out a shrill scream that sent scary chills thundering down the other man’s spine.


“Zhou Mi!” The Korean yelped, pinning the other down again.

“It’s me, KYUHYUN!”


Zhou Mi’s pupils continued to round in a wild frantic before he jerked up to throw his arms around KyuHyun - the hard collision of his head to KyuHyun’s jaw almost sending the younger man’s own flying from his neck.

Pain erupted all over KyuHyun, and he swore he could taste blood in his mouth.


But Zhou Mi, he didn’t seem to notice that – and KyuHyun really couldn’t blame him for it.

“Please don’t leave me!” the older man suddenly cried out, pleading against the cotton of his plain t-shirt, curling his fingers into the soft fabric of it in a desperate grasp.

His face burying deeper as his arms tightened around the other young man to keep warmth as close to him as possible – as if he needed it, and would turn crazy all over again if cold air was to slip between their bodies.

“Don’t make me…I don’t want Henry to…”

KyuHyun didn’t know how to react to this, but he could feel Zhou Mi’s heart racing madly within his blood – as if the Yonsei student was running…maybe scrambling on slippery floors…Running for his life…

…Away from Henry?

“Shhh…” KyuHyun finally spoke, when the fabric of his shirt started to soak up Zhou Mi’s tears pouring out of his tightly shut eyes.

He cradled the older man, whispering comforting words into his ear to calm the violent shaking of his entire body pressed against his own, bringing his hand to stroking the back of his head down to the spine in gentle sweeps.

“It’s alright, Henry’s not here to hurt you, Zhou Mi-sshi..."

Zhou Mi whimpered at the mention of the name.

"...I’ll kick his ass if he does.”

But who the Hell is Henry?


gold coast accountant


Hope you guys liked this one. XD
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