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Title: Domination
Author: Moralthea
Pairing: Kangin / Zhou Mi Kangin / Eeteuk at the end. XD
Rating: NC-17
Comments: Okay so, this started off as a dream from reading fanfics all night long, and then just sort of expanded from there. XD I am no way a fan of KangMi, nor do I see how it can happen, but this just amused the hell out of me. XD
Summary: A party ensues and a drunken Kangin finds himself on the other end of domination for the first time.

Edit: Oh! This fic is for Tina cause I know how much it amuses you so. XD <333

Kangin had no idea how he had gotten himself into such a compromising position with one of the gayest men he’d ever met in his entire life, but there he was, cuffed to his bed he supposed, with a silk blindfold slipped comfortably around his head.

Maybe it had been from something slipped into his drink that evening as Super Junior had one of their more “elicit” parties or it just could have been that he was too drunk to care, but all he knew was he was bound, unable to do much but lay there and take what his captor was about to dish out.

A cracking of leather against exposed skin was heard as Kangin let out a soft cry, back bowing from the bed beneath him. The only other sound heard in the room was the giggle of his tormentor, his master for that evening, which he hoped was just for that one evening.

“Do you like it Kangin-ah? Does it feel good?” The cute little voice asked with a smirk before yet another giggle was let out into the air around the room.

“I’m going to fucking kill you Zhou Mi-sshi! Tear your fucking arms off!” Even with the alcohol stirring through Kangin’s system, his threat was empty as he could do nothing but pull on the cuffs above his head, waiting for that next crack of the flogger against his skin. He would never admit out loud to enjoying such torture, but he was sure that one way or the other, Zhou Mi would be pulling what he wanted from Kangin’s loose lips.

“Oh come on Kangin-ah! Don’t be like that! I know you like it somewhere in that big heart of yours.” Zhou Mi just chuckled, extremely pleased with himself, and more than turned on by how he could dominate such a big man in such little time as he had. Raising the flogger up once more, it was brought down not once, but twice over Kangin’s writhing body against his chest and thighs.

Holding back the cry he so badly wanted to let loose, Kangin bit down hard onto his bottom lip until he could feel teeth cut into flesh, blood hitting his tongue with that coppery tang taste.
“Fuck you…you little…shit…” He all but growled out through gritted teeth, already starting to pant from the torment placed over his body.

“Only if you’re good Kangin-ah.” Zhou Mi giggled, letting his fingers slowly trace down the elder man’s body, letting his fingers dabble over the red welts he had left behind. The smile he had had on his face before only seemed to widen more into a smirk as he noticed the reaction down below between the other’s legs.
“Kangin-ah, for someone who hates me so much for this, you seem to be reacting quite the opposite way.” Once again, that giggle escaped his mouth to ring throughout the whole room, causing Kangin to hate that boy’s voice more and more with each passing second.

If he could have died right then and there, have the floor swallow him up whole for the fact that he was growing hard from those actions, Kangin would have. He could feel his face flushing, burning with Zhou Mi’s words and actions being played along his shivering body.
“Nng…Zhou Mi-sshi…get the fuck out…” His body turned away from those fingers, or rather, tried to as he managed a halfway turn.

“But why would I want to do that Kangin-ah? I haven’t even gotten started!” His fingers slowly ran their way down along the elder’s abdomen, tracing the muscles beneath the flesh while his eyes fixed their gaze on the other man’s reactions, watching as his breath came out in short ragged pants, followed by a few soft sounds of appreciation. The smirk came back and wider then ever as Zhou Mi’s fingers moved further until they danced along the swollen skin of his captive’s erection, sliding over the slit that held a copious amount of precum that was slowly dripping its way down over the flesh.

Gasping, Kangin shook his head vigorously while his legs tried to curl upwards, but with his ankles also being cuffed and or tied down, that wasn’t doing him any good. Instead, he tried turning his hips away from that probing finger, from that man in general, but he only felt hands shove his hips back down against the bed, and then weight was suddenly being placed over his legs as Zhou Mi had sat down atop him.
“Zhou Mi…stop…I don’t want…this…” It was a blatant lie since his body betrayed him of course, but he’d deny anything at all about wanting another man’s touch, especially Zhou Mi’s.

“I’m sorry Kangin-ah. I just can’t do that right now. I’m not done.” Looking up at the other’s face for a moment or two, he smiled, wrapping a hand around the elder’s swollen shaft, and moving it in an achingly slow pump before bending down low to let his tongue probe that slit. He could taste and feel those warm liquids running down over his tongue, moaning softly at what he was doing more than anything else as that tongue ran its way down the other’s shaft in a swirling manner. Zhou Mi could feel the prominent veins pulsing out on Kangin’s cock, pressing against them before letting his mouth close around the elder’s tip in a hard sucking manner.

He told himself he wouldn’t cry out, wouldn’t moan and give the younger the satisfaction of it, but god did that damn overly gay man know how to work his mouth and tongue like no other! His already swollen lip that had been bitten open earlier was bit down onto once again, feeling his wound open up again as he finally let loose his moans and groans much to his chagrin. Hips moved their way up into the other’s mouth in search of more of that warm wet heat, needing to have that throb taken care of, to feel his release come badly.
“Zhou Mi-sshi…” He groaned, hands pulling on the cuffs, body writhing in pleasure.

If he could have smirked for finally getting what he wanted, Zhou Mi would have, but with a mouth full of cock, that wasn’t entirely possible as his mouth moved further along that pulsing flesh. His head started a slow rhythm of bobbing while his eyes stayed transfixed on Kangin’s face, watching as moan after moan left his luscious lips, panting raggedly from such tremendous pleasure being placed over him. He was too pleased with himself, too happy with how dominated the elder was, and how easy it had been, letting his mouth fully engulf the other until he was deep throating that piece of flesh easily. The bobbing continued onward, but faster while hard sucks, and grazing teeth were given to needy skin.

If it hadn’t been for those hands holding down his hips, Kangin would have shoved himself deep within the other as far as he could go, needing more and more with each sound that filled the air from deep within his throat. It was only soft moans that seemed to leave his mouth then until he felt his cock being swallowed by Zhou Mi, causing a cry of pure ecstasy to spill past his lips while his head tilted back into the pillow beneath him, letting his mouth fall agape.
“Zhou Mi! Nng…close…gonna cum…” His fingers curled into the palms of his hands, his stomach muscles twitching with the build up of his release coming so quickly.

This was entirely too easy and Zhou Mi was loving every bit of it, especially when his name had been screamed out like it was. Hearing that the other was so close, his movements sped up while the suction grew stronger, swirling his tongue over the shaft at every possible minute, and continuing to graze teeth over such sensitive skin. Bringing his mouth back up to the head, his tongue once again probed the slit as it went deeper than before, trying to coax the cum out from that cock.
“Cum Kangin-ah. Let go.” His lips and mouth clamped down tight over the tip as his hand gripped the base of Kangin, stroking him harshly while sucking, nibbling gently on the foreskin.

It wasn’t long before Kangin could feel himself letting go into that god like mouth in hard, thick spurts of cum, screaming for the man he had loathed only minutes before.
“Zhou Mi! Oh god!” His head once again tilted back into the pillows while his body writhed in nothing but pure bliss, arching his back up as best he could with everything twitching on him.

The mouth that clamped tight down around that cock stayed where it was as Zhou Mi swallowed all that had entered his mouth in small bits, licking the head and slit as if to coax more and all from the other’s body. Once he was sure Kangin was completely expelled of everything and the elder’s cock has stopped all movements, Zhou Mi licked his lips with a small smile spread over his lips when looking down at the other.
“Well Kangin-ah, I’m finished here. Thanks for all of that!” He giggled, getting up off the bed, and heading for the door, not even bothering with untying the other man first.

“Wait…you can’t…leave me here…like this…” If what had happened didn’t occur, Kangin would have been thrashing and screaming up a storm to be let loose, but the force of his orgasm left him boneless against the bed, trying to regain his breathing once more.

Again Zhou Mi just giggled, turning the handle on the door, and opening it only to find Eeteuk standing there, prepared to enter the room as the screaming had him worried.
“Teukie-hyung! What’re you doing here?” Zhou Mi inquired with that ridiculously bright smile plastered against his face.

Eeteuk raised an eyebrow at such a smug, yet happy look over the younger man’s face, shaking his head as he crossed his arms over his chest.
“I heard screaming and came to check on Youngwoon-ah, but I can only assume you took good care of that.” His eyes roamed over the man in front of him before peering around him to get a better look at his band mate.

“Oh well, yes. I took care of that, but he’s all yours now if you wish. Bye Teukie-hyung!” With a wave of his hand, Zhou Mi left the room entirely to rejoin the party that seemed to still be going on.

Eeteuk just shook his head as he closed the door behind him, making his way for the younger man dead ahead. The sight he beheld was certainly intriguing to say the least, and it was too damn amusing for words as he just grinned, coming to a stop next to the bed.
“You think you’re done being drunk, Youngwoon-ah?” Eeteuk asked, grin turning into a small smirk.

“Jungsu-hyung…get me…out of this…” He was in no mood for this bullshit and games were not at the top of his agenda right then since all he wanted was freedom.

“No no no. I seem to have other plans on my mind right now. Since when do I get to see you like this or have you in such a way?” The older man said with a smirk, already moving onto the bed next to his prized possession for the time being.

“Jungsu-hyung…not now…get me the fuck out!” Kangin screamed, but the hand over his mouth silenced that soon enough.

“Not now Youngwoon-ah. When I’m finished, I promise I will.” And with that, the night went on for Kangin in more than one scream, but he wasn’t alone in that as the screams of his leader could be heard throughout the apartment until the wee hours of the morning.

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