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Keepsakes - Siwon/Henry

Title: Keepsakes - One Shot
Author: knightkitten
Rating: PG
Warnings: Pro-Henry sentiments, slight religious themes (but really when isn't there with Siwon involved?), lots of kissing?

Product of the Super Junior Random Pairing Generator: Henry/Siwon/Photographs for Keepsakes.
Un-betaed: please let me know of any glaring mistakes. Written cause I’m a sucker for Henry and the prompt called to me.

♥ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥

The first time, Siwon’s hand moved completely on its own, phone perched in front of him and capturing the moment in pixels. Henry was slouched against the van window, neck bent awkwardly, drool pooling at the side of his mouth, collecting on the leather seat. He was still completely unaware of why when he switched the phone onto recording mode and started filming. The van jerked to a stop and Henry’s head bounced off the seat with inertia, jerking him awake. He yawned, blinking sleepily and swiping at the drool on his cheek as he tried to figure out where he was. Stretching when he was content with his surroundings he clambered from the bus after Donghae and Siwon stuffed his phone into his pocket, following at a more sedate pace.

Lying in bed later, he replayed the clip, watching the brief moment of disorientation, the innocent blink of his eyes and the sleepy pout. His heart beat harder every time he replayed it until an ache sat in his chest. Siwon easily recognized longing when he felt it and he was so, so tempted. Temptation was a nasty thing. Because no matter how hard he tried, he didn’t want to resist.

♥ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥

The next day, Siwon navigates the streets of China, finding a gift shop with relative ease. He rummages through the frame section until he finds one of the little plastic picture holders that slip inside a wallet and fold out in a concertina of precious moments and people. Fitting it in his wallet, it’s a reminder that he’s allowing himself to be arrogant, allowing himself to cast aside an aspect of what he’s believed all his life. He’s read the bible back and forth and he believes in Christ. But he’s also learnt during his time with Super Junior that life was full of chances and he was sick of missing them.

As he opens the door to Super Junior M’s shared hotel room, he catches Ryeowook laughingly planting a kiss on Henry’s cheek and his hand moves on its own, snapping a picture and saving the startled, but happy expression on the youngest’s face, flour on his nose and a laugh on his lips. It’s the first in his collection.

♥ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥

 He catches Donghae pressing a kiss to Henry’s neck, trying to distract him from the video game they’re playing. Henry squawks at the quick bite, lobbing his controller at Donghae, who laughingly crosses the finish line first before tackling the younger to the ground, where they wrestle playfully, childishly. Donghae laughs forgetting the game and having fun with the younger member in a way most of the others wouldn’t usually indulge him.

Kyuhyun drunkenly kisses Henry at his temple, falling asleep on the newest youngest merely moments later. Henry only hugs him, fully aware that Kyuhyun has been on the phone with Yesung and Leeteuk and his mom for the better part of the evening and very familiar with the terrible ache of homesickness. Siwon fetches a glass of water and some aspirin after snapping the photo and then helps Henry to maneuver the lanky male into a more comfortable position. Henry lies next to Kyuhyun for the night, Siwon knows, unafraid of what the others will think; only knowing that it’s nice to wake up with a friend beside you, instead of achingly alone.

Zhoumi presses a kiss to Henry’s forehead, a sign of their shared heartache. They’re in Korea for a little while and its back to being 13+2 instead of 7. Their greeting at the airport was enthusiastic and joyful, fans laughing and screaming and taking photos and videos. But the only13 banners hovered in the background, the chanting almost drowned out but not quite. Zhoumi and Henry walk shoulder to shoulder, determinedly smiling and laughing, even if the photo Siwon is able to snap later shows their mutual wish. Zhoumi’s eyes are open, staring into the distance: shimmering and desperate; for approval and acceptance. Henry’s are squeezed closed against the pain and the rejection. The fan’s words and signs are like a battering ram against two of the happiest and most talented people Siwon knows.

The fifth photo Henry’s cheeks are flushed with anger, his lips pursed together. Hankyung’s arm is wrapped around him as he ghosts a comforting press of lips against Henry’s nose. Siwon only has enough time to quickly take the photo before he returns to dabbing at Donghae’s bloody temple. He is curled up on the couch, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun pressed around his shocked and stiff form. Zhoumi is dealing with the police, telling them in rapid and detailed Mandarin what exactly the anti-fan had thrown, what they had looked like and that: no he did not expect charges to be pressed against Henry, who was fully within his right to defend himself and his band members. Hankyung silently approves of the fierce protectiveness in Henry’s angry gaze, as he keeps a careful eye on both the youngest and Donghae.

♥ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥

 Siwon copies the images onto the computer and it almost looks like a timeline. All the photos are automatically named according to date and so are lined up in order neatly on the screen. The earliest image, Henry alone curled up and drooling in his sleep, feels like the first step down a path that led straight to hell. But he’s already asserted temptation is too hard to resist and, perhaps foolishly, from this end of the road it seems like Henry is worth any punishment awaiting him. He deletes that first image. He likes to think it’s a symbol of his confidence. There will be many more opportunities, he hopes, to wake up and see Henry’s cherubic and drooling face next to him. He prints all of the pictures but the first, cutting them into small rectangles and sliding them into the little plastic protector before setting off through the house. He found Henry curled up on his window seat, silhouetted by the setting sun, his violin resting on his raised knee and under his chin, bow in lax fingers at his side.

Siwon slid a gentle hand behind the younger male, prying him from the wall and creating a space for him to slide in between them. Henry didn’t protest, looking sleepy as he merely shifted forward to make room, carefully placing his violin in the open case on the floor. Siwon let his fingers dance across Henry’s hips trying to ignore the nervous thrum in the pit of his belly. He slides the concertina of photos from his back pocket and pressed them into Henry’s hand, curling his own much larger one over the smaller, whiter one and closing both of their hands over the pictures. He hesitated to let go for a moment. He could take the photos back and remain on his heavenly path; desire was only a sin if you acted on it; he wasn’t held accountable for his thoughts or secret desires.

Instead he allowed his hand to fall back to Henry’s waist where his fingers curled nervously to brush at his hip. The younger had long grown used to his band mate’s touchiness and merely inspected the small plastic pouch with curiosity. He unfolded it slowly, allowing his eyes to roam over the photos: Ryeowook’s lips pressed against his laughing cheek, Donghae’s against his neck just under the focused square of his jaw, Kyuhyun’s against his temple taught with the small sad smile on his lips, Zhoumi’s against his frowning forehead, Hankyung’s against his angry crinkled nose. Siwon could see Henry’s profile, washed over in gold, a small confused frown on his forehead. He turned his face upwards, regarding Siwon with an almost upside down curious smile.

‘Keepsakes,’ Siwon murmured, taking Henry’s chin and gently turning his face around and upward. Henry looked confused, but he seemed almost as entranced with Siwon as Siwon had been with him for so many months now.

‘What for?’ Siwon could feel Henry’s warm, unsure breath on his check and smiled an almost bitter smile.

‘Because I’m selfish. This way you can remember their kisses…and I can have yours,’ He pulls Henry up to meet him then, knowing what was more selfish was dragging Henry down whatever hellish path he’d started on. He couldn’t bring himself to feel too guilty as the younger boy, inexperienced, tentatively kissed him back. Seeing Henry beneath him bathed in the glow of the setting sun, he believed that god would never punish someone so beautiful for being so easy to fall in love with.


090. Clean - Heechul/Shindong friendship
Author: knightkitten
My 100 Fic Archive: here
Completed: 2/100
Warnings: a little angst,  some bad language. Anything opinions and feelings within the fic are obviously not indicative of Heechul's true thoughts and emotions.

For Heechul’s Birthday! Happy Birthday and wishes for the best of health, wealth and happiness in the years to come Rella! Get better soon!

I swear when I saw the Heechul/Shindong pairing I had every intention of writing something a little less platonic. Instead I was re-reading an article on Heechul’s surgery and this just came to life as all good, or bad, brain children do. Enjoy!


5 weeks after Heechul's June 18th operation


Heechul slotted a hand into the warmer, larger hand next to his. Pain was shooting up his leg in spikes. Every time he moved it felt strange and foreign, reminding him keenly of when he first got the metal rod put into his leg. How bizarre and unfamiliar it had been to have it push on the insides of his knees, calves, ankles whenever he tried to bend too far. But now, it was like they’d robbed him of a crutch, one that he’d been leaning on for 2 years. Shindong shot him a worried look, straightening up and moving a little in front of him. He let out a bellowing laugh and jostled Heechul gently. The older man scowled looking up to scold him, but noticed Leeteuk watching them, the vestiges of a worried expression still lingering on his face. Shindong laughed again and Heechul managed a playful punch in the arm through the haze the sharp pain in his leg had cast over his mind. Leeteuk looked away with a warm expression, turning his attention back to Sungmin.

Heechul allowed himself to slump against the wall, breathing heavily. A small shadowy alcove pressed in on him from both sides, Shindong’s towering figure blocking him completely from sight. He could feel angry tears welling up in his eyes. He’d always been the strong one; he’d always been able to stand tall and unaffected in front of fans, the media and members alike. And now his stupid fucking leg was giving out on him. Heechul had always managed to weather everything they’d thrown at him; known everything would be fine because he had the mental strength to withstand. He’d never factored in his own body getting in his way.

And Christ, if he didn’t want them to know. The shame shot through him like a sickness, turning his cheeks flushed. Shindong’s hand was still slipped in his, warm and large and holding onto him, even as he allowed himself to slump all the way to the ground. He was filled with relief that Siwon and Hankyung were in another country entirely. That there were at least 7 people not around to witness the embarrassing deterioration of his body. He still had another 7 members to fool though and the past week alone had been hard enough, returning to full time activities, weathering the pain, hiding it from the others and masking the worry; that maybe something had gone wrong, maybe his leg was permanently damaged.

Leeteuk was the hardest to fool, watching him like a hawk night and day, a strange combination of leaderly obligation and brotherly concern mixing and giving Heechul ample reason to exercise his every acting ability. Yesung was quiet and watchful on the best of days, so he’d been one to look out for also. For all Heechul insisted Kangin was an oaf, he was an insensitive, bumbling but sharp oaf. Really if anyone was going to get into his face about it, it would be Kangin and that was one confrontation Heechul was very keen to avoid. Sungmin had his quiet introspective moments where he would watch Heechul with sharp eyes and he’d think he was caught. And Eunhyuk didn’t have as much to do with himself without Donghae to distract him 24/7 and so there was a higher chance of him noticing something. Kibum, as always, was sharp as a knife and as deadly as one too, if he ever found out Heechul was having so much trouble and not reporting to the hospital about it.

Surprisingly it had been Shindong that he had been completely unable to hide it from. Being the Super Junior clown meant that people often underestimated him and he used it to his advantage. When he wasn’t being loud, he was alarmingly easy to miss, sinking into the background and Heechul suspected that was just the way he wanted it.

The others slowly filtered out of the room, moving to the van where there manager was undoubtedly waiting. Shindong made a loud excuse about trying to find his shoe after unobtrusively kicking it off his foot and into the hidden Heechul’s lap. Heechul allowed a wry grin, pinching at Shindong’s palm in punishment even as Leeteuk gave a laugh and floated after the others. Shindong sighed, sinking to the dressing room floor beside him.

They shared a tense moment of silence, neither willing to broach the topic. Shindong let out a huff of hot air and regarded the older male seriously.

“Your leg’s obviously killing you. Why the hell haven’t you gone to the hospital yet?” Heechul half-heartedly batted at his shoulder.

“Yah, don’t talk to your hyung like that rascal,” Heechul sighed all the life sagging out of him, closing his eyes and allowing his head to fall back against the wall.

“Hyung,” When he opened his eyes, Shindong was watching him seriously, concern evident in his eyes. Heechul sighed, swallowing and allowing his head to fall forward.

“You know how they are. They’d all over react,” Shindong snorted, raising an eyebrow.

“What did you expect them to do, send you on your merry way with a pat on the ass? Of course they’re going to react,”

“You know what I mean. I don’t want all the fucking fuss. I just want to get on with my life, get back into it and pretend none of this car accident crap ever happened,” They sat in silence for a few heartbeats and Heechul allowed himself to massage at his leg tiredly. After a moment Shindong sighed, turning knowing eyes on him:

“There’s more to it than that,” Shindong waited, getting comfortable against the wall, his posture clearly saying: I’m not shifting until you start talking. Heechul knew he wouldn’t be able to get up without help, doubted he could even walk all the way to the van after all the dancing they’d done. He sighed, resigning himself to revealing his embarrassing reasoning.

“I don’t want…” he trailed off and Shindong shot him an unsympathetic glance, “I don’t want it to get back to Donghae,” Shindong looked like he’d been slapped.

“What do you mean? Jesus hyung, if this is gonna be some soap drama crap I’m gonna slap you,” Heechul groaned, pressing his cheek against the wall.

“He came to visit me after I got the steel rod put in. You know I was coming back after his dad’s funeral when I got into the accident. He looked like someone had bloody well ripped his heart out. For fuck’s sake he’d just lost his dad and then he went on about how guilty he felt, that I’d gone to support him and gotten injured…I had to yell just to get him to stop blubbering,” Heechul sighed, sniffing and biting at his lip hard to stop the tears welling up in his eyes, “Little sod, I don’t want to see him like that ever again…and if he realizes what a mess I’ve been for the past week or so, I’m afraid he might-,’ Heechul stopped, sighing gustily and scrubbing at his eyes. Shindong sat quietly, allowing the somber silence to wash over momentarily.


Shindong sighed, shifting over so he sat in front of Heechul. The red head’s good leg was curled under him, his bad leg jutted stiffly out in front. Shindong gently eased the sandshoe off Heechul’s foot, slipping the sock off after wards and sliding Heechul’s pant leg up to reveal the wound that ran down the side of his calf. It was just beginning to scar. Heechul scowled turning his face away from Shindong who quickly noted the fresh wave of tears that Heechul was still attempting to hold back.

“Heechul, it’ll heal…Probably even before Donghae comes home. You don’t need to worry. Just keep going,” Shindong ran a hand down the sore looking scar and Heechul flinched, hissing out a breath, “Does it hurt?”

“No,” Heechul angrily denied, but he wouldn’t look at the wound, even as Shindong started massaging the soft skin surrounding. He stared at it intently, careful not to stray to close to any area that set Heechul off hissing in pain. They stayed quiet a few moments; Heechul curled into the alcove as much as he was allowed with Shindong firmly holding his leg out and still. His face was pressed into the wall as he tried to control his breathing, likely to stop himself from crying.

“…there’s nothing wrong with it. I suppose, it’s a part of you now,” Shindong wasn’t expecting the fist, even as it beat feebly at his shoulder. Suddenly there were angry tears running down Heechul’s face, which he ignored in favor of a firm grip on Shindong’s arm.

“Yah! This ugly thing! I wish it had never happened. All this fucking time off work, getting left behind performance after performance!” He paused, his breathing coming rushed and heavy and Shindong just waited. Heechul finally sagged and let the sob out that had probably been waiting for weeks now, “It’s ugly. God, it’s so fucking ugly! I hate it so much!!” He let out a frustrated scream, throwing a punch against the wall before tugging at his pant leg urgently. Shindong could feel the sympathy welling up in his chest. He imagined what it would be like, being left behind, schedule-less for more than a month now. More than anything, he imagined how left out he’d feel, watching all the other members traipse off to do their own thing, dance practice, singing. Even being replaced by Yesung in Super Junior Happy must have stung.

Shindong didn’t see what was wrong with the scar though. He felt a small bubble of amusement form at Heechul’s narcissism.

“Hyung it’ll heal. It’s just a flesh wound,” Shindong pushed the pant leg up again and ran his finger over it gently.

“Don’t touch it!” Heechul knocked his hand back and tried to pull the leg back down, “Stop looking at it! The dirty, ugly thing!” Shindong scowled, feeling the first vestiges of annoyance creeping up on him.

“Hyung! It’s just a scar! Kyuhyunnie has them and so does Leeteuk-hyung. Do you think they’re dirty?!” Heechul glared at him for a moment, but stopped struggling to pull the pant leg down. Shindong let out a sigh and collapsed against the wall next to him. Heechul’s sniffling pierced the silence but he allowed his head to fall against Shindong’s shoulder, “You’re on the home stretch Hyung. Just a little more and you’ll be back to having the busiest schedule out of all of us,” He felt Heechul nodding tiredly against his shoulder and smiled lightly. For a moment he thought on the bizarre situation he’d found himself in. Shindong was used to Heechul’s loud abrasiveness and had often complained about it light-heartedly with the younger members. He found this soft, vulnerable side scary and resolved to have Heechul yelling at him again by the end of the night.

Smirking to himself, he stood and scooped up Heechul’s shoe and sock and turned, throwing Heechul himself over his shoulder. The older male was quick to start beating at his back and he patrolled the whole of the studio out to the van with his hyung kicking, screaming and letting out curse words, greeting his members with a cheery smile, even as they regarded him with half admiring, half sympathetic glances. Kangin clapped him on the shoulder, with a muttered: “Brave man,” as he clambered inside. Shindong was able to survey the faces of his band mates before Heechul was dumped onto the bench seat and they all quickly hide the knowing, fond looks on their faces. Obviously Heechul wasn’t as good at hiding things as he thought he was.

The van was quiet for the first five minutes, until Sungmin bit Eunhyuk setting off an indignant whine from the current youngest. After a few moments of bickering, Kangin stopped resisting and put in his two cents and the van deteriorated into chaos such that Heechul didn't notice the alternate route until a good 10 minutes after they'd taken the wrong turn.

They had to drag Heechul out of the van and it took both Shindong and Kangin to carry him up to his doctor's office, but they finally got him on the examination table. He calmed down, finally, when Shindong took his hand gentle and whispered:

"Don't worry Hyung. This doesn't leave this half of the group,"



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