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The Music of Our Hearts

Title: The Music of Our Hearts
Author: demonenvy

Pairing: HanChul/HanHee, slight HanRy (Hankyung and Henry)

Warning: PG-13, FLUFF
Summary: Hankyung wants to finally tell him how he feels.

Note: This was made for one of my best friend's birthday…which eventually ended up being a Christmas present as well. I’m really horrible with fanfic deadlines ^^; It’s super late to post this but at least I finally posted it right? Alright, now on to the fic. ENJOY!


There he was with his beautiful black hair that was now cut short since Super Junior had started their promotion of their Don’t Don album. At the moment he was speaking to the newest youngster of Super Junior, Henry. He gave the young one a smile and the violinist grinned and nodded, bowing respectfully before leaving his side. The dark haired man’s face was relaxed now, his eyes closed and his body firm; his arms moved as the bow stroked the strings of his violin. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on his music and swayed slightly.


Then he saw Henry walking towards him, beaming and the two moved into the nearby hallway. “Annyong ha saeyo, Hyung,” he whispered with a slight bow. 

“Hey,” The blonde responded with a soft chuckle. He really loved how the younger boy was so respectful to all of the members.


“He just got here a few minutes ago so enjoy,” the brunette teased. 

This made Hankyung blush slightly and made Henry cover his mouth to suppress his laughter. “I was only teasing hyung,” he reassured the older man, patting him on the arm. “Good luck and I’ll see you later.” The smaller boy turned on his heel and left Hankyung to his bidding.


He watched the brunette wander away and he could now only smile. Henry had kept his secret for some time, the blonde was in utter debt to the young boy for having kept it for so long. He smiled wearily at the memory of that day…


”Hyung, what are-?” the little brunette asked leaning over to the other’s ear, but was swiftly cut off by Hankyung’s hand. The older man quickly grabbed Henry and dragged him into another room and with the younger boy struggling he was sure that if someone saw him they’d probably think that he was kidnapping the smaller boy.


Once safe inside the room, he put a finger against his lips and Henry immediately got the message. Hankyung removed his hand from the boy’s mouth to not only receive a confused look but also a question, “What are you doing here hyung?”


The guilty blonde felt his cheeks heating up and knew that his secret was about to be revealed. Henry tilted his head and after a few seconds a smile formed over his lips, “Were you watching him? You were watching him weren’t you?”


The Chinese man knew his face gave him away so all the blonde did was nod. He looked up at his dongsaeng and the young violinist knew just too well what to say. “I promise I won’t tell.”


The other looked at him with wide eyes which softened under the boy’s sweet cheeky smile. “Thanks Henry.”


Suddenly something fell behind them and startled the two and then there was a voice, “Henry? Hey are you there?”


The pair gazed at one another and then Hankyung was hiding behind the door of the room. Henry almost laughed at how fast the blonde had reacted but instead quickly left the room whispering, “Don’t worry I’ll keep your secret.”


“THERE YOU ARE!” came the other’s voice.


“Hi, Hyung,” he smiled.


“Where have you been?”


“Nowhere, I just got here.”


“Why were you in there?” Hankyung heard the other step towards the room. He closed his eyes, mouthing, “Oh God please don’t find me.”


“Oh, no it was nothing! I was just checking out what made that loud noise. It wasn’t anything, just a broom fell over,” Henry explained frantically, his face was flushed making the other chuckle.


“Alright then let’s get down to business.”


Hankyung stood in the doorway of the little studio, musing while his eyes focused the other man, smiling slightly at how he’d been secretly watching the darker man. His eyes looked him up and down enjoying the appealing view of his hyung. He’d noticed that the older man had been practicing more and more lately which made the Chinese man even happier since he always loved to gaze at the him while dancing but he found him even more alluring when he was playing through his heart on the strings of a violin.


Today was the day that he’d decided that he’d make the other conscious of his presence. Hankyung sneakily strolled over to a lone piano near the fair man and sat down as softly as possible without disturbing him. He closed his eyes and listened a little longer before he set his fingers above the checkered keys of the piano, then he began to play. Apparently his entrance into the piece startled him because there was a sudden jolt in his sound and then a deafening silence afterwards.


“Han…” was all he said as he stared at him. Hankyung smiled as he heard his name slip from the other’s lips.


“Hmm?” he turned and gave the other an innocent smile, gazing at him through his curtain of blonde hair.


“What are you doing here?” he asked with a blush creeping over his pale complexion.


“Well…” Hankyung paused, thinking. “I heard someone playing…I didn’t know who it was. At first I thought it was Henry but then I saw you playing,” he lied as he gave his hyung a charming grin. “I just thought I’d join…” the other looked even more embarrassed than before. He wouldn’t even look up at him as he spoke.


“I-I’m sorry, hyung. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” he said reluctantly his smile fading as he got up from the bench and felt a pang in his heart. He didn’t mean to make the other man embarrassed that was the last thing that he wanted to do.


“Han, wait!” he heard the other call. The blonde turned toward his object of his affection. “What did you think?” He asked with a little smile.


Hankyung could hear the nervousness in his voice and it only boosted his courage. He responded with a satisfied grin, “It was beautiful…just like you, Heechul.”


That phrase made his dark head shoot up to stare at the younger man. “W-Wow…” was all he said as his thin fingers touched his delicate cheeks that were quickly being overrun by a tinge of pink. “…um, I’ve had countless people tell me that, but for some reason I’m blushing a lot. I feel like a schoolgirl.”


The blonde walked slowly towards Heechul. “You’re as gorgeous as a rose and just as delicate.” Hankyung came dangerously close to Heechul’s face. “…I’ve always been afraid to touch you, in fear of you withering away under my touch.” His hand hovered over Heechul’s cheek as he stared at him and studied his face, searching for a sign of possible rejection.


Hankyung’s eyes trailed down from his eyes to his lips, his rosy pink lips. His hand came up to Heechul’s face, his thumb brushing against his bottom lip as his hand cupped his gorgeous face. He leaned forward, tilting his head slightly, closing eyes as he touched Heechul’s lips with his own. All he did was that, nothing more.


Slowly he pulled away from his hyung. His keen ears heard a low satisfied moan from the other. Hankyung’s hand never moved from the older man’s face almost as if he were keeping him there. “…kyung,” Heechul whispered.


“…yes?” he whispered back, watching as Heechul’s dark eyes fluttered open. Licking his bottom lip unusually nervous, asking a simple, “Why?”


Hankyung smiled at how cute his hyung looked. “Well you’re gorgeous for one thing and because you’re so talented…you sing and dance, you rap and you’re an actor and a model…and you seem to secretly love playing the violin.” Heechul was wide-eyed and blushing. “You’re cute when you play too. When I saw you play, it seemed like it brought another kind of beauty out of you it’s made me even more attracted to you Heechul.”


There was silence again. The fair man stared, but after a second or two averted from the blonde’s intense gaze. “Why are you telling me this Hankyung?” Heechul questioned, his face was completely red with embarrassment.


Hankyung stepped back a little and stuck his arm out towards Heechul as he put the other over his heart and sang, “Cause I can’t stop thinkin’ about you boy~” This made the older man laugh since the younger one had made a slight modification to the lyrics of ‘U’ to fit the current situation.


“Ah-ha, I can make you laugh too,” he grinned happily. Both of them grinned at one another and Heechul began to giggle. “You are so cute Kyung.” This time Hankyung was the one who blushed at the compliment. “…and I also feel really comfortable around you. You’re such a strong person yet you’re so gentle and kind and you’re also one of the few people who understands me and tolerate me...and I love that…” he practically rambled as he took a step forward taking both of Hankyung’s hands, their fingers immediately intertwining with one another, a force of habit.


This time Heechul took Hankyung’s lips. At first there was no movement from either, they just pressed against one another enjoying the moment. Heechul took the initiative, his impatience and feelings driving him to desire more. The slightly less experienced Chinese man just followed his hyung until he finally felt comfortable with what he was doing. He clumsily took over applying more pressure to his kisses and ran his tongue along Heechul’s lips. The other man was unusually willing and submissive, opening his mouth to let Hankyung in.


Hankyung thrusted his tongue inside of Heechul’s mouth and heard the other moan. Their tongues playfully dancing with one another as their kiss became more passionate. The blonde wrapped his arms tightly around his hyung’s waist. Heechul was surprised by such a forceful action that he gasped when he felt his body tightly pressed against the younger man’s.


The blonde man didn’t hesitate to go in for more, wanting to claim every part of the other man. He let all of his pent up emotions seep through his lips to Heechul’s. The motions of his mouth and tongue became graceful and suave causing Heechul to melt in his arms under such a kiss. Finally Hankyung came up for air.


Silence filled the room except for the excited pant of the two men. “Heechul hyung,” he whispered his face still only so far away from the older man’s the dazed gaze of the other man slowly diminished as he focused on the object of his desire. “You’re so beautiful…” he whispered against the other’s lips as they kissed once more.


The darker man remained submissive. “You already said that,” he whispered trying to scold the younger man but his voice did not carry so well under his slight daze and he unconsciously ended with a low moan.


“Well I’m gonna say it again and again,” the blonde said defiantly in Heechul’s ear, letting his tongue trail down the curve of the fair man’s ear. Slowly trailing kisses down his neck as he repeated himself. “You’re beautiful…you are so beautiful,” he declared between kisses. He cupped Heechul’s face once more, looking deeply into his eyes, “Sarang hae yo.”


The other man blushed brightly throwing his arms around Hankyung’s neck while the other wrapped his arms firmly around his waist. Their eyes locked, Heechul brushed away the blonde bangs clear of the taller man’s face. “Sarang hae Hannie~” Both happily blushed and leaned forward into their most passionate kiss yet.


Oh~ I wanna know what you think~!
I really hope you enjoyed it
This was my first HanChul fic and it was (as I said before) for my friend ~<3
Anyway comments are <3

...there is another part ^^

Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng
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