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100 fic challenge

047. Struggle
Sungmin/Sungmin // stutter // 5955 words // PG - PG13
(“I understand you habitually drink your sorrows away, but this is hardly the time,” Sungmin stated dryly,)

This is the sequel to Surrender , It was requested I write more of the backstory mentioned in Surrender, so this was written to compliment it. This is the first time I've written a sequel that isn't stand-alone. Well, I'm not saying you can't read Struggle alone, it just... would make close to no sense without reading Surrender first. 

Also, for those who read Memories in Silk.; in answer to your questions, read Hokum's comment. XD 
directing you to someone's comment is the only way I can answer without spoiling things here ^__^;;

Thanks to all my readers for your support =)

(&Sorry it's only 1... at least it's long? hehe.)

Tags: 100 suju challenge, subject: sungmin
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