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[Fic]Strawberry Boy- ZhouRy

Title: Strawberry Boy
Author: koneko1988
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: ZhouRy
Rating: ....don't have idea XD
Genre: AU, Romance...? xD
Summary: Not only ZhouMi likes strawberries...
Author's Note: It's supposed to be one shot __^__;; but as you see it's 1st chapter of I-don't-know-how-long fic xD Sorry for english errors X__X;;...well, hope you'll like it ^^;;...

Summer break ZhouMi always was spending at his grandparent’s place. Every year, right after end of school, his parents were leaving to Europe in business, and they were sending his son to small town, where grandma and grandpa lived. ZhouMi was 6, 9, 15 and now 22 years old, but despite his begging [“Mom, dad! I’m adult, I can stay at home alone! I promise I won’t make parties, take drugs or something! Please?”] his parents knew the best, what’s good for their son[Mom:”Honey, you know fresh air will be good for you. You can rest there from city noise”, Dad: “Stop complaing, you know that grandma and granpa will be happy.”]. And in the end ZhouMi didn’t have way out.

- ZhouMi~ darling! Grandma missed you terribly!- old woman hugged him tightly.-You grow up so fast! But you’re too skinny. Look at yourself! Skin and bones!- his grandma pinched his cheek.
- Ouuuch~ it hurts granny~- ZhouMi said but laughed.- And where’s grandpa?
- Oh…Yesterday he went to your uncle, to help with something. Anyway, I’m sure you’re hungry, come to the house.- she said.
ZhouMi took his luggage, and went to his room on garret to unpack it. He loved this small room. Sapphire blue walls, snow white curtains and soft, fresh bedclothes on the most comfortable bed on this world. He opened the window and saw someone in neighbour’s garden. He popped out head from window to have better view. He saw a boy playing with dog. He could hear his laugh and voice calling the dog…in English.
- He’s from USA or what?- ZhouMi asked himself. He was watching the boy for a while and than unpacked his clothes from luggage.
15 minutes later his granny called him for dinner. They were eating in terrace, from where was beautiful view to quite big garden. Suddenly ZhouMi remind himself about that boy he saw from the window.
- Uh…grandma? Can I ask you something?
Old woman looked at him and nodded.
- Of course you can darling.- she said with a smile.
- Umm…I saw a boy in neighbour’s house. From what I know…they don’t have a son.-he said.-You know who’s this?
- Oh…you mean Henry….
- Henry?- ZhouMi looked at her in surprise.
She put aside her spoon.
- Yes…He came here two weeks ago. Mrs Park is his aunt. I heard his parents left him one day at home and never came back…Nobody knows what happened to them…
- Oh…How old is he?
- I heard that 19. I know his adult so he actually can take care about himself, but you know Mrs Park. She couldn’t leave him all alone. – ZhouMi nodded.
- But I heard him calling dog in English. He’s from USA?
- Ach no…he was living in Canada, but then move here with his parents.
- Oh I see…- ZhouMi said.
They were sitting in silence for few minutes, when grandma said.
- I’ll go and wash the dishes. And I have a meeting with Mrs Kim and Mrs Sim then, so I’ll leave you for hour or two. Is that ok?
- Yes of course granny! – ZhouMi said with a smile.
- Good! You go and search some strawberries, we have quite a lot this year. – grandma said and left to the kitchen.
ZhouMi sighed and went to the garden. So this boy’s name was Henry.
- Henry…Henry…- he murmured to himself.- Sounds nice…
But why his parents left him? Maybe he wasn’t good for them, maybe they didn’t love him, maybe they didn’t have money for his needs, maybe they wanted to hurt him by leaving him alone, maybe he reminds them about something what hurt them, maybe he wasn’t their real son? Who knows, there could be a lot of reasons but ZhouMi probably will never know why they did this. Actually, he thought that Henry didn’t know that either. He felt sorry for this boy.
His thoughts about Henry vanished when he finally found place where his favourites juices were. He knew that these strawberries were the best. Very sweet and big. ZhouMi squatted beside small shrub and found only one strawberry. He frowned. Only one? Boy checked all shrubs, and in all he found about 10 strawberries.
- Didn’t granny say that there’s quite a lot this year?
He was standing there thinking of the reason, why the hell there’s no strawberries, when he saw something on the ground.
- …A thief?- he couldn’t believe.- Who would be that stupid and stole strawberries?- he asked himself, and followed traces on the ground. They lead him about 10 meters away from place were strawberries were. He looked at hedge. There was a quite big hole. He could get through it for sure. And since he was tall, smaller man also would get through the hole.
He decided to check what’s on the other side of the hedge so stick his head into the hole.
ZhouMi’s head hit something hard. He cried out in pain and immediately sat in front of the hole. With hands on top of his head he glanced at what caused such terrible pain.
And he saw Henry. He was sitting in front of him massaging his forehead.
- Ouch~- ZhouMi could hear his soft voice and in next second Henry rose his head to see what he hit. When their eyes met, younger boy blushed furiously, and ZhouMi gasped, immediately forgetting about the pain. Henry was the cutest boy he ever saw. Cute chubby cheeks, beautiful eyes and lips which begged for kissing. His heart raced with unbelievable speed.
- Wh…- ZhouMi was about to say something, when they heard Henry’s aunt voice:
- Henli-ah!!! Tea is ready!!!
Henry quickly glanced at older boy and stood up.
- Hey, wait..!- ZhouMi shouted but Henry already ran away.
He was sitting there for few minutes.
- It seems that he’s the strawberry thief…- he murmured to himself, and something popped out in his head.- If he’s thief…he’ll definitely come back here…but this time I’ll wait for him…-he smiled at himself and stood up.
- See you next time, my Strawberry Boy…


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