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PAIRING: Not revealing all but obviously I’m putting a HanHae pairing in here.
GENRE/RATING: Much violence, much swearing, romance, possible humour? /Make NC-17 to be on the safe side
PLOT: Read this prologue
A/N: My first chaptered fic, so go easy on me. Also, I have a small request for help. If I write a one-shot and dedicate it to someone, how can I put in the link to their journal page? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

In a world where assassins are highly respected and greatly feared, the biggest employer of assassins, a company called NEMO are working on a new breed of assassin known as Project Rogue. The project involves implanting a chip into the base of the brain, and from there it will increase strength, speed, agility, intelligence and stimulate the dormant, psychic areas of the brain, and also gives each owner a unique ability. The only problem is that the chip known as the AOS chip is rejected by 99% of people who have had this planted, and each one has died. However, four young men’s bodies have accepted the chip, and have become the most feared assassins in the world, but when they find out about the horrific experiments that were inflicted upon them and what’s going to happen if the chip isn’t removed soon, they begin to silently work on their revenge on the people that did this. Blood will be shed, love will blossom, and the biggest fight for their lives will begin.
Tags: pairing: various
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