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A chapter and two one shots

So I'm a bit angry about the whole Zhou Mi situation and wrote two stories to try and deal with it.

55. Shatter PG
Kangin is brooding while the rest of Super Junior is partying and finally decides to call Zhou Mi who is alone in China because he has an idea of what he's going through and even if they don't speak the same language he wants to try and lessen the pain

95. Drowning PG
Zhou Mi is drowning in a sea of hatred with no one to rescue him.

No Hell Below us, above us only sky

Chapter 21
Rating: PG-13
Summary: DBSK makes their appearance for everyone who's been anticipating it. And I finally take KangTeuk and snap over my leg.

Tags: pairing: kangin/zhoumi, pairing: various, subject: zhoumi
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