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100 fics challenge [74]

Title: Flu season
Members: Shindong and Ryeowook friendship
Number: 74 (1/100)
Author: Drarry Radton

Ryeowook sneezed and Shindong flinched.

The older boy looked at his dongsaeng. “Ya, Ryeowook-ah, are you okay?”

Ryeowook sniffled and stared at Shindong with slightly bloodshot eyes. “Hyung… I think I got the flu.”

And all Shindong did for a while was stare back at his runny-nosed friend. Then he scrambled backwards until his back hit the arm of the couch.

Ryeowook sniffled again. “Hyung?”

“Wook-ah, don’t uh… I mean, go and take some medicine,” Shindong said, gesturing vaguely towards the kitchen.

Ryeowook frowned at his hyung’s weird behaviour. “Teukkie hyung is taking it for me.”

Just as he said that, Leeteuk walked in with a brown bottle and a spoon in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

“Ya, Teuk hyung! You should feed Ryeowook in the kitchen!” Shindong exclaimed, his voice a little muffled because of the hand covering his mouth and nose.

Leeteuk ‘tsk’-ed, holding out the cup of water to Ryeowook. “Shindong, stop making Ryeowook feel bad!”

“I’m not! I just…” Shindong trailed off as Ryeowook stared at him with a pout.

Shindong removed his hand from his mouth. “Ijustgetsickrealeasilyifit’scontagious.” Then he slapped his hand back over his mouth.

He stood up and rushed to the corner of the room, before sliding along the wall towards the door.

When he was safely out the door, Shindong looked back into the room. “Get well soon, Wookie!” And he was gone.

All Ryeowook could do was stare at the door, then at Leeteuk for an explanation, to which Leeteuk simply shrugged.


Two weeks later found Ryeowook stretching and walking into the kitchen for a cup of orange juice. He paused at the kitchen door.

“Shindong hyung? What are you doing?”

Because Shindong was sitting at the table, entire body slouched over, with his head resting on its side on the table.

When Ryeowook spoke, Shindong twitched, before slowly – and it looked painful for him too – turning his head to look at his dongsaeng.


Ryeowook took a cautious step towards Shindong.


When he was near enough, Ryeowook reached out and touched his hand to Shindong’s forehead. “Ya, hyung! You’re burning!”

“I… told you… I get sick… easily if it was…” Shindong took a moment to have a coughing fit. Ryeowook rushed to get a glass of water for him.

He held out the glass of water, but Shindong was too weak to take it from him, so he just put it in his hand on the table.


“So it’s my fault you’re like this?”

Shindong wanted to agree, but Leeteuk walked in at that moment and patted Ryeowook’s shoulder.

“Nonsense, Wookie, it’s not your fault. It’s just the flu season.”


Shindong disagreed. Ryeowook, and Leeteuk, should have known better than to let a sick person into the open and not just keep him under the covers of his bed.

“Really,” Leeteuk assured.

The leader dug through the cupboard before producing the same brown bottle he’d brought to Ryeowook two weeks ago.

And as he forced Shindong to sit up and take the medicine, Ryeowook bit his lip and moved out of the kitchen.

He was ready to forget about whatever was happening in the kitchen when Shindong’s voice floated through.

“And it IS your fault, Wookie!”

Tags: pairing: shindong/ryeowook
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