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I am Missing U!

Did you miss me? :D

Yes, I'm back with another mod post. I didn't want to spam, but this is kind of sort of important?

Regarding miracle__.... how many underscores was that?

Well, the correct answer is six. Yes, six underscores. I know, it's a lot, and it seems a lot of people are having issues with typing it and referring it to their friends. This is kind of long overdue, but after discussion among the mods, we've decided to take suggestions on what you think would be a better username for this comm.

Guidelines for suggestions...
1) We want to keep the word "miracle" in the name, but it's not required. :] Just see what you can come up with?
2) No #/x/o's. 8D We want the name to look neat, be easy for people to remember and type. :]
3) One underscore to separate words is okay, but we don't want a random allotment of these, either. Too many underscores is the reason we're getting a new username.

Deadline: Friday, June 20 That's right, just a week away. That should be enough time for you guys to come up with something creative, right?

How do you submit? Just leave a comment! ^^ At the end of the week, we'll look over all your suggestions and then purchase a rename token.

That is, unless we get an overwhelming response that we ought to keep the name as it is. Your opinions and suggestions do matter, so please leave a comment. ^^

Regarding our tagging system...

It's been nearly two weeks since we've implemented the new tagging system and put it to use. :] How are you guys finding it? Good? Bad? Fair? Are you finding it easy to search through, or too confusing with the way we have it set up? Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome. We want to make this system work not only for our OCD, but for you. ^^

And remember... if you see any mistakes, just let us know, and we'll get right to fixing that. I think one of the benefits of having the archives in the tags is that you guys can see immediately if we've done something wrong. Please make use of that advantage!

For future remarks, suggestions, whatever... We'll put up a post about the tagging system that you can respond to in order to let us know where we've made mistakes.

Regarding the layout contest...

Remember the deadline is Sunday, June 15. That's this Sunday. We've only got one submission so far, so anyone else who wanted to participate should get crackin'! ^^ Details here

As always, questions, concerns, and comments are welcome! :]

EDIT: xD Wow, a lot of you really like the name as it is...
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