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10 June 2008 @ 12:42 am
(suju/csjh) today it’d be nice to be with someone (smile); eunhyuk/sunday  
today it’d be nice to be with someone (smile)
(SuJu/CSJH) 2357 wds. g; rpf — Hyukjae/Sunday, various ninja!pairs
I think they'd make a cute couple: together, they'd take over the world with their gullible.

a. aoimidori
s. It gets frustrating sometimes, having a thing for who seems to be the slowest idiot around.
n. Birthday fic for kikiam (chosen from the fic wishlist meme)!
d. I do not know, nor am I affiliated with, Eunhyuk, Sunday, Super Junior, Cheo Sang Ji Hee The Grace, or SM eEtertainment. None of the events depicted in this story happened.
Current Mood: nervous
Current Music: moumoon — Tiny Star.