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SuJu Random Pairing Generator: Shindong/Yehsung: Attractive mail-men

So, gay_lovecompany told me, "If you wrote a fic with Ryeowook in short shorts and a wet shirt I'd die............from laughter. XD" and that sounded like a Challenge! to me, so I took her up on it. :D

The prompt generator from which inspires billions upon billions of fics and it's BRILLIANT creator aconite can be found here (as if you didn't already know xD)

Title: Nice Package
Pairing: Shindong/Yehsung, Shindong/Ryewook, Yehsung/Ryeowook
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue
Genre: Smexing unsmut
Beta (and the one who I stole this particular prompt from) of course!: gay_lovecompany

Shindong and Yesung had moved in only a week ago.

They weren’t best friends; no they were too unforgiving towards each other’s faults for that, but they were good friends.

Good enough friends that Yesung would ball his fists in irritation whenever someone would call Shindong a fatass. Good enough friends that Shindong would curse anyone out who said Yesung got his small finger size from shoving it up other guys’ assholes.

But, they weren’t best enough of friends that they’d get into physical fights that would turn into brawls with the taunters.

Well, not since high school at any rate. And that was only after they got the threat of expulsion after one too many rounds of suspension. “Yeah, we’re getting too damn mature for this shit,” Shindong said, before kicking the guy who had called Yesung a tight ass fucker one last time.

When Shindong announced he was moving to peruse his childhood dream of being a microphone jock, Yesung had agreed to move with him, saying he thought it was about time for him to get started on his singing career.

“What, the international playboy career isn’t working for you?” Shindong asked, the pleasantry dripping from his words like overburden raindrops.

“Shut up fatass.” Yesung replied, turning his back upon him to continue packing.

Shindong hooted with laughter. “Yeah, that’s because you gotta have either looks or money to pull off that shit. And yes, some people are fortunate enough to have one or both of those qualities, but you, Kim Yesung, must have been born under a lucky star for you have neither one!”

“Whatever. At least I have sex with women and not pieces of lard. Isn’t that sacrilegious anyway? Wouldn’t that be like fucking your own family member?”

Shindong shot him a sour look. “Kiss my ass.”

Yesung snorted. “Like anyone could get close enough to that shit shooter.”

A moment later, “Hey, can you pass the tape? This box isn’t closing properly.”

“Hold on, let me press down on it, and then you can pull the tape across it and it should seal then.”

See? Not best friends, but good enough.

“Titty fuck Shin Donghee, when you said you were moving to go after your microphone holding dream, I didn’t think you were moving into your grandma’s house!”

Shindong sniffled, pretending for a split second that he was offended.

“Well, maybe you should have been paying more attention and not chasing tail at that restaurant.”

“Am I hearing correctly? Am I actually hearing you complaining about how my ‘chasing tail’ as you put it, got you a free meal?”

Shindong wisely stayed quiet under the force of Yesung’s powerful glare.

“Seriously, what kind of white picket fence with daisies growing on the front lawn, two floors horror story is this? I thought you were moving to develop your budding MC career? Shit, we should have stayed in that crummy apartment. At least there, if someone were to kill me, other people would at least let the police know, if only to get the informant money.”

“I am,” Shindong said picking up a box, “going after my MC career. MC’s who live in the suburbs look more wholesome and approachable than those who live in the city. And quit your bellyaching.” Shindong said as Yesung opened his mouth again. “I’m sure there’s a room in here you can use for a studio or at the very least, a room to stash your porn collection.”

“Yeah well, there better be.” Yesung muttered as he walked into the house after Shindong.

And so it was that Shindong and Yesung, two good friends, moved into their two story, wide windows, white picket fence – “Holy fuck! Is that a triangular roof I see there? The same triangular kindergarten students draw in class?!” Yesung’s voice rang out. “Mmm, that was a good free dinner I had,” Shindong’s voice echoed from further inside the house – with daisies growing in the front lawn house.


There were plenty of things that Shindong and Yesung disagreed on.

“Why did you spend so much on junk food that you weren’t going to share some with me?!”

“Why did you replace all the emergency contact numbers with numbers of girls who might want to put a restraining order on you after what you did last week?!”

But, there was something they certainly both agreed on.

11:00 AM.

You see, at 11:00 AM, the mailman, “More like cheesecake mail boy,” would take his daily sojourn to deliver mail.

Shindong had first discovered him early one morning. He had been watering the white daisies in their garden and had covered up the hose so it would look like he was watering the flowers with his mighty foundation of man pee. Laughing uproarisly at the disgusted look on Yesung’s gave him when he passed by the window, he was interrupted by a small quiet voice breaking through his train of laughter.

“Ah hello, did you just move in?”

Turning around, with the hose now hanging limply from his hand, Shindong saw the cutest morsel of mailmen he ever had chanced to meet.

Ordinarily, he wasn’t a fan of the boys, “Too many parts sticking out and not enough parts sucking you in, you know,” but he could make an exception for this delicious piece of man meat. Oh yes, he certainly could.

Thick like the first bite of freshly baked cake, brown hair fell gently into eyes the color of the scrumptious dark filling in chocolate liquor. The boy had lips that Shindong just KNEW that if he kissed would taste sweeter than Ho-tteok melting your tongue, and Shindong was an expert on just how sweet Ho-tteok tasted.

The boy’s cheeks were a little rounded with fat, but Shindong didn’t mind, for it just showed the boy knew how to eat, and loved to eat. Of course, once Shindong was through with him, the boy would develop tastes for other foreign objects.

The boy’s skin was surprising pale despite all the time he must spend in the sun delivering messages and looked as fragile as the first soft layer of a spring roll.

True enough, the mail boy was wearing the standard uniform that all other couriers were probably clothed in, but Shindong was already too busy trying to picture what this succulent mail boy looked with his uniform off, though he was sure the place that the uniform looked best in was on his bedroom floor.

“Umm, here are your letters,” the mail boy said, and quickly placing the letters in the mailbox, turned around and walked away.

With his back turned, the view was even better for Shindong to gaze at, for tucked in those khaki pants were two beautiful pieces of luscious slabs of meat that Shindong couldn’t wait to suck off and get to the marrow of.

Dropping the hose, Shindong rushed inside the house, shoving past Yesung who when asked what the hell was he in such a hurry for, Shindong had replied, “Need to eat,” as he wiped off the starting stream of his drool.


Yesung caught sight of him the next day.

“Oh. I didn’t know Shindong-shi had a housemate. It’s nice to meet you.” The boy with ‘sex me up’ tattooed across his forehead said as he handed Yesung his mail.

Yesung liked boys. Sometimes he liked girls too but given a chance, and choice, he would rather have a boy pinned up against his bed, panting and sweating as Yesung rode him hard and long.
And Yesung wanted to ride this boy six ways to Sunday.

The boy looked as though he could take it even though he looked light of limb. Even though his legs were hidden by the khaki pants, Yesung eyes slowly undressed him as they traveled up his leg and further up his body. Oh no, Yesung had no trouble imagining what the boy looked like naked at all.

In his mind, the mail boy had spread his milky white legs wide for Yesung’s appraisal , and his thighs tremble slightly, just slightly under Yesung’s light touch. Yesung would then lower his head and the mail boy would chew his slightly chapped lips (from all the biting down he had done previously to prevent himself from screaming out the pure pleasure he suffered at hands of Yesung, of course) and would utter the words, “W-W-Wait, what are you doing?” as Yesung tongue started to trace slow moist patterns along the ridges of his skin and…

“Have a good day,” the mail boy said as he lowered his eyelashes and walked away.

Yesung glanced down and groaned. How in the hell was he going to hid this boner which proudly exclaimed “Hello! I’m horny!” from Shindong?


The next day, Shindong miraculously made it home for lunch at exactly 11:00 AM.

Ignoring Yesung’s question of, “What the fuck are you doing here?” Shindong hurried outside and placed himself in a position he had been working on all night in front of a mirror. This act was just so that when the mail boy walked up the block, the first and only thing he’d see was Shindong leaning up against the door of the house in a pose that would extend his body line, making it look longer and not the roundness he could never get rid of. Not that he tried very hard to get rid of it, but still.

“Oh hello,” Shindong said, throat warbling a little as he deliberately dropped his voice an octave when he spotted the mail boy coming up their pathway. He stepped awkwardly off the wall he had been leaning against, and internally cursed himself for not practicing getting out of the pose as many times as he had practiced getting into the pose.

Still, he was a man on a quest. He was not going to let several long moments of awkward shifting and bumbling thwart him.

“I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. How terribly crude of me. I’m Shindong.”
The mail boy smiled, and quickly raised his hand to cover it, as if suddenly realizing his smile might be too big for his face.

“I know. I deliver your mail remember?” The mail boy said. He then handled over the small stack of letters to Shindong before turning around and walking away.
Shindong just loved it when they played hard to get.


The following day, after checking to make sure that Shindong wasn’t going to drop a sudden unexpected visit back home because he had forgotten money for lunch again, Yesung carefully arranged himself by the mailbox.

Bracing most of his weight against the small box, Yesung crossed his angles and leaned his elbow on top of the silver smoothness of the mailbox.

He then placed three fingertips artfully on his face, allowing one eye to be partly obscured as he looked down.

It seriously didn’t feel this stupid when he tried it last night in front of the bathroom mirror.

He was starting to wonder how long he would need to keep up this charade for, when he heard the scuffle of sneakers up against the asphalt.

Yesung quickly schooled his expression into one of deep concentration sprinkled with the irresistible air of a debonair rogue.

Now all he had to do was wait.

“Ummm, excuse me, but are you okay?”

Uh-oh. Was he concentrating too much and now he looked constipated instead of broody? No time to worry now, he had lines he had to say!

“Oh! I didn’t se you there. I’m Yesung,” Yesung said, smiling to show all the even edges of his teeth.

“I’m…Ryeowook,” the sweet bottom boy said, placing his hand in Yesung’s outstretched one.
Ryeowook gave him a little peek of a laugh.

“Ah, no offence Yesung-shi, but your hands! They’re so small!”

Well fuck. So much for all those hours posing in front of the mirror last night.

“Oh no! I didn’t mean to offend you, truly I didn’t!”

Aha! An opening if Yesung ever heard one.

“Well,” Yesung said, holding fast to Ryeowook’s hand. “Go out to dinner with me, and I’ll consider it even.”

Was it just his imagination, or did Ryeowook just blush? An attractive blush it was too, starting slowly at his rounded cheeks and spreading to the tips of his ears. Yesung could also think of other inventive ways he could make this sweet mail boy flush and pant.

Yesung curved his lips into a smirk. If the mail boy had the ability to bring so much blood to his face, one could only imagine the possibilities if the blood were to travel in another direction.

If Yesung had his way, all that blood would most decidedly be flowing in a more south bound direction.

“Ah…I can’t,” Ryeowook said, removing his hands from Yesung’s grasp and placing the day’s letters in there instead. He then quickly turned around and began walking away.

“What time do you get off work?” Yesung yelled out to Ryeowook’s retreating back.
Ryeowook stopped and paused for a second. Just when Yesung was ready to cheer triumphantly to himself, Ryeowook bolted down the street.


“So? How’s it going?”

“Um. One of them asked me out to diner. The other looked like he wanted to eat me for dinner.”

“Go with either one, you’d get a free meal either way. Though I’m sure the service of someone eating in would be better than those who eat out.”


“Mm, Heechul’s right eternal magnae. Now let’s see what we can do with those pants…”


Shindong was sitting outside in the yard, munching on a carrot that he had removed from his pants for a gag he was working on for his audition later that week, when a shadow leaked onto his person.

Shindong looked up. And up and up.

Encased in shoes that Shindong could easily throw over his shoulders when he removed the rest of the mail boy’s clothes, all Shindong could see was the glorious sight of the long smooth legs that never seemed to quit.

Shindong was slightly taken aback. He was so used to seeing this tasty “come lick me clean now” mail boy clad in long pants, that this exposure of milky white legs was shocking to him. He could only stare, wipe a little bit of drool off his face and hope the lovely mail boy didn’t notice.

How could he not help himself to the sight of the mail boy in shorts that were ripped a little unevenly, but was still just short enough that Shindong could see the faint shape of a certain piece of lovely, lovely flesh.

Now a better view than the one he was currently engaged in, would be if only he could scoot a little bit more under the mail boy. And if the mail boy would just lower himself down on Shindong who had his mouth open to receive such a delectable tasty treat…
Wait a minute, ripped pants?

Shaking himself like a dog that had just came out of the water, Shindong was startled as he directed his eyes upward and noticed the mail boy’s untucked shirt and his deep gasps for air.
Shindong scrambled quickly up to his feet and held out his hands to steady the mail boy who had started to sway lightly.

“Are you alright? Would you like to sit down somewhere?”

“No…no…” the mail boy replied, fanning himself as he put out his other hand out to steady himself on Shindong’s arm.

“There was a rather large…dog over at the house a couple of streets over. It took quite a liking to my pants.”

Yeah. Shindong had taken a definite liking to the mail boy’s pants as well. Though with the way things were looking now, those shorts had the innate ability to bump the pants off its throne and take first place instead.

“Thank you Shindong-shi. I’ll have to go now.”

Oh yeah, especially when the mail boy turned around, and those globes became more visible as if though they were glued to the mail boy’s hind quarters. Delicious. Simply delicious.

Damn, Shindong thought. Maybe he should get a dog too. He would like a dog that was partial to ripping off certain mail boy’s shirts and all parts of the pants and not just the leg of it. And while he was at it, he might as well take off the mail boy’s underwear too.

But if the mail boy doesn’t wear underwear, another set of mouth action would definitely be needed in its place.

Without a uniform how can he deliver mail? With a body that fine, the mail boy was more suited to something like a milkman. Just imagine all that white pearly liquid pouring over him if he ever spilled some of his deliveries. And out of all the things Shindong was, a good loyal citizen willing to help out a member of the work force was one of the things he best prided himself on being. And if being a good citizen involved chaining the milkman on his bed and having his way with him, than he was more then willing to fulfill this good duty.

Oh yes, he was more than willing to do it more than once.


Yesung casted a look up at the gray skies overhead and his eyebrows came together in a line of unhappiness.

If it rained today, would Ryeowook not come?

It was nearing noon now, an hour past Ryeowook’s habitual mail delivery time and standing out here in the rain, however bodice ripping inducing as it may look, was damn cold.

And wearing leather pants didn’t make anyone feel remotely warmer. In fact, you could pile on “utterly ridiculous” to the list of adjectives Yesung was already compiling in his head about how he felt at the moment.

But he decided to give it another ten minutes and when Ryeowook still had not shown up, Yesung decided to call it a day and went back inside the house.

After a warm shower and a couple of extra minutes cleaning up after he had splattered over the bathroom tiles, Yesung settled down on the couch in his fuzzy flannel pajamas despite the fact there was still light outside, or rather, there would be light outside if it wasn’t pouring rain right now.

Unbidden the small fantasy he had started in the bathroom cranked to life again. There Ryeowook would be, on his knees in the hard porcelain of the tub but all Yesung could feel was the slick feeling of the ridges of Ryeowook’s tongue as it slid past Yesung’s cock leaving a wet trail of saliva that clung to Ryeowook’s mouth as he lifted his head up.

Oh man, he was getting all hard again.

After cleaning up for the second time, Yesung got into a different pair of pajama bottoms and sat himself in front of the TV in the living rom.

Warm and mostly unhorny, Yesung was pondering to himself if he should get started on his vocal practice when the doorbell rang.

He had decided to ignore it, and to let that grandma house finder Shindong, rot outside for forgetting his keys again but the asshole kept ringing the doorbell.

“Fine you ball-less shit, I’m coming alright!?!” Yesung shouted as he heaved himself off the couch and stomped his way to the door.

“How many times have I told you to…oh…hello.”

For standing on his doorstep, shivering his little heart out was the mail boy Ryeowook.

Poor Ryeowook standing out there soaking wet with his crisp white shirt that had suddenly turned transparent in the rain and was currently clinging like a errant lover to his chest. The shirt was helpfully there to emphasize Ryeowook’s dusty nipples that stood proudly at attention and was begging Yesung’s fingers to touch them and roll them around, sending waves of electric currents down Ryeowook’s body.

That shirt looked mighty wet anyway. Ryeowook needed help getting it dry, and Yesung himself was a certified suck and blow expert.

“I-I’m sorry to bother you Yesung-shi, b-but it started to rain all of a sudden, and I didn’t have an umbrella with me and yours was my last house of the day…” Ryeowook managed to say past chattering teeth.

“Oh, of course,” Yesung said, gesturing for Ryeowook to come in, “let me help you get warm,” Yesung continued as he walked behind Ryeowook.

Hm, the boy’s pants were wet to, but it did present a view of the most sizzling ass that Yesung would simply love to thrust his growing erection into.

Almost half an hour later, Ryeowook emerged from the bathroom, the steam from his recent hot shower billowing out around him. He was clad in nothing but a white tower he held close to his naked body.

Yesung tried to pretend he hadn’t been sitting out in the hallway on the off chance that Ryeowook was going to forgo the towel and just walk out naked.

“Would you like something to drink? Something like hot chocolate or tea maybe?” Yesung asked as he rose from his seat from the ground.

The strange almost silence that had surrounded the house was suddenly broken by the sound of a wet towel falling to the ground.

“Hey…Yesung. How about this drink instead?” Ryeowook asked, face flushing a dangerous shade of red and looking anywhere but Yesung’s eyes.

Ryeowook stood in front of him with the towel pooled around his feet in the middle of the hallway and body still slightly damp from the shower, naked as the way Yesung wanted him to be.

Yesung ignored all the other fine planes of Ryeowook’s body and immediately focused on Ryeowook’s proud glistening cock as it slowly leaked out the first shining drops of pre-cum.

Oh yes, Yesung could certainty swallow this drink indeed.


When Ryeowook stumbled into the post office four hours later with hair sticking up in odd places and uniform in disarray, Park Eeteuk, head post officer and master owner of all his mail boys, looked up from his ledger.

“Well, what happened?” Eeteuk asked.

Ryeowook gave a little breathless laugh and said, “I went for dinner.”

Kim Heechul, number one mail pretty boy extraordinaire, laughed and asked, “And what of the other one?”

Ryeowook ducked his head and replied, “Well, I always liked going back for seconds.”

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