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fic dump! (matthew, vincent, lawrence + can you feel the rush) (2020-07-24–2020-11-12)


disclaimer: i do not ship any of these people, they're just fun to write! please don't misinterpret me. this is 2005-2011 suju at best. also, none of them belong to me, but i thought that's quite obvious.
might friend lock if i feel like it, but feel free to join my comm if you'd like to read it, i accept anyone and everyone.

general A/N: hello, i'm back (i haven't really been gone, i've just been writing for the last few months and ended up writing around 8 fics, which i'm posting 4 of right now. will put the other 4 up soon (?) if i decide to.
so one of them (lawrence) is too big (~26k w.) to post; i attached a download link in the original post.

hope you enjoy them and i'm probably never going to reread them again, as always, and i'd appreciate any feedback you may have! thank you and goodnight. have fun reading.

(haven't even posted this yet and already regret it)

read under the cut!

title: Matthew
author: spidertables

focus: Hangeng-centric; several friendships, implied Hangeng/Heechul (a crush)

genre: fluff, light humour

rating: PG-13 (light swearing)
word count: 5,5k w.

summary: 3 milkshakes and 19 and a half meetings

first of all, uh, and second of all, he can’t even remember his name, not even when he slides into the seat opposite him with a kind of grace he’s only seen in his dance teacher and old magazine tabloids of wales’ princess diana in pretty dresses before.

title: Vincent
author: spidertables

pairing: Hangeng & Heechul…friendship?

genre: fluff, slight angst (?), humour

rating: R (sexual references)
word count: 2,3k w.

A/N: heechul is sad, drunk and horny and meets a new friend, i guess, woo. have you ever cried at a party?

His hunched back makes the line of his body look like a shrimp.

Or the Golden ratio, if you want to compare him to something that’s a bit prettier than a measly sea creature harvested for food.

title: Lawrence
author: spidertablesspidertables

pairing: Hangeng/Heechul

genre: depends on what you consider to be angst.

rating: NC-17 (swearing, mentions and slightly explicit descriptions of sexual imagery)
word count: 25,8k w.

summary: picture fic; 11.

He goes about it carefully: tears off the little broken corner of his fingernail, sighs, turns his hand over. Thinks about how he’ll have to cut them later, and as he’s trying to recall where he put his scissors, he finally decides on his final answer.

(links to entry where you can download it)

title: can you feel the rush

author: spidertables

pairing: questionable Heechul/Hangeng

rating: PG-13; might have some R rated references, i don’t remember.

genre: fluff?
word count: 619 w.

summary: drabble about soap and water and loofahs.

A/N: thank you to my great friend for helping me name this fic, along with vincent! this one might be from the lyrics of an nct song, not sure.

A flush of camellia pink, he can say it’s the steam.

Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, subject: hangeng, subject: heechul, subject: super junior

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