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Are You My Mate? (Chapter 3)

Title: Are You My Mate? (Chapter 3)
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun (Main), Yesung/Ryeowook
Genre: Werewolf!AU
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Shapeshifting, Knotting, Violence, Slight gore, Mature language
Summary: Kyuhyun had always known that he was a werewolf, shifting into the beast once every year during full moon. But what he didn’t know is, the new city he would reside in was full of werewolves and their packs. Little did he know, an alpha, the leader of the pack which he learnt to fear, had taken an interest in him.

A/N: Am back~ Just finished my exams, sorry it took so long for an update. Here is a long chapter to make it up for it, bonus some sexual tensions, teehee~ I am thinking to stop updating here in miracle and instead just posting it in my journal. So please check out my journal. Might also post some one-shot fanficts soon~

Kyuhyun stared at the tall and well-built man in front of him, sitting behind an oak table. If this was under another circumstance, Kyuhyun would say that he was definitely Kyuhyun’s type – not like he would be willing to admit it – but this wasn’t the case. Kyuhyun could smell his fear in the room thickly, while beside him, he could see Henry being restless, his scent of nervous wrapping around his scent of fear, making it even worse.

The man he feared looked at him in surprise before standing up. Kyuhyun could see his knuckles turning white and he was gritting his teeth, his eyes flashing alpha red. The submissive wolf inside him tried to seek console to the alpha, trying to bare his neck to show he was submissive. But that was the least Kyuhyun wanted to do now. He just wanted to run away. He was aware that his eyes were flashing yellow, the wolf in him trying to surface but he kept it low and tried to stay in his human control.

Choi Siwon, the alpha, started towards the both of them, his eyes occasionally flashing red, but it was not because of anger, Kyuhyun assumed even in his messed up mind.

“Kyuhyun, is it?” Siwon walked closer and with each step, Kyuhyun took a step backwards. “I won’t hurt you, Kyuhyun ah.”

Kyuhyun tried to even his breath and it hitched when he felt his back touching the cold surface of the glass wall, he could sense the people underneath them looking towards them.

“B-But you are an alpha,” Kyuhyun whimpered and he was almost disgusted at how pathetic he sounded.

“Not all alpha hurt the others. Alphas are meant to protect,” Siwon looked at him worriedly, and slightly, upset, but it might just be his imagination.

“Not the alpha I met,” Kyuhyun retorted as he kept his back pressed hard on the cold glass.

On the other side, Henry came into his senses and darted to Kyuhyun’s side.

“Kyuhyun ah, Siwon-ssi doesn’t have any intention to harm you, alright?” he slightly shook Kyuhyun and faced his head to his.

Kyuhyun glanced at Siwon, he could see his boss narrowing his eyes, flashing red. It was a nightmare for Kyuhyun. Letting Henry stroking his hair on his forehead, Kyuhyun whimpered slightly and hid his face on the other’s shoulder.

“I will be calling your senior to brief you about your work,” Siwon cleared his throat and walked towards the door, which was unfortunately closer to where Kyuhyun was huddled with Henry, and took a look at them before exiting the room, much to Kyuhyun’s relief.

Still slightly trembling, Kyuhyun dared himself to looks out side the glass room where he saw the alpha clenching and unclenching his fist with a scary expression, wherelse the other employees were trying not to meet his eyes and some even bared their neck as a form of submissive, not wanting to provoke the alpha more.

A few minutes later – more like an hour for kyuhyun – a shorter man walked in and looked at Kyuhyun with worry. He had a neat wavy black hair and a slight feminine face.

“Kyuhyun is it? I am Lee Sungmin and I will be your senior for the job,” he introduced himself as he squat down in front of both omegas. “I am a beta so you don’t have to worry. Siwon had gone out earlier, so there is nothing to be afraid of now,” he hold Kyuhyun’s hand and helped him to stand gently.

With a look from Sungmin, Henry nodded and walked out the room, not before glancing at Kyuhyun one last time.

Kyuhyun sighed in relief and gradually stopped trembling. Looking at Sungmin’s worried look he laughed shakily with no humor, “First day nerves are getting to me.”

“Everyone had their moments. So, to lighten up the mood, shall we talk about your new job now? Or do you prefer a cup of coffee?” Sungmin smiled sweetly.

“Talking about my new job description sounds much better,” Kyuhyun tried to smiled but he was sure it came out awkward.

“Let’s just talk while having a coffee,” Sungmin clapped and felt so smug that Kyuhyun couldn’t contain his chuckle.

Walking out of the room proved to be a challenge for Kyuhyun since he could sense curious eyes following his moves as Sungmin and he walked out the office space and into the elevator. So far so good; no sign of any alpha. Soon he found himself seated in the coffee shop on the first floor of the office building. Sungmin returned with two cups of coffee and set it on the round coffee table. Kyuhyun nodded thanks and sipped his coffee while looking out the glass window where it was raining.

Bracing himself to be bombarded with questions, Kyuhyun was surprised when Sungmin just asked him about the weather and some other normal polite questions. The conversation then continued with Sungmin explaining about the job in SMTech as an IT consultant. Kyuhyun found himself relaxing in the other’s company. Sungmin sure knew how to be friendly and make the other person open up. It was when the rain slowed down that Sungmin checked his watch and announced that they have talked for more than an hour.

“Shall we go back?” Sungmin smiled his characteristic smile and sipped his no-doubt-cold coffee.

“Sungmin-ssi!”  Kyuhyun almost shouted and covered his mouth when he realized what he just did. Sungmin just looked at him in amusement. “W-Won’t you ask me about what happened earlier?” Kyuhyun was sure that Sungmin will just bombard him with questions about what happened earlier with the alpha since he was sure the other was curious.

“I won’t ask you about something you are not comfortable with,” Sungmin just laughed before adding, “just call me Sungmin-hyung.”

Nodding a little in embarrassment, Kyuhyun then followed Sungmin back into the office space where he was assigned a table in a four-cubicle working space. Beside him sat Amber, a network engineer, and she was a girl, much to Kyuhyun’s surprise. Kyuhyun first thought she was a man with her short tomboy blonde-to-white colored hair. Fortunately he was saved from embarrassment when Eunhyuk – his real name was Hyukjae – pointed at Amber shouting don’t be fooled by her appearance. In front of him, sat Donghae, a business analyst, and beside him sat Eunhyuk, a technical support. Donghae and Eunhyuk seemed like friendly and pleasant people, except for their constant bickering and Eunhyuk’s talkative nature.

“Hey, so what happened inside there? Siwon creeped you out?” Eunhyuk laughed jokingly as he threw a few small balls of fish food into Donghae’s fish bowl with a goldfish inside it – yes, he put it on his working table.

“He is really kind though,” Donghae shrugs as he tapped on the fish bowl to gain the fish’ attention.

“Well, not really,” Kyuhyun just shrugged and pretended to be busy with the computer on his desk , or so he should call it his computer now.

“Are you packless, Kyuhyun?” Amber asked as she typed on her keyboard.

“Packless and mateless unfortunately,” muttered Kyuhyun as he tampered with his own keyboard.

“Henry here is packless too!” shouted a man from beside their workspace.

A small introduction was made and Kyuhyun learnt that the ones who sat in the work space similar to his beside them were Henry, Hyoyeon (a technical sales with blonde long hair), Shindong (a slightly fat project manager) , and Sungmin.

“You should join our pack,” Hyoyeon said cheerfully as she tied her long hair.

“So all of you is in Siwon-ssi’s pack?” asked Henry.

“Yes, some of us were even given a place to stay,” grinned Shindong.

Wow, cool, maybe I should join the pack,” clapped Henry as he spoke with a mix of English language.

“How about you Kyuhyun?” asked Eunhyuk.

“I don’t think I’m ready to have a pack yet,” Kyuhyun shrugged and did whatever he was doing earlier on his computer.

“But every wolf needs a pack –“

Shindong’s words were cut off by Sungmin’s clap, annoucing everyone should return to work. After everyone went back to work, Kyuhyun caught Sungmin’s wink at him and smiled gratefully.

The rest of the day went smoothly and there was no appearance of the alpha at all, much to Kyuhyun’s happiness. Sungmin mentored Kyuhyun on what he had to do and the protocols and Kyuhyun busied himself with work, occasionally cracking jokes at what the other said. It was a very friendly working environment, much better than his previous work, and that itself helped Kyuhyun keep his mind of Siwon.

“Alright, work’s done!” Sungmin clapped and some colleagues cheered.

“Everyone, listen up, let us go to the karaoke to celebrate Henry and kyuhyun’s welcoming party!” announced Eunhyuk, getting support from the others.

“Good idea,” nodded Sungmin as they made their way to the elevator.

And so that was how Kyuhyun found himself sandwiched between Henry and Donghae on the karaoke coach while Shindong was singing and dancing along with a girl band song Kyuhyun vaguely remembered.

Soju?” offered Donghae as he poured it into Kyuhyun’s empty glass on the coffee table

Kyuhyun nodded and sipped the drink as he relaxed and laughed along with the others.

As he was watching Hyoyeon and Amber dancing with Shindong, the karaoke room facing Kyuhyun’s back opened and the other cheered.

“Where have you been? This party isn’t complete without the boss!” Eunhyuk laughed and threw a candy towards the newcomer.

“I have been caught in a traffic, and Hyukjae is that how you treat your boss?” the newcomer said but with no reprimanding tone, instead with a joking tone.

Kyuhyun turned towards the door and wished he had not done that.

Siwon walked inside the karaoke room and scanned the crowd, eyes stopping at Kyuhyun’s. Kyuhyun tried to keep himself calm and he didn’t realize that he was grabbing Henry’s hand so tightly before Henry touched his shoulder with his other hand. He looked at Siwon and saw his eyes shift to his shoulder where Henry’s hand was, the alpha’s eyes shifting red, but it was immediately gone that Kyuhyun wondered if he just imagined it. Kyuhyun finally sighed a relieve when Siwon glanced away and walked towards the seat furthest from Kyuhyun and chatted like there was never any tension at all.

“You okay?” asked Henry in English as he massaged his hands that Kyuhyun’s gripped on earlier.

“Sorry for that,” Kyuhyun nodded and looked at Henry’s hand with guilt.

“Don’t worry, I am strong,” Henry waved his hand and motioned a strong gesture with his arms to prove his point that had Kyuhyun chuckling rather awkwardly.

For the rest of the night, Kyuhyun tried to chat and mingle with the others which was, he had to admit, fun. But he still couldn’t shake of his paranoia that he caught the alpha staring at him from the distance.

“Kyuhyun, since Henry had sung his share, it is time for you to sing!” Donghae cheered while Kyuhyun just stayed rooted.


“Come on! Everyone had sung except you and Siwon!” Eunhyuk whooped and Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything but to stand and being shoved to the stage with a microphone on his hand. Turned out they had chosen a song for him, which luckily, he knew, from the tons of drama that his sister previously forced him to watch with her.

Nae salmi haru haru kkumeul gguneun geotcheoreom.

Nae maeum dahae saranghaneun neoreul.

The song ended with claps, including the clap from the alpha. Kyuhyun mentally patted himself on the back as he could sing well without being bothered by the alpha’s stare.

“Why waste your talent in our company Kyuhyun?” joked Amber as Kyuhyun sat back down.

“It was just a hobby,” shrugged Kyuhyun with a shy smile.

“It was really nice, Kyuhyun,” Siwon’s voice startled the omega and he looked at his boss under his bangs.

“T-Thank you,” Kyuhyun timidly replied and looked away almost immediately.

“Well now boss, only you are left,” danced Henry as he gave the microphone to his boss with a wink.

“I am going to make you guys speechless,” Siwon pumped his fist and walked towards the stage like there was never any tension.

Kyuhyun looked at the taller male as he made his way to the stage and picked a song before starting to sing.

Love, oh my baby girl. Ni shi wo de quan bu shen zhi rang wo jue de ni shi wo de xing fu, shen ge wo de li wu.”

Siwon was apparently singing something in Chinese, and Kyuhyun have never felt prouder he could understand it, not before going through boring courses his mom forced him to.

Ba ni lao zai xin di, I do. Shi shi ke ke ai ni, I do. Jiu suan kuang feng bao yu, bu rang ni shou wei qu, I do. ai ni de xin bu li, my love.”

The man on stage seemed to be so serious in singing while his sight roamed around the room, gauging reactions from the audiences. Kyuhyun himself was fixated on the singer’s voice and face full of emotions.

He has a good voice, thought Kyuhyun.

And handsome, a small voice inside Kyuhyun rang out.

No, he is not. You are drunk, wolf, Kyuhyun fought the inner conflict in his head and instead drank another glass of soju while still staring at the singer.

Would you Marry Me?”

Kyuhyun almost choked on his drink as the alpha looked straight at him as he sung the phrase from the song. Kyuhyun widened his eyes and coughed hard as he felt his throat tightening and eyes watery. In a while, he was dashing out the karaoke room into the restroom.

As he was coughing dryly on the sink, Sungmin opened the restroom door and approached him with worried face.

“Are you alright, Kyuhyun?” Sungmin took a few sheets of toilet papers and handed it to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun nodded mutely and he wiped his lips before facing Sungmin with watery eyes and light panting due to previous coughing. He visibly saw Sungmin gulping and looking at his face.

“Is there something on my face?” frowned Kyuhyun, and it was that time when he heard a cough from the opened toilet door.

Kyuhyun dragged his eyes to the source and widened his eyes as he saw Siwon standing at the exit looking at him with unreadable expression, and suddenly he felt heat spreading all over his body.
It must be from embarrassment, Kyuhyun thought and looked back to Sungmin.

Maybe it is from he--, Kyuhyun once again shutted up his inner wolf.

Sungmin seemed to be aware and shot a look at Siwon before clearing his throat and focused back to Kyuhyun again.

“Tomorrow will be another working day again, so it is better for us to go home now,” he spoke. “Do you need me to drive you home? You look drunk and you still need to drive.”

Kyuhyun waved his hand and shook his head. “I’m fine. I am not drunk yet,” he mumbled but made no effort to leave the restroom as his most feared nightmare was still standing there.

Hyoyeon tapped Siwon on his shoulder before nodding towards Kyuhyun. Siwon took the sign and walked away from the restroom.  Kyuhyun murmured his thanks before exiting the rest room and saw his collageus looking at him worriedly.

“I am a grown up man, I can take care of myself,” Kyuhyun mumbled and made his way out the karaoke building.

The group then parted their ways in front of the building with Donghae and Eunhyuk on their own motorcycles, Sungmin in his white BMW, Hyoyeon catching the last bus, and Henry with Amber in her Mini Cooper since their destination is in the same direction. That left him only with the alpha. He could feel Siwon’s stare penetrating his mind and thankfully his car was in the other direction. He turned towards the boss and bowed down a little without looking at the other before scurrying towards his car.

Kyuhyun entered his car and locked the door before hurrying driving the car out of the parking lot and to his home sweet home, or more like room sweet room. The drive took 20 minutes, and Kyuhyun parked his car in the parking lot in front of the apartment’s entrance out looking the road.

Taking his suitcase, Kyuhyun made his way pass the parking lot. He was aware there was a bunch of teenagers lounging in front of the entrance, smoking and drinking cans of beers. It made him uncomfortable, but they didn’t smell like vampires, and for wolf’s sake, he was a man.

As he walked pass them, one of the abruptly stood up. He had a ridiculously combed blonde hair and was wearing what seemed to be torn clothes that most teen found stylish. It looked like rag in Kyuhyun’s eyes. He stopped right in front of Kyuhyun, and although he was shorter than Kyuhyun, he still had that intimidating aura coming out of him. Kyuhyun have never hated his omega trait like now.

“Not going to great you neighbors?” he looked at Kyuhyun with a smirk and glanced at the others who were whooping and some were smirking too.

“We lived in this town too, and we are thinking, we need to visit the new wolf a friendly visit,” one guy with wavy brown hair stood up and stood beside Kyuhyun, grinning evilly, and is that fangs?

“Can’t we taste him? He looked fine. After all shouldn’t newcomers hand us some gifts?” one of the sitting vampires – Kyuhyun now realized since vampires didn’t really have smell – spoke up.

The one in front of Kyuhyun licked his lips, fangs slightly peeking out.

“He sure looks delicious. Maybe we can have a taste,” he smirked sardonically.

Kyuhyun widened his eyes and tried to walk away, but of course, in just matter of milliseconds, he had his arms squeezed by the one standing beside him. Kyuhyun kicked the man in the shin and ran away only to be pulled by his collar by the other vampires, who were now already standing up.

Kyuhyun struggled and tried to kick or punch or do anything to escape, but years of lack of exercise brought him nowhere. In a blind panic, he found himself pushed harshly against the solid concrete wall, making him wincing from the pain. The man who earlier stood in front of Kyuhyun had both of the werewolf’s hands trapped by his head and one of his knees between Kyuhyun’s thighs to prevent him from running away.

Kyuhyun’s wolf whined in fear, his eyes flashing yellow, and damn omega couldn’t fight at all. Kyuhyun, being the stubborn one, glared at the vampire in defiance, although he felt like his tail hiding between his legs – but the tail wasn’t out, fortunately.

“A feisty one, making it more fun,” a vampire behind the one holding Kyuhyun spoke up.

“Actually I have a better idea,” the man taunted and released the grip on one of Kyuhyun’s hand to fist Kyuhyun’s brown locks, forcing the omega to look at the vampire and show his smooth neck.

The vampire leaned towards the trembling wolf’s neck and breath in the delicious scent of blood pulsing underneath.

“Do you know that when I suck your blood, you won’t feel pain, you will even feel pleasure and lust. You will be writhing underneath me and begging me to take you right here, right now, while I drain your blood. It sounds consensual no?”

The vampire breath hit Kyuhyun’s neck, and he squirmed, struggling to escape the deathly grip with no avail.

“Let me go,” Kyuhyun finally growled and tried to kick, only to be warned by the vampire by digging his flesh with the sharp fangs.

Kyuhyun hissed and whimpered slightly – much to his dismay.

“Do not disobey me. I will not hesitate to drain you and turn you into a vampire,” the dominant vampire warned.

“You cannot hurt me. They are a pact that state the rule that vampires cannot harm werewolves without any reason, and likewise,” Kyuhyun gritted his teeth. “And this apartment is full of werewolves. Won’t they rush here and tear your limbs when I scream?”

“Not, if we gag you,” there was an evil glint in the vampire’s eyes when he looked at kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun growled again and glared at the other species.

“Now, let the feast begin.”

And Kyuhyun felt fangs sinking down his flesh.
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