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Are You My Mate? (Chapter 2)

Title: Are You My Mate? (Chapter 2)
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun (Main), Yesung/Ryeowook
Genre: Werewolf!AU
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Shapeshifting, Knotting, Violence, Slight gore, Mature language
Summary: Kyuhyun had always known that he was a werewolf, shifting into the beast once every year during full moon. But what he didn’t know is, the new city he would reside in was full of werewolves and their packs. Little did he know, an alpha, the leader of the pack which he learnt to fear, had taken an interest in him.

 It was a week later he found himself in front of his new apartment room with two suitcases and a huge taped box on his arms. Zhou Mi, the owner of the small but  modern apartment complex, had introduced himself earlier and was now fumbling with the many keys hold by a single keychain to open his door. Kyuhyun would really want to shout and throw snarky comments at the taller man, but being thrown out of his only residence in a foreign city won’t do him good no? And being bitten to death by a beta was not the nicest option to die either.

“Ah, finally the door is open!” Zhou Mi’s loud voice with slight accent broke Kyuhyun’s focus on his numb arms.

With a nod, Kyuhyun entered his rent room with the help of the Chinese, yes, Zhou Mi told him too.

“Enjoy your stay here~ If you need any help just call me or visit me. My room is right above you. Have a nice day~” was Zhou Mi’s parting words before leaving him to explore his new house.

Kyuhyun dropped the box he had been holding on the kitchen counter and looked around the new room he would live in starting from now. The apartment room that his new company had rent him for a cut of his salary was quite spacious. The front door was directly connected to the living room on the left and an open dry kitchen on the left. The kitchen counters were colored with white marble completed with stoves, microwaves, and even coffee maker. The living room was facing the wall with a large LED TV and a black leather coach with the same black coffee table in the middle.

Moving on, Kyuhyun pulled his suitcase into the largest bedroom in the room, on the furthest of the hall, with a king-sized bed and bedside table, complete with a large LED TV similar to the one in the living room. There was also a private bathroom with a shower in it inside the bedroom. The rest of the apartment block included a balcony beside the kitchen, one guest bedroom, and a small office room.

With a huff, Kyuhyun laid down on the king-sized bed with bright yellow sheets, which he made a mental note to change, and tried to sleep, but with no avail. Sitting up, he texted Changmin and Ara that he was still alive and had settled down.

It must be nighttime when Kyuhyun woke up, since the window didn’t show any light. With his wolf eyes, he could easily maneuver his way to switch on the switch of the pitch black room.  It was not until he checked his messages that his stomach growled.

It can wait, he thought as he switched off his phone and exited his apartment space and locked the door. He had been in a bad mood since he was too busy with the allocation that he didn’t have anytime for himself… with his beloved laptop.

As he turned his body from locking the door, there were muffled voices from the door opposite to his before the door clicked open with some stumbling noises.

“Jongwoon ah! Your turtles are perfectly fine. They are just sleeping alright? You just went to the vet yesterday and the day before!” a frustrated sound drifted from inside the half opened apartment room.

A man shorter than Kyuhyun went through the door. He had sharp eyes that looked like it was drawn with an eyeliner and he had accessories, silver accessories. On his hands, he was holding a big tank of, Kyuhyun wasn’t sure, turtles. It was not until the man spoke that broke Kyuhyun out of his reverie.

“But what if they died? They are my family, Ryeowook ah!” the man – Jongwoon – put on his shoes and was determined to leave.

The rest of the conversation are drawn away by the sweet smell wafting from inside the apartment. And it was too late, his stomach just had to growl at the wrong time. He cursed audibly and just at that time he realized both of his neighbors were staring at him. He coughed and looked away, before stuffing his hands into his coat and turned away to walk to the elevator.

“E-Excuse me, would you like to join us for dinner?” a timid voice voiced out and Kyuhyun didn’t have the heart to ignore it.

He slowly turned to see another smaller man joining the first man, probably Ryeowook. He was more feminine with a unique pleasant face.

“We cooked too many food too, so would you like to join us? You must be the new resident Zhou Mi talked about. Kyuhyun right?” the man talked again nervously while Jongwoon just huffed and entered his room again, not before cocking his head into the room, a cue for Kyuhyun to just accept the invitation.

Kyuhyun bit his lips, thinking that he could save his money and know about his neighbor. He just hoped that he won’t have to keep up the conversation. And so, he followed after the expressionless Jongwoon and the smiley Ryeowook.

They sat in silence around the round coffee table on the floor, in front of the TV, with a huge pot of steaming soup with vegetables and meat in it with a bowl of rice in front of each.

“As you can see, we live together. My name is Ryeowook and this is my mate, Jongwoon.” Ryeowook started.

“Just call me Yesung,” Jongwoon started spooning the soup into his empty bowl.

Kyuhyun almost spluttered the vegetable he was munching to Yesung’s face, which surely will be his death. “You guys are werewolves?!”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Yesung deadpanned while Ryeowook busied himself by giving Kyuhyun a glass of water.

Kyuhyun coughed and gratefully accepted the water and gulped it down quickly, trying to ease his scratchy throat. He observed the two men in front and beside him and tried to at least, discreetly, smell them, and there he got his answer. The scent of wolves almost filled the room. The beta scent was obviously Yesung’s and Ryeowook was the omega, since Ryeowook is covered in the other’s scent.

“I must have been too starved,” murmured Kyuhyun in embarrassment. Omegas were weak, but damn it, he shouldn’t be this weak.

Yesung just laughed loudly, which slightly surprised Kyuhyun, while Ryeowook looked at him disapprovingly.

“You should not starve yourself, Kyuhyun ah,” he said and Kyuhyun just shrugged a bit guiltily.

“So are you in a pack yet? You obviously haven’t have a mate yet, no?” Ryeowook  did a smelling motion towards Kyuhyun.

“No, my previous city didn’t have any werewolves,” Kyuhyun answered and ate a piece of meat with rice.

“How about joining our pack? All werewolves need a pack. Our alpha is really nice too, not some creepy scaring alpha,” Ryeowook chattered.

At the mention of alpha, Kyuhyun tried to swallow the lump in his throat and went slightly pale. These went not unnoticed by the other two werewolves.

“Kyuhyun, are you alright?” Ryeowook’s concerned voice chimed in.

Kyuhyun felt a bead of sweat trickling down his temple and he tried to clear his mind to forget what happened years ago. He couldn’t focus on what was going on, but he distinctly heard Yesung growling very low, keeping alert of what threat fearing Kyuhyun., an omega. Even though Yesung wasn’t an alpha nor was Kyuhyun in a pack, omegas must be protected and an omega’s feelings could create war as could they create peace within the pack.

“Kyuhyun…” Yesung growls lowly, but not as a form of warning, instead as a form of calming, weird, how werewolves sometimes work.

Smelling his own fear in the living room, Kyuhyun abruptly stood up and bowed down a few times towards both the confused werewolves. “Thank you for inviting me to dinner and it is nice to meet you,” Kyuhyun spouted out polite phrases he had learned and rushed out of the apartment into his own, almost tumbling down in the process.

As he shut the door not softly, he slide down to the carpeted floor and tried to stop his shaking. His curls sticking to his sweaty forehead. Shakenly, he stood up and stumbled into his bedroom before flopping down on the soft sheets and pants. Closing his eyes, he willed himself to sleep to the sound of his frantic heartbeat.

The stench of blood filled the house. Shreds of wolves’ and humans’ carcass spread put in the bedroom, making the little boy inside the wardrobe tremble in fear and vomited, unable to stop the voices of the disgusting act.

It was a terrible idea to make a voice as the wardrobe immediately opened, revealing a sickly stench of alpha covered in the stench of blood. The man had a long ugly gash across his face and yellow teeth, sneering twistedly at the little wolf.

“Look what we have here... A little un-matured werewolf,” he grinned in the scariest way someone can grin. “We can’t mate yet, but… doing it sounds fun, doesn’t it?”

Kyuhyun woke up with his shirt drenched with sweat, soaking the sheets underneath. Taking gulps of breath, he walked into his kitchen and drunk anything that could be found in the sparse fridge, which fortunately had water. Drinking almost all of the water, Kyuhyun peeled off his coat, which he didn’t realize he had been wearing to sleep, and turtleneck.

After taking a shower, he sat on the edge of his bed with only a bathing robe and checked his phone. It was 3 a.m., meaning he still had three hours before he need to leave for his new job. His messages consisted of five messages from Changmin with 3 missed calls and from his sister seven messages and ten missed calls. Frowning, Kyuhyun typed each of them message to tell them he was still alive and well, at least physically, not in the mood to talk with anyone.

After sending, he decided to open his laptop and play the only thing that could lighten up his very sour mood, online games. For the next two hours of constant cursing and keyboard slamming, Kyuhyun finally gathered his will to wear his suit and poured himself a cup of hot coffee before grabbing his car keys and drive, relying on his GPS to find his new office, SMTech.

After half an hour of driving (which includes a few times of rerouting), he finally managed to park his car on the parking lot  in front of the lobby, which was really lucky  - In which Kyuhyun named it as Starcraft Luck. He locked the car and entered the lobby, directly approaching the front desk. Her name tag read Yoona.

“Ah, Mr. Cho Kyuhyun is it? Mr. Choi Siwon is waiting for you on the fifteenth floor,” her soft voice told Kyuhyun as he nodded to his name and walked towards the elevator.

Just as he was closing the elevator door, a hand shot up and opened the door. A man, probably younger than Kyuhyun, walked in. His hair were dark brown and was covered in a blue beanie. Definitely a werewolf, although Kyuhyun wasn’t sure which rank he was.

This city must be filled with werewolves, Kyuhyun thought.

“Thank you,” the man smiled and they way he talked wasn’t very fluent, Kyuhyun thought.

Kyuhyun just nodded and pressed his floor and seemed like the other man’s floor was the same too as he didn’t press any button.

“So how long have you been working here?” started the other man before covering his mouth and stuttered something in English, although Kyuhyun wasn’t sure. “So rude of me! My name is Henry, Henry Lau. Today is my first day as a program developer. Nice to meet you!” he grinned and held out his hand.

Kyuhyun eyed his hand before relenting and shook Henry’s hand. “Kyuhyun, I am new here too. IT consultant,” he introduced, but it turned out more like a murmur.

“Then we must work hard together! Hwaiting!” Henry, grinned innocently and pumped his fist. It was hard not to crack a smile.

The elevator dinged, much to Henry’s disappointment and to Kyuhyun’s nervousness. Both of them stepped out and stood for awhile, observing their new work space. The elevator opened to a circular space consisted of dividers for each cubicle and a glass room on the second floor with a small stairs leading from the first floor, bit was still completely visible to the ones on the first floor. The workspace it self wasn’t like the usual boring cubicles, but instead it was decorated with fake grass as carpet and the furniture are made of light-brown wood and a few of them even had flower vines on them, totally fake ones though.

“So… Should we meet Mr. Choi together?” asked Henry as he glanced around nervously.

Kyuhyun shrugged and wiped his sweaty palms on his pants before making a beeline to the glass room on the higher floor, trying really hard to ignore the coworkers staring at them. He could smell that most of them – maybe all of them – were werewolves, but he hadn’t really give time to sniff harder to know their ranks. With a knock, he entered the room, opening the door slightly longer for Henry.

And it was the time, he closed the door that he smelt the intoxicating scent of a powerful alpha.

And it was that time, that scent was covered with the smell of fear.

His fear.

A/N: So what do you think of this chapter. I know I’m going to get killed since Siwon is almost not appearing here. But will cover it up in the next chapter! Comments and critics are always appreciated. Btw, the workspace is an idea I got from the Korean drama She Was Pretty. Loving Siwon there ;D

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