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Are You My Mate? (Chapter 1)

Title: Are You My Mate? (Chapter 1)
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun (Main)
Genre: Werewolf!AU
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Shapeshifting, Knotting, Violence, Slight gore, Mature language
Summary: Kyuhyun had always known that he was a werewolf, shifting into the beast once every year during full moon. But what he didn’t know is, the new city he would reside in was full of werewolves and their packs. Little did he know, an alpha, the leader of the pack which he learnt to fear, had taken an interest in him.

His morning started as usual as a human’s; waking up with still-drooping eyes as he slowly dragged himself into the bathroom and prepared for the day. After drinking only coffee, Kyuhyun took his working suitcase and drove his mini SUV to his office, right in the center of the small city he currently resided in. From his outer appearance, no one would have guessed if he wasn’t a human, but a werewolf instead. It was not like his ears were out or his tail was wagging with every mood he feel.

As soon as he parked his beloved car in the cramped parking basement, Kyuhyun made his way into the lobby of the cozy office building,

“Good Morning, Kyuhyun oppa!” greeted the new receptionist girl who Kyuhyun recognized as Ye Rin.

Kyuhyun just smiled stiffly before entering the empty elevator. He was never good in socializing and that was one of the reason he arrived early to avoid meeting his other colleagues. The elevator dinged, telling him that he had arrived at his floor,  the 12th floor.

With sure steps, Kyuhyun walked into the shared office space and put down his suitcase on the table inside his cubicle. He was just going to sit down when a bright yellow post-it caught his attention.  It read:

My office now.

Kyuhyun frowned and sighed before making his way into his boss’ closed room adjacent to their working space. After a couple of knocks, he then entered the room, which was just like he had remembered; rectangular wooden table on the wall opposite of the door with a black office chair behind it and two black sofa chairs in front of the table for guests, or maybe for him in this case. Apart from that,  nothing really eye-catching in the room, except for a few paintings on the other side of walls and four potted plants in each corner.

At last, Kyuhyun’s eyes fell on the man in his late thirties with defined cheekbones and combed neat black hair, his boss, Won Bin. The man looked to be calculating as usual, observing Kyuhyun, making him squirm uncomfortably.

“You called for me, boss?” he coughed before greeting the older.

“Yes, of course, I am glad to see you coming early as usual. How is your condition?” Won Bin asked and smiled a little.

“I am fine, perfectly fine, as you can see,” Kyuhyun swallowed the lump in his throat, thinking about what happened a few days ago that forced him to take a-few-days leave.

Kyuhyun, the well-known hardworking man, taking a-few-days leave would cause everyone to wonder what happened. He did passed it as some cold, but only he would know the real reason. The past few days had been full moon, which means Kyuhyun had spent almost the day being a four-legged creature, a huge wolf, in heat. It was never a pleasant experience being in that phase every time of the year. And it was the hardest phase for werewolves when they didn’t have mate yet. If one thought searching for a mate is easy then that person needs a brick thrown to their heads.

Werewolves simply couldn’t mate with another human, and being in a city with no other werewolves, it just made it harder for him. But aside from that, Kyuhyun didn’t have anytime, he was busy with his work, and…….. Starcraft. And he hate being social after all.

Besides that, werewolves with no pack only made it harder for them to control themselves. Without the power of an alpha, a beta nor an omega couldn’t simply control their wolves in line. In summary, there are two being living in Kyuhyun; his human self, and his wolf.

“… So what do you think, Kyuhyun?” his boss’ voice broke his line of thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what is it?” Kyuhyun blinked and hoped that his boss’ didn’t think of him spacing out and repeat himself.

“I know it is a huge thing to be moved to another city miles away, but think of it. You need to put your computer skills to better use and the pay is much more than what you get here,” the boss, fortunately, thought that Kyuhyun was just shocked by the news that he was going to be allocated. Which was what happened in the next few seconds.

“What? I am going to be allocated? To where?” Kyuhyun widened his eyes in surprise and tried to calm himself down.

“To the Korea’s Silicone Valley, where your knowledge on computers will greatly be appreciated,” answered Won Bin with a smile.

“But why?” Kyuhyun thought of all the mistakes he had done to deserve being allocated. Maybe his boss hate him or he did something wrong or…

“Don’t worry, you are perfectly fine with your job, no mistakes at all,” chuckled his boss as if he can read Kyuhyun’s mind. “You have worked here long enough with a remarkable result and it is time for you to get promoted. What do you think?” the older man smiled, his wrinkles around his eyes visible.

Working as a professional IT had always been Kyuhyun’s dream, but living the city he grew up in, it was not easy for him.

“Just think about it and tell me your decision in a few days. There are no pressure alright?” Won Bin clapped and Kyuhyun knew it was a cue the meeting is done. He murmured some thanks and left the office quickly with his mind still digesting what had just been told.

For the next two days, Kyuhyun felt like he was functioning in an auto mode where he had little recall on what he was doing. On the evening on the third day, he decided to call Changmin, his best friend, whom he trusted with almost his whole life.

“Gamekyu! Where have you been? It sucks defeating everyone in Starcraft. I need a strong opponent dude!” Changmin’s loud sound boomed from his phone’s speaker.

“Hey Changmin, I am busy the past weeks, um, you know, full moon and work,” Kyuhyun shrugged although he knew he couldn’t be seen by the other.

“Oh right, it was hard for you during mating season,” Changmin laughed, absolutely no sympathy for his best friend.

“Oh shut up, Min, you are lucky you have Yunho or else you will be desperate too and will fuck anyone. Good thing I still have conscience,” groaned Kyuhyun.

After all, Changmin was a werewolf too, only he was a little more lucky to have found his mate already, a beta named Yunho who he met last year when he moved away from the town he and Kyuhyun was from, so every time he was in heat, he had someone to vent to.

“I told you to move to somewhere with more werewolves,” Changmin laughed and when Kyuhyun didn’t answer with his snarky comments like usual, he asked with a worried tone, “Are you okay, Kyuhyun?”

Kyuhyun then proceeded to explained what his boss told him just a few days ago and asked for his opinion, “It is not easy to move you know? I have been here for most of my life,” Kyuhyun sighed and laid his head on his fluffy pillow.

“Think of it though. You have no future in the town you now live in, not to be offending,” said Changmin with a crunch, seemed like he was eating something.

“I will think about it, but you better visit me when I move there, or else I will make you wolf stew,” Kyuhyun massaged his temple and sighed.

“Hey! Yunho will definitely kill you!” laughed Changmin before Kyuhyun ended the call.

For the next few minutes, Kyuhyun contemplated whether to call his sister, Cho Ara, or just let them know it by themselves. The latter one will surely cause his death though. Finally, he managed to will himself to call her.

“Hey babykyu! It has been awhile since you called. I thought you have mated and is busy doing you-know-what,” Ara’s cheerful voice managed to pierce through Kyuhyun’s brain making him cringe.

Kyuhyun then proceeds to explain what he just explained to Changmin to her sister without taking a breath before stopping to hear his sister’s reaction.

“But you get promoted, my baby brother!” cheered Ara, completely missing the point.

“I am moving to another city miles away from where you live!” groaned Kyuhyun before he added, “and don’t call me Babykyu or baby brother! I am 26 alright, a grown up!”

“What are you saying, baby brother will always be baby brother, and did you remember when I feed you milk with that baby bottle –“

“Cho Ara!” Kyuhyun almost screamed in frustration.

“I know, I know!” laughed the slightly older sister. “Well, you can always get a mate there right? You need a pack, Kyuhyun. I am serious.”

“Changmin said that too,” grumbled the younger. “And why is it all about mates? I can live without that.”

“Just don’t go doing other guys during full moon,” laughed the beta and before Kyuhyun can retort she just grinned, “Oops, I need to leave, my pups are calling. Bye, tell me if you found your mate. And don’t worry, I will tell appa and umma and you better pick up their calls alright. Bye!”

Kyuhyun groaned in frustration and opened his laptop.

He had made his decision.

A/N : My first kpop based fanfiction finally! I am sooo sorry if this is boring, but I promise you something fun in the next chapter. The alpha has yet to come ;)

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