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breaking point | lament

Title: breaking point / lament
Author: seeeno
Rating: R
Pairing(s)/Focus: Ryeowook-focused, Henry/Ryeowook
Length: breaking point: ~3400 | lament: ~3000
Warning(s)/Triggers: [spoiler]attempted suicide, character death (lament)
Summary: Ryeowook is fighting a losing battle with his inner demons. Fics inspired by this and this, respectively.

Hateful words bounced around in Ryeowook's head for days, weeks, months, and he didn't know why.

EDIT: I've changed my community name from nightoforion --> cinnappo. All of my previous posts here in miracle will likely be broken because of that. All you need to do is change the community name in the URL and it will fix the problem :) Sorry for the inconvenience! I'll eventually go back and correct all the links but until then, that's the fix!
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/henry

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