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Angel, Interrupted. (2/?)

Angel, Interrupted. – Damnatio Memoriae (2/?) ; Kyuhyun, Sungmin and my typical OTPs from Super Junior, Shinhwa and EXO members appearing as cameos; series, violence, angst, psychological, character death, supernatural!AU; NC-17; the bands Super Junior and EXO belong to SM Entertainment as such Shinhwa belongs to the Shinhwa Company and to their selves respectively. I disown anything that you recognized in this fiction, except for the style of writing and plots. Any original characters’ names that resemble real life persons are purely coincidental.

Warning: if you are not open to the concept of defying deities, rebellious angels, or different definitions of heaven, earth and hell, you may excuse yourself away from this fiction as you read this. This is just, after all, a work of fiction. No extremities against religions are intended. If it does, and reports are being made, this fiction will be taken down from my journal immediately.

A/N: I am so so sorry for the late update. I'm busy preparing for my graduation (yes guys, I'm finally a graduate!) along with the small business I started just a few months ago (and looking for an actual, real job), but this story is still going. Thanks for reading and commenting. <3


[Damnation of Memories]

Prologue | Ad Quod Damnum - To Whatever Damage (1/?)

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