yuka_sato (titi_sato) wrote in miracle______,

hanchul - The honest feeling for you

Tittle : The honest feeling for you
Pairing : hanchul, donghae & kibum
length : double shots
Rating : NC17
genre : romance, angst, crack, fluff
disclaimer : don't own suju ^^ just the plot

Summary : Do you love me heechul? even it just a little bit...do you feel that way about me? because if you are, i will not let you go."

A/N : I'm reposting this as i make a little edit in some part. enjoy

part 1
there's a sound of steps walking at his way, heechul had this urge to look back, but angry still filled his head and body. So he was just there, listening his soon to be ex-lover talking. He's just behind him, he can feel his heat.

“if you go. Then it will be the end for us. Coz I’m not going after you again…”

Part 2
“think about it hyung. You are already fall in love with hankyung hyung. and it's not wrong to be the first one to apologize”

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