yuka_sato (titi_sato) wrote in miracle______,

Kyumin - oneshot - Will you be...?

Title : Will you be...?
lenght : One shot
pairing : Kyumin, a hint of Kyuwook
rating : PG-13
genre : Romance, Fluff, humor
disclaimer : I stole the character, but not own them, just the idea is mine >.<
summary :  kyuhyun and sungmin have a ridiculous and complicated relationships.
one is trying to get while the other playing hard to get.
who will win?

Ps: i edit this a little, i didn't change the plot but delete and add some ^^

( “would you be my boyfriend?” the taller between the two men asking to the point. The shorter male with almond big doe eyes staring blankly at the confession. His cute eyes blinks rapidly as his brain digest the question. He tilted his head to the right, mouth gaping in attempt to answer but he close it quickly as pout made his way to appear upon his face. “no.” he grin mischievously. )

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