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Who Gave Eunhyuk That Love Bite?

title: Who Gave Eunhyuk That Love Bite?
pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk/SJM
rating: PG
notes: Inspired by the cute pink flowery plaster spotted on eunhyuk's neck on 8/4/14.

Eunhyuk twists the cap of the bottle open, and began chugging down its contents. With every swallow, his Adam's apple glides— up, then down. When he's done drinking, he gives a little sigh of satisfaction and wipes away some droplets of water which had accidentally trickled from his sexy jawline down his neck.

And everyone in the room swallowed visibly. "What?", the dancer blinks innocently.


Hundred and one sheeps, hundred and two sheeps, hundred and three sheeps...

Arms folded and eyelids drooping close, Eunhyuk almost succeeds in lulling himself to sleep. That's when an annoying buzz rang in his ears, and he could feel a slightly ticklish feeling. Releasing an irritated groan, the dancer swatted blindly at the hindrance, eyes remaining shut. Lucky him, the buzzing noises ceased and he could return to his nap.



Eunhyuk gasped in pain and shot upright. Cupping his neck, he stared wide-eyed in shock at the culprit who had just caused his immense pain. "What the hell did you do that for?", he cried, outraged.

Donghae replies calmly, "There was an annoying mosquito buzzing around, disturbing my sleep. " He gave a nonchalant shrug, "I had to kill it."

"And you just had to kill it when it landed on my neck?", Eunhyuk's left eyebrow twitched dangerously, the urge to hit Donghae growing.

"Yeah, it was a good spot. I did you a favor by killing it in one blow." The latter smiles smugly.

If committing murder wasn't a crime, Eunhyuk's pretty sure what he would have done immediately. "So are you saying I have to thank you for that?", he questions through gritted teeth.

"Well, if you insist." Donghae answers, a bit distracted. He was zooming in on that particular part of Eunhyuk's neck. "Hey hyuk, you're bleeding." He licks his dry lips as he points to that spot on Eunhyuk's neck.

"And to whom do I owe it to?", Eunhyuk mutters sarcastically, trying to wipe away the blood with his fingers. Damn it, that tiny wound couldn't seem to stop bleeding, for god's sake.

Eyes transfixed on that fair white patch of skin, Donghae watched open-mouthed as bright red droplets of blood oozed out of the tiny wound and trickled down the side of Eunhyuk's neck. He gulped. "Hyuk, let me help you."

Without waiting for Eunhyuk to reply, Donghae caught him by his shoulders and attached his lips onto the dancer's neck. Of course Eunhyuk let out a surprised squeak and started struggling in his arms. However Donghae kept a firm grip and moved his right hand higher, clasping Eunhyuk's neck.

Eunhyuk's brain stopped functioning when a tongue darted out against his neck, and dragged across his wide expanse of skin.

Oh my god, Donghae is licking my neck.

The compromising position he's in and the overwhelming sensation caused by Donghae's tongue lapping furiously at his skin, hit him especially hard. Eunhyuk felt a delicious shiver rake through his body. Thankfully, he had enough sanity left to bite back a moan. Gosh, if anyone ever sees him in this

oh, shit.

Eunhyuk opened his eyes in horror when he remembered that they had one audience in this room. His face paled when he saw their maknae watch them with a wide smirk splayed across his face. Panicked, he pushed that blood sucker with all his might. "Yah! Lee Donghae! Get off me!"

Giving Eunhyuk's neck a final lick, Donghae released him reluctantly. "Hyuk, your blood actually tastes sweet. I like it." He remarked.

Cheeks flaming, Eunhyuk snapped, "I didn't ask for your opinion." before escaping the room in embarrassment.


"Hyung!", the maknae flopped down beside him with an adorable smile. Eunhyuk gave an involuntary shake, because Kyuhyun never approach anyone with such bright expression unless there's something he wants from them. "Y-yes?", he stuttered while inching away inconspicuously.

Unfortunately for Eunhyuk, his little actions didn't go unnoticed and the maknae dragged him back. "Hyung~where are you going?", Kyuhyun whines, pouting slightly, "I want to teach you a new game."

Yeah, usually Eunhyuk would've found that really endearing, but now he was getting the chills from it. "D-Do I have to?"

The younger boy nodded excitedly and shoved his PSP into Eunhyuk's hands. It turned out quite innocent though, the maknae taught him how to shoot down the enemies' planes and guard their own territories. And no, he wasn't disappointed. Okay, maybe just little, because it was not anything like what Eunhyuk expected in his wildest imagination that perhaps involved a certain maknae pouncing on him and devouring him...

Eunhyuk smiled fondly at the younger boy who did a little dance of joy when they managed to bomb down an enemy's camp. Then a whistle sounded from the PSP, indicating the arrival of more enemies, forced Eunhyuk to turn his attention back to the screen.

Kyuhyun couldn't tear his gaze away from Eunhyuk, or more specifically, Eunhyuk's neck. In fact, the only thing he could think of that whole day, was the dancer's neck. He doesn't know why he hadn't notice it in the past, but Eunhyuk had a very alluring neck, those kind that you feel compelled to lick, bite and suck— so he could completely understand why Donghae had to do that.

He shifted his gaze to the elder's face, Eunhyuk's brows were knitted in concentration as he fought the virtual enemies on the PSP. Seeing his chance, Kyuhyun silently thanked the God of Starcraft and whoever invented the PSP. He leaned closer to Eunhyuk, so close that his nose was almost touching the
dancer's neck. Kyuhyun peeked at Eunhyuk and sees that the latter hasn't noticed. Quickly, he caught the tender flesh on Eunhyuk's neck between his teeth, closing his lips around it, and began sucking the soft flesh like a baby sucking on its thumb.

Kyuhyun was rewarded with a full body shake from the older and a loud yelp as well as the clatter of probably his PSP impacting the floor. Normally, he would have blown up in anger because how dare anyone spoil his PSP, but then he decides it's worth it this time.


Eunhyuk pressed his hand giddily on the wall for support, as his legs wobbled and they felt like jelly. Eunhyuk thinks if Zhou Mi hadn't walked in on them, Kyuhyun would most probably continue sucking him and he's sure his soul would be completely gone by the time Kyuhyun's finished. Not that it's a bad
thing though.

"Hyuk, are you okay?", a concerned but child-like voice approached him from the back. He heard more shuffling of steps, and the owner of the voice materialized in front of him. It was Sungmin, hugging his pink teddy bear and looking at him with his head cocked to a side.

"Hi min, I'm okay." Eunhyuk broke into a tiny smile. The pink lover's face brightened at his words, "That's great! Would yo-", but it soon turned into a frown, "Ooh, what's that on your neck? It looks painful."

Eunhyuk wanted to smack himself in the face, he should've covered that goddamn patch. He held up both arms and waved them flusteredly, "Nononono. It's not painful at all. I'm completely fine!"

The corners of Sungmin's mouth turned downwards, and he looked like he was ready to cry. "You don't want me to help you?"

"No, of course not." Eunhyuk shook his head hurriedly. Kyuhyun would kill him if Sungmin cries.

"Okay! Then let me kiss you better!" Sungmin's expression switched to that of a cunning one, and the dancer immediately knew he'd been cheated by the older's seemingly docile appearance.

As Sungmin eased towards Eunhyuk's neck hungrily, making loud smacking noises with his lips, Eunhyuk knew he was doomed.


"Hyung!", Henry exclaimed. "I'm a real gun-dae man! I'm an army boy!"

"So?", Eunhyuk grumbled and rubbed his throbbing forehead. He had spent almost the entire day getting attacked by almost all the members. To be exact, literally everyone except Henry. The original tiny mosquito bite wound on his neck was now glaring red and swollen. He felt like crying, why did everyone suddenly become so attracted to his neck? The last time he checked, it was still the same one he had since 29 years ago.

"I listen and take orders from my superiors!", the Canadian continued in an enthusiastic voice.

"So?", Eunhyuk asked in an aggravated voice, his patience wearing thin. He had the mind to whack the boy across the head now, if Henry doesn't get to his point within the next sentence.

"Kyuhyun hyung ordered me to kiss your neck better." The boy scratched his head shyly and jabbed a finger at Eunhyuk's neck.

That's it. The maknae was definitely taking revenge on him because he had kicked Kyuhyun in the shin earlier, as he panicked when Zhou Mi walked into the room.

Growling, Eunhyuk got up abruptly and was ready to storm into Kyuhyun's room to interrogate the petty maknae. But to his astonishment, he was tugged forcefully back into Henry's room by the Canadian's new found muscles.

"Nooooooo!" Eunhyuk shrieked as he clawed futilely at the wall.


The next day...

Eunhyuk entered the cafe side by side with their manager, Junghoon hyung.

The latter eyed him suspiciously, "Eunhyuk, why don't you stay in the car with the rest of the members?"

Eunhyuk stifled a shudder. "Hyung, it's too stuffy inside. I need to take a breather."

Junghoon hyung looked like he wanted to confront him somemore, but luckily, loud squeals from his fans saved him. Eunhyuk grins and waves to them gratefully.

"Oppa oppa! Can we take a photo with you?"

Eunhyuk shifts his white cap in place and smiles, "Sure!"

But then, someone shrieked, "Omo! Oppa! Why is there a plaster on your neck?"

Eunhyuk fingered his little flower plaster and blushed a deep color of red, "I-It's nothing..I just accidentally injured myself."

Then someone else screamed, "BOBO! It's a BOBO! (kiss)"

Okay. Hyukjae, breathe. No strangling of fans allowed.

Extremely flustered and hands flailing everywhere, he tried to explain clumsily, "W-what are you girls thinking. It's just a mosquito bite, there are lots of mosquitos nowadays. You girls should always bring insect repellant with you...." Eunhyuk trailed off when he realised none of them were listening to him, instead, they were eyeing him with knowing looks, seeming to say Eunhyuk oppa, we know your little secret.

Hiding his face behind the two cups of coffee that he grabbed from the counter, Eunhyuk squeaked, "Oppa's leaving! Bye!"

The fangirls waved enthusiastically back, "Bye oppa! Be careful of those 'mosquitoes'!" Then they burst out in fits of laughter as they watch the dancer literally fled in embarrassment.


Eunhyuk knocked on the tinted window of the van with his elbow because his hands were full, "Hey open up!" He heard some scuffling noises and the van door yanked open. Since it was very dark in the van, Eunhyuk had to squint his eyes to get used to the darkness when he poked his head in.

However, what Eunhyuk saw made him drop both cups of steaming hot coffee.

7 pairs of eyes were gleaming at him in the darkness, promising to devour him the moment he step into the van.

Eunhyuk released a pitiful whimper as he got yanked into the car.

***The End.***

Everyone wants a piece of Hyukjae!^^
Hope you've enjoyed it.
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