Benny (benniot_91) wrote in miracle______,

Angel, Interrupted. (Prologue)

Angel, Interrupted. (Prologue); Kyuhyun, Sungmin, probably my typical OTPs from Super Junior coming up; mini-series, violence, angst, supernatural!AU; NC-17; the boy band Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment and to their selves respectively. I disown anything that you recognized in this fiction, except for the style of writing and plots. Any original characters’ names that resemble real life persons are purely coincidental.

A/N: if you're looking for plots with bunnies and rainbows, navigate far and away from this prologue. another random and written at spur project from the Hibernation Master, Benny-sama.

“Well, at first they were only afraid of me. Just for a few thousand years though because after that they put me on exile at someplace and they were relieved. And then you were born. Oh Sungmin, if only you could see the looks on their faces the day your first cry cracked the gates…” his eyes were distant as if trying to remember something so nostalgic. Sungmin started to feel very annoyed. This was not the end he intended it to be.
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