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A short conversation piece between Leeteuk and Heechul.
Author: Mikudaisuki
Discription: Why it's okay being the bottom.

It has been months since Heechul started dating Shiwon. But there was just one problem.

" I don't want to be the bottom! " Heechul said indigantly.

"Come on, there's nothing wrong with it. " Replied Leeteuk.

"And that's why you're the umma."

Leeteuk responded with a smack on the back of Heechul's head.

" YAH!!! " He protested rubbing his head.

" SIGH... Poor Shiwon. " Leeteuk shook his head. " When was the first time? "

"Oh please, we were both drunk okay and it wasn't consented with a sane mind. "

" Ah, but you still accepted him. "

" So that doesn't mean i have to be the bottom! "

" But you've done it, you don't even remember how painful it actually was." Leeteuk cringed at a thought " I couldn't take a dump for a few days after that." Heechul scowled at him.

" Why can't i be the top? "

Exasperated, Leeteuk dragged Heechul off his bed to a mirror in the room.

" Take a look at that." His hands gestured at Heechul's reflection.

" What's wrong with it? "

" You seriously don't think you can be a top do you?" Raising an eyebrow.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

" HAIZZZ... Take a good look at your skinny ass and compare yourself to Shiwon. Hell, even a blind man can tell that your the bottom."

Heechul doesn't need to do that because he already knows. " Shit i hate it when he's right!" He thought.

" Did you say something? " Asked Leeteuk.

" I hate you! " Heechul glared at him.

The older man smirked as he sat back on the bed. " Honey, I'm just stating a fact."
"Let me tell you something," he began. " sex between man is not about being the dominant or the submissive one. It's all about taking and giving pleasure." Leeteuk looked at the younger man. " And who ever said that a bottom can't dominate in sex? "

Heechul looked puzzled.

"You CAN dominate by being demanding." He got up from bed and started to leave.

" Think about it." SMIRK, SMIRK.


(Not sure if i should include some smut *blush blush*. Thinking of writing a demanding Heechul makes me blush! * blushing furiously and starts fanning self * )

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