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The Chosen One (who isn't really happy about it)

Title: The Chosen One (who isn't really happy about it)
Pairing: Hyukjae/Donghae (friendship, but they could be seen as a couple)
Characters: Donghae, Hyukjae, Jessica, Hyoyeon, (Sungmin and Kyuhyun)
Rating: PG-13

All Donghae had planned for that evening was going home and watch some TV. He did not plan to meet a beautiful girl who tells him that he's the chosen one and a vampire.

So Donghae does the one thing everyone should do in this kind of situation:

He tries to calls the police, because that girl obviously belongs into a psychiatry.

Part 1/1
Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, with: snsd

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