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fic: Stepping Forward

Title: Stepping Forward
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior
Genre/Pairing: AU, Mpreg, random fluff / Siwon x Kyuhyun, 2Min, Suho
Word Count: 2,537
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Summary: “…Are you hiding something from me? Is there something wrong with Minho?”
Notes: Plot ideas courtesy of pinku_kireru

Set in the same verse with Hey, Baby?, Hey, Daddy?, HIMYM, 24/7, Hey, Mommy, Turbulence, Boyfriend, Happy Birthday Mommy, Auntie, Superman and Hummer, Me and My Family, Uncle, Baby Tales & The Grandparents

There’s an announcement + giveaway at the end of the post, so don’t miss it!

“Do you have all your stuffs?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you sure? Because last time you forgot—.”

“Yes, I’m sure, Daddy. I’m a big boy, I remember things.”                                                                                          

Siwon made a face but Suho was distracted by the honk of the car outside. “They’re waiting for me. I gotta go.”

“Give me and your Mommy our morning kiss first.”

“Daddy, I’m nine!”


Suho pouted but he placed a quick peck his father on the cheek anyway before he ran to do the same to his mother, who hadn’t quite shaken the sleep off him as he munched his breakfast. The boy waved hurriedly and dashed outside before Siwon could say anything else.

“He’s just going on an overnight trip with his friends. The parents will take care of the kids,” Kyuhyun mumbled. “Seriously, you’re doting on him too much.”

Siwon stood by the doorway, staring distractedly at the disappearing car before returning to the dining table and took a seat next to his spouse. “Just doing it while we can.”

Kyuhyun frowned, all trace of sleepiness gone. “You’re acting weird.”

His husband smiled, the lines on his face that came with age turning defined, but his eyes weren’t so convincing. “I’m just saying.”

“Yeah, but you’re talking as if he’s leaving or something. It’s not like he’s not going anywhere soon. Look at Minho. He’s already a senior in high school but…” Kyuhyun’s frown deepened when he noticed Siwon’s smile faltered at the mention of their oldest son. “…Are you hiding something from me? Is there something wrong with Minho?”

“What? No… nothing. Why did you say that?”

Kyuhyun stared at him for a long time, studying his face for any signs that would betray his words. In the end, he sighed and returned his attention to his breakfast. “Well, you wouldn’t keep anything from me, would you?”

As if on cue, an abrupt commotion from the front porch caught their attention. Someone was banging on the door while screaming like a mad man. “CHOI MINHO! Choi Minho, come out right now!!”

“Is that… is that Kibum?” Recognizing the voice as their neighbor’s, Kyuhyun stood up to open the door, but Siwon grabbed his arm and stopped him. “No, wait, I’ll handle it—.”

“Handle what? Do you know what this is about?”

“Kyu, please just—.”

Kyuhyun shoved past him and rushed towards the door. He swung it open and faced a very upset looking Kibum. “Hey, what’s—.”

A harsh slap cut Kyuhyun’s words and left him gaping in shock while Siwon quickly stood between the two before Kibum had a chance to attack further. “Kibum, calm down…” Siwon tried to speak as quietly as possible while glancing at Kyuhyun to check his condition.

“Calm down? Calm down!? How could you tell me to calm down!!?”

“We can talk this through—.”

“There’s absolutely nothing to talk about!! Where’s your son!!? Don’t you dare to hide him!!”

“What happened?” Kyuhyun asked, both confused and anxious. He swatted Siwon’s attempt to drag him away and asked again, “Did Minho do something…?”

Kibum looked at Siwon and then back at Kyuhyun. The gesture, added with the flinch on Siwon’s face showed that his husband knew already. Everyone knew but him. He was almost afraid to ask again, but it was his son they were talking about. “Please tell me…” He whispered while Siwon sighed, knowing that it was too late to keep him in the dark. “Minho… What is happening?”

Kibum’s eyes were tearing with desperation, hate and anger, “My son… my precious son is pregnant because him.”

A thud from the stairways made them all turned their heads. Minho stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, face pale and obviously guilty as charged. He caught the look on his mother’s face and hung his head low. Meanwhile Kibum’s rage exploded at seeing the culprit that, in his mind, had ruined his family’s life. Charging towards the boy with increasing resentment, he slapped the boy twice and shouted, “How could you do that to my son!!?” His tears were flowing freely as he shook the hell out of Minho. “He’s my little boy! He’s only sixteen years old!!”

“Kibum—!” Siwon stepped in and held the trashing man back. “Kibum, I beg you, stop—.”

“Your son didn’t stop!! He went ahead and corrupted my son!! I knew I couldn’t have trusted him! You!!” Kibum continued to scream while he pointed angrily at Minho. “Don’t you ever show your face in front of my family again, do you hear me!!?”

“Mr. Lee…”

“Don’t talk to me with that filthy mouth of yours!!”

“I love Taemin—!”

Kibum broke free from Siwon’s grasp and slapped Minho again until his lower lip split and bleed. “I will never, ever, let you near my son!!!” He stormed away and threw one last hateful glance towards Kyuhyun, who was still frozen in shock by the door. Kibum then walked out and back towards his own place, leaving the Choi family’s house in a suffocating silence.

“…Dad, we have to do something,” Minho said shakily after a while. “Taemin texted me earlier when his mother found out. They’re going to move away from here…”


“I have to convince them that I will take responsibility. If they really leave I will never see him again… Dad, do you think you can—.”


The boy blinked at his father who solemnly gestured at the other presence he seemed to have forgotten in his panicked state. “Mom…”

It was impossible to know what Kyuhyun was thinking through the unreadable expression. The man just stared at them, listening to everything but not saying anything. What Minho said pretty much confirmed everything— he had indeed made his boyfriend pregnant and somehow Kibum found out about it, causing him to lash out at Minho.

“Mom, I— I’m sorry…” How would his mother felt at the moment? Disappointed? Angry? Guilt was an understatement of how he himself felt right then.

Granted, he was careless. He wasn’t thinking much about anything else but Taemin at that time. It was a night when both of their parents were away, and even Suho was at his friend’s place. Taemin welcomed him with open arms despite their lack of experience and… He had never wanted to disappoint his parents. And his mother… despite the cold and high temper, Minho knew that his mother loved him and his brother very much and had never stopped being proud of them.

But now that this had happened…

There was nothing to be proud of.

“Kyuhyun…” Noticing that Minho was too scared and ashamed to say anything else, Siwon again took the middleman role and hurriedly explained everything. “Hey, he’s sorry… He’s aware of his mistakes and just wants to take responsibility for it.”

“Mom, Mommy, say something…” He could bear being yelled at, but this silence from his mother… it was unnerving.

“Say what?”

“I know you’re mad. I can only say that I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

Minho swallowed, a little surprised but felt like he should’ve expected the cold tone. “F-for disappointing you…”

“Me? Why am I to feel disappointed? I’m nobody to you anyway.”

“Kyuhyun!” Siwon almost couldn’t believe his ears. What did Kyuhyun mean by saying those words…?

“What?” Kyuhyun turned to his husband. “You seemed to be fine handling it on your own. You didn’t need me, I suppose.”

“Kyu, what are you talking about?”

“I don’t know, what are you talking about just now!?” Kyuhyun raised his voice, his expression quickly turned upset. “Saying all those things after someone else stormed in and dumped the news on me, the news my family should’ve told me the minute they found out about it!!”

“We didn’t think he—the Lee family will find out this soon! I only knew about it last week, when I overheard his conversation with Taemin on the phone about pregnancy test pack. Taemin said he had been having morning sickness so Kibum probably forced him to go to the doctor or something—.”

“So what, when do you plan on letting me know about it!? When the baby is born!??”

“Mom, listen, I’m really sorry…”


“Dad, it’s okay,” Minho forced a smile. “Mom has all the right to be angry at me. No matter what, I am at fault. But I will take responsibility for our actions. I…” He stepped forward to his mother, the determination in his eyes made him looked way grown up compared to his true age. “I’m gonna talk to the Lee family.”

“Minho, you can’t go now. We should wait for a while until they had calmed down a bit…”

“What if it’s too late? What if they’re already gone?” Minho persisted and Siwon knew he couldn’t convince his son otherwise.

“I’ll go with you then.”

“It’s alright, Dad.” Minho hurriedly said. He could tell that his father was torn between him and his mother. From the first time his father found out, he never got angry or judge him in any way. His father had always been that way. The least he could do for his father now was not making him fight with his mother any further just because of him. “I can handle it myself. I need to be able to handle it, especially since I’m gonna be a father—.”

“You idiot,” Kyuhyun snapped harshly and turned around, back facing them. “You’re such an idiot.”

Minho bit his lip and felt tears stung the corner of his eyes. He felt like a kid again, being scolded by his mother for not being a good son, except this time it wasn’t for little things like not eating his food or not studying well. For a moment, he wondered if he could ever make his mother forgive him.

“I’m so sorry, Mom,” he whispered with a voice that was so close to crack.

Then he left the house he grew up in, trying not to think about whether he would need to return to pack his bags and leave for good. He also thought about his mother’s upset face and his father’s torn expression, but he willed himself to think about Taemin, just Taemin, for now. Taemin was his most important person now, the person he loved and the one who was carrying their baby.

The crying Taemin instantly beamed when he saw Minho, but Kibum was quick to pull him back. He told Taemin’s father to keep a hold of him while he yelled, “What are you doing in my house!??”

“I’m here to talk, please give me a chance.”

“Talk about what!? I told you not to show your face in front of us again!”

“I love him! I love Taemin!”

“Stop saying that!!”

“I’m serious about taking responsibility. I will marry Taemin—.”

“I said stop!!!”

“—and I will quit school to work so I can support us—.”


“Please, I beg you—!” Minho fell silent when he noticed Kibum not looking at him anymore, but past him instead. A glance at Taemin and his father told him that they were looking at the same direction. Slowly, he turned to see a view that caused bile to rise in his throat.

Because his mother, Choi Kyuhyun, was a man with a lot of pride in him. And he was currently bowing down on his knees at Lee Kibum.

“Mr. Lee,” Kyuhyun pleaded sincerely, humbly, “please let my son take care of yours.”

His father, Siwon, was right behind him, staring in awe at his spouse before following him to kneel and bow down.

“What—,” Kibum stuttered. “What are you two—.”

“My son is still young and he makes mistakes,” Kyuhyun continued, still bowing with his forehead pressed against the back of his palms. “I know very well that your family are feeling troubled because of him, but I know that he loves your son and he will take care of him. And I— no, me and his father, will stay with them every step of the way.”

Kibum’s silence was gradually replaced with sobs as he covered his face with his palms. Then he ran into his room and slammed the door close.

“You can stand up, Kyuhyun, Siwon,” the soft voice of Taemin’s father reached them. Jinki looked tired but he was smiling as he hugged his son tight. “Well, son, I think you’re gonna be just fine.”

“Father…” Taemin sobbed into his father’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, father…”

“Sshh… I’m not mad at you. Your mother isn’t either. He’s just worried, that’s all,” Jinki glanced at the closed door. “It will take some time until he can calm down, but he will come around.” He looked at Minho. “Sooner or later he’s gonna accept that you’re getting married to this wonderful young man.”

Minho was gaping, dumbfounded at the turn of events. A gentle slap hit the back of his head.

“Bow and say thank you,” Kyuhyun softly said.

“Y-yes,” Minho hurriedly bowed, his chest suffocated with numerous feelings all rolled up into one. Happiness. Relief. Gratitude. “Thank you so much Mr. Lee. I will make Taemin happy, I promise. I will never make him cry again.”

“I believe you.” Jinki said as he kissed his son’s forehead, giving them his blessing.

“I’m glad, son,” Siwon ruffled Minho’s hair and Minho turned to hug him while saying thank you over and over again. His eyes caught the sight of his mother and he still couldn’t believe it. Just a few minutes ago, he was thinking that his mother would never forgive him. Instead his mother turned up and bowed down on his knees for his sake, even saying that he would support him and Taemin with his father.

“You idiot,” Kyuhyun reached out to stroke his son’s cheek, and Minho held onto his hand shakily. “What are you talking about, handling things on your own? No one is quitting school, you hear me? Not you nor Taemin. Let your parents take care of it until you can stand on your own feet. You’re not going to work until you’ve finished your study and that’s final. Promise me.”


“Promise me.”

“Yes,” Minho began to sob. “Yes, I promise.”

“Also,” Kyuhyun smiled. “No more keeping secrets from me.”

Minho cried like a kid for a long time. After this, he would learn to be an adult. After this, he would become a husband and a father. But for now he was his parents’ little boy again, protected by the endless love of his father and mother.

“You too, Siwon,” Kyuhyun whispered as he pinched his husband’s arm mercilessly. “No more secrets.”

“In my defense, it wasn’t my secret to tell,” Siwon said but quickly added when he saw Kyuhyun glaring at him. “Bad joke, sorry. I promise. I won’t keep anything from you ever again.”

“Good. The family is a band of four, remember? Or you’ve forgotten your own words from many years ago?” Kyuhyun reminded cheekily. “Although we are having an expansion, so the number will no longer be valid soon.”

“Well, first we need to tell Suho that he’s gonna be an uncle…”             

The end~


Yes, I’m posting this two weeks before 1013 day. Yes, I’ve prepared a surprise.

For now let’s say that this fic is the second to last in the series. The next fic, which will be posted in on 13 October 2013, will be the final one. The end. That’s why I’m holding a giveaway and anyone with a tumblr account can enter. Psst, I will ship worldwide :)

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