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08 September 2013 @ 04:16 pm
Luck Stealer (018): Steal the Pleasure  
Title: Luck Stealer
Rating: R (for violence, gore, and possible sexual content)
Warning: Chapter has sexual content.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, (side!pairings to be revealed)
Genre: AU! Tragedy, Violence, Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Romance
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun, or much famous for the name 'Devlon' is an assassin hired by the government to kill the most uncontrolled criminals with his cursed left hand. Bound to the promise to protect his brother, he came across an unexpected turn of events when he was also hired by the one he's supposed to kill, the former president's only son. Lee Sungmin.
Disclaimer: The title and starting plot came from the Japanese manga Luck Stealer by Kazu Hajime.


All he wanted was to protect this man. If he will go to hell then so be it, if he can protect Sungmin by killing everyone who would touch him and by becoming a death god then he didn't care. He will gladly gave up his soul for this murderer sleeping peacefully beside him.