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Fixation Ch4: Denial Is Also A River In Egypt

Title: Fixation Ch4: Denial Is Also A River In Egypt
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Super Junior, featuring SHINee, SNSD, and various other Kpop artists
Pairings: Main focus on Siwon/Heechul and Heechul/Hangeng, with numerous side pairings.
Genre: Action, drama, some angst. OrganizedCrime!AU.
Notes & Warnings: AU, violence, foul language, prostitution, explicit sex. For this chapter: Discussion of sexual assault.

Summary: Three weeks later, the Dragons still have no way of finding their attackers. Then Hangeng practically drops into Heechul’s lap, and things spin wildly out of control.

I can’t stand that I was too much of a coward to save you.

(Link goes to my AsianFanfics.com account.)
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/siwon, with: shinee
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