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fic: Hooked

Title: Hooked
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Fandom: Super Junior, EXO
Genre/Pairing: Romance, Fluff / hints of Wonkyu, mention of Qmi
Word Count: 724
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Notes: Yeah... so... it's gradually turning into Wonkyu...

A sequel of Ensnared & Tangled

“You’ve been pretty close with Kyuhyun.”

“Kui Xian?” Zhou Mi smiled. “He helps me a lot.”

Siwon nodded, pretending to look nonchalant and played with the cup of coffee before him. Practice had just finished and the moment Kyuhyun went off to talk with the manager, Siwon sat down next to the Chinese man and began the process Zhou Mi would later labeled ‘interrogation’.

“So you’re best friends or something? Do you like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s a pretty sweet guy. Sometimes a dick, but that’s also his charm.”

Siwon frowned at the insult, but continued his line of questions. “So you like him?”

Zhou Mi pondered. “Are you his guard dog?”

“Hey, that’s not nice,” Siwon frowned.

“Kidding,” Zhou Mi shrugged with a huge grin. “I guess you can say that we’re friends.”

“Just friends? You spent a lot of time with him. Sometimes when I called him, he said he was with you and—.”

“If you’re hinting that I’m interested in him romantically, then the answer is no,” Zhou Mi waited a bit before continuing, just because. “But if you insist, then the more specific term to describe me and Kui Xian would be sex friends.”

The expression on Siwon’s face was the confirmation Zhou Mi needed: Siwon was indeed more than just a hyung to Kyuhyun. He suspected as much when Kyuhyun abandoned their plans because Siwon called him to go out somewhere. Dinner, lunch, bar, hang out. At first he thought Siwon was like him, one of the many casual bed warmers Kyuhyun kept around. Maybe Kyuhyun favored Siwon more and that was all.

But when you were in a foreign country that spoke the language you were still struggling to learn, you became a pretty good observer and drew pretty accurate conclusions.

First, Siwon and Kyuhyun had never slept together. Second, there was no reason for Kyuhyun to prioritize someone that much unless he was in love with said person. Third, apparently the feelings were mutual, although according to the fourth conclusion, neither of them was aware of it.

The Korean man didn’t say anything for a long time. The cup in his hand was shaking a bit and Zhou Mi was so sure that he would crush it and make a mess all over—.

Siwon’s cell phone rang and Zhou Mi caught a glimpse of Kyuhyun’s name (Kyuhyunnie) before he was distracted by how Siwon’s mood drastically turned around in a blink of an eye. “Hey, Kyu,” Siwon said softly. Now, Zhou Mi hadn’t talked to Siwon much, but he was certain that although Siwon was widely known as gentle person in nature, that tone he used to Kyuhyun was special to say the least.

“…Are you done? Go wait for me near my car. What do you want to eat…? Ice cream is just for dessert, Kyu… Yeah, sure, I’ll treat you ice cream afterwards, but lunch first, okay…” With that he was gone, as if he hadn’t just bombarded Zhou Mi with questions and was nearly overcame with anger when he heard the answers.

Zhou Mi later learned that this ‘interrogation’ was a common recurrence, from Changmin to Minho, from inside the management to coworkers outside. Most of the times, Siwon was carefully subtle. In rare occurrences, Zhou Mi had heard of unkind threats, probably because Kyuhyun was threatened in some ways. In other times, Siwon would just appear intimidating enough to thwart whatever interest the other party had in Kyuhyun. Siwon even scared poor Tao after he overheard Jumyeon scolding the young Chinese boy for getting involved with Kyuhyun despite his warning (of course Jumyeon found out, Tao wasn’t exactly good at keeping secrets), but let him go soon enough when Tao convinced Siwon that he only admired him as a senior and pursued no further interest. Zhou Mi knew this one was true because he noticed how Tao was growing close to his one of his band mates. Good for the boy.

Tao once told him he could’ve helped Siwon and Kyuhyun get together. But in his opinion, they were together already, in a sense. It was only a matter of time… until suddenly there would be one less great sex friends for Zhou Mi.

Ah… that would be very sad indeed.

But he would feel sincerely happy for them.

The end~

Tags: pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, with: exo

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